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Well that, friends, we will a little have a chat?

each people have the market. Ambiguously? It is possible and so to speak, but the word it in our lexicon meets quite often, and the sense is put absolutely different. “Went to a market, let`s have a chat, finish a market“. And at once it is possible to understand - who about what speaks. Here such capacious word came to us from far Persia.

On the Supply:

- You have documents on this fish?
- And sho is necessary to you? Certificate on death?

In the east the word “market“ designated the place where trade, most often on the open space was carried out. In Tatar also trade on the open place was called a market. In the Russian South the market, or in a different way bavun, is congress in market days.

Also the words “bazarit“ and “bazaritsya“ were common, that is to shout or rustle. The word “market“ meets also in Western Europe, but there it already belongs to big trading houses, with a set of goods and most often branded models.

The word it is also in Mongol - the Buryat language. However, it designates a jewelry - diamond. Are also known to all gnezdovya birds on rocks which carry the same name. And on a general view remind the real market - the same hubbub.

In many countries a market - or to sell not simply trade place where it is possible to buy something. It is an exhibition of all and all: club on interests, psychological training, a ring for boxers, circus for clowns. And all this in a word - a market.

What we know markets? About bird`s already mentioned, but this bird`s hubbub passes without trade though the intensity of emotions happens, as well as at people on markets where trade in poultry, cattle or other living creatures.

Markets happen thematic, such as fish, a market of spices or aromas. All know about book and school fairs. Exist and dated for holidays - Christmas markets and Easter which are especially widespread in Germany and Austria. The Austrian Christmas markets are known around the world.

Also they are subdivided on geographical concepts, it is all the known Istanbul markets, Cairo, Uzbek. In each country there are historically developed names of markets. These are such as the Odessa Supply, the Bessarabia market in Kiev, Novosukharevsky in Moscow and Nourishing in St. Petersburg.

On Ben`s market shouts:

- Apples from Chernobyl! Excellent apples from Chernobyl!
- Ben, you sho, sduret? Who will buy them?
- Still as buy! To both the chief, and the mother-in-law …

Markets are a history of any country. Here traded, changed, lived and survived. The huge number of the people put on and fed on markets and at the expense of a market. Dealers, shoemakers, carriers, moneychangers, profiteers and shchipach - for all the market was the main business. Of course, not always lawful, but guards of the law were here at service too.

On markets passions boiled is hotter, than at Shakespeare. Heroes of love sufferings, market Romeo and Othello and their beloved were sung in couplets of local zhigan. And these motives sounded in cold Magadan and on Kolyma.

Buy bublichka, heat bublichka,
Drive rublichka, the people live!
I at night rainy me unfortunate,
the Dealer private, you regret...

Markets go to legends... On market those places glass malls, super - and hypermarkets are under construction ultramodern, entirely. The schooled sellers greet you the person on duty with a smile. In huge halls a set of the racks forced by accurate ranks of goods. There is everything, but there is no soul. Live human soul. In these malls everything is faceless, big money reigns here - feelings are excessive.

Emotions and feelings boil only on East markets. And that is interesting: the supermodern richest Emirates, at their developed distribution networks, smart shops, managed to keep a part of history - east markets. Only there it is possible to learn that the East - business thin, and to hear the Arab speech with local English accent.

We hear a market when also Gilyarovsky`s books are mentioned. Thanks to its bright and figurative sketches that place where for the first time there was K. S. Stanislovsky and V. I. Nemirovich`s significant meeting - Danchenko, laid the foundation to the Moscow Art Theatre accurately seems. Of course, I speak about “A Slavic market“. The well-known restaurant where breakfasts were to “the first cranes“, and on tables there was a mysterious snack - “Dark horse“.

As in the song of that, ancient, fire,
the coachman once to “Jara“,
So us now, to “A Slavic market“ Drove horses,
Is lucky a taxi, evening Moscow.
But does not have

that eminent restaurant, and new “Yar“ not that any more. Time leafs through pages... A little sadly and sadly - consign to the past not only markets, but also a droplet of our life.