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The family is great. Whether it is difficult to understand each other?

I me in a family great, … to Determine
In a family of the manumission new by T. G. Shevchenko

: where, when and from whom to be born, equally as well as where when also to whom to give birth is a prerogative only of the Creator. Everyone, aimed to analyse the originality, will easily be convinced of correctness of this statement.

In the world there is nothing that could will appear from nothing and from nowhere. This article is a fruit of the thought which is given rise in the head too. And if we speak about the people (not society), then has no right to use terms “appeared“, “was“, “disappeared“. He as everything, created by the Nature, “is born“, “lives“, “dies“.

Each people have the signs not inherent in others. It has the vision of the past, real, future. And, by and large, he all the same that think of it and is told others. It has the truth. And this truth as a protective cover, protects it from leaving in a non-existence.

For the Belarusian, Ukrainian and Russian people such truth is Russia of the period of board of a dynasty of Ryurik dynasty. Everything that is connected with this period, represents spiritual heritage which passes from father to son. As none of the people brought up a question of refusal in acceptance of this heritage, respectively, they recognized themselves brotherly. By the way, as such they are recognized also by the whole world.

A situation when children in a family do not get on among themselves, not rare. And it is not surprising. They have different characters, temperaments. Often and externally are not similar at each other. At last, different age. And it cannot but exert impact on their outlook.

Seniors - more organized and responsible. They still should watch younger. Younger - with naive approach to reality, are quite often spoiled, but more open. Rather average - that here an organic combination of world outlooks senior and younger: are moderately organized, moderately responsible, moderately naive, moderately spoiled.

It is difficult to be the senior. The increased insistence leaves the mark on formation of its character. He is obliged to be serious, and therefore practically does not communicate with equal to. It communication with more worthy attracts more itself by which he, as a rule, considers the parents. Its status of the senior causes the critical and exacting attitude towards itself and to the acts.

Problems of smaller are connected with unwillingness to be “smaller“. Confusing the benevolent attitude towards self-affirmation with indulgent, they, often, seek recognitions elsewhere. Considering that their stay among foreign seniors - a sign of recognition of their advantages, they, quite often, also do not suspect that the reason of communication with them in the authority of their native seniors: the logic is simple, at any deal the senior will come to the rescue younger, and, therefore, and to them too.

Best of all - an average. Lack of need to prove a seniority, at the minimum responsibility, allows them to philosophize freely on meaning of life. They are sure of themselves, internally feeling support of seniors, and therefore dare to express openly the position, not too caring for consequences. An opportunity to flash the adventures before younger, develops at them the violent imagination and ability to brightly describe events (often not existing).

If to analyse mentality of each of fraternal peoples, it is easy to come to a conclusion about presence of signs at them senior, average and younger of family members.

That, which senior:
- is deprived of sense of superiority over others (it and so the senior);
- responsible, conscientious, in case of need, is ready to offer itself (for the sake of the family, of course);
- is patient, nonaggressive (its credo: “Do not climb - you will earn!“);
- is reserved, unperturbable, is not inclined to rough expression of feelings (in its understanding explosion of emotions is a splash in a nonsense) by
- is economical, is always ready will share and even to give the (but it concerns only the family);
- is appeasable, tolerant (that is the highest manifestation of a maturity and wisdom).

- though is allocated with sense of superiority over others, but keeps it around (at belonging to seniors, does not forget that it nevertheless remains younger);
- conscientiousness, responsibility, readiness for a donation shows when it is necessary to show the importance (if - no, then - no);
- is to some extent patient, hardy, nonaggressive (its credo is contained in T. Woods`s statement “by Very often the only thing that pushes you to a victory, the desire to kick someone the ass “) is;
- with the special relation to the nature and to all spiritual (in a question of protection of the principles, its emotionality quite often prevails over rationality, and feelings - over prudence);
- not economical, but also not the squanderer (will give to drink, will feed, but with itself will not give);
- the romantic (without having the rights of the senior, but being it, each action of the senior reflects in the imagination, mentally weighing what decision would make on its place and, of course, it would be more correct).

And, at last, smaller:
- being smaller, and therefore deprived among the family of the right for supremacy, he in every possible way seeks to get the best of strangers (the family treats it favourably, and here strangers who consider him as the upstart, it fine touches. And though seniors have enough - strongly gets during a fight, they, nevertheless, are grateful smaller for an opportunity porazmyatsya);
- opened in the course of communication with equal to and those who recognize its importance (for it it is ready to give the last, even to the detriment of the interests, not to mention interests of a family);
- emotional, impulsive (such fighter for the rights);
- is vigorous, courageous, a naporist (considers innovations as the tool for demolition of the settled system. In this regard, least of all it is necessary to expect preservation of family traditions from it);
- betrayed (at all the irrationality and “nenormativnost“ in behavior, remains it is faithful to a family).

It should be noted that in the description of each of the people there is no such line as egoism. But on that it and the Family.