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Why the intensity of emotions around Bitcoin continues to grow?

It is known that not so long ago the largest exchange borrowing with input and output of shadow currency of Bitcoin MtGox declared new rules of use of currency and application of a number of restrictions. Among new indications of use of equivalents of US dollars in the Bitcoin system there was not anonymous input and refusal of use a pin - codes for replenishment.

Most likely, the floating rate of Bitcoin which fluctuated from marks in 10 to 200 dollars for unit recently became the reason of such actions. Such growth of a course and gallop from 100 to 200 dollars for unit are during the day observed for the first time.

The Bitcoin payment service provider differs from other systems of wire transfers. In - the first, all its participants remain anonymous or almost anonymous for any organization. It as you could already guess, allows to use Bitcoin not only in “white“ transactions, but also for purchase of illegal goods, including the weapon and drugs. Bitcoin, among other things, have no administration and supervisory authority, all translations are carried out at the expense of the general resources of participants of a network. However it affects and is negative - Bitcoin often use for blackmail, accounts of Bitcoin are more often than others crack and steal.

One more distinctive feature of Bitcoin is the floating rate of currency. Can exert impact on it a set of factors, however it is established due to the auction. So, for example, if Bitcoin connect to some large service as it was with a new resource from creators of Megaupload, its course grows. If recently breakings, roguish operations and other negative connected with Bitcoin were observed, the course Bitcoin falls.

The well-known situation in Cyprus was one of factors which influenced phenomenal jump of the course Bitcoin by twenty times. Many users sought to open anonymous accounts and to invest the money. It should be noted that at the same time owners of large accounts of Bitcoin for few days earned hundreds and even millions of dollars for the account of such growth of a course. As for the further auction in the exchange, they were stopped from - for the arisen panic. As it was already told, the largest exchange which is engaged in input and output also introduced restrictions in this situation.