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Management of attention: what to us prevents to achieve the objectives?

Since early years said to us that time is money. Every minute of our precious time has to be spent with advantage. But in most cases we use time prodigally. As it appeared, not the number of free time does us happier, but its quality. And quality is defined by what we pay attention to.

the Main attention to the main things - here an essence of successful and happy life“ (Stephen Kovi).

Many of you already used technologies a time - management. And many failed in their application. The main problem is that quality of our life does not depend in any way on that how many affairs we manage to make . If you do not know what you want and what your abilities consist in, you will not believe in what you do.

Many of you saw the movie “Secret“ in due time. In it it is said that by force of thought we can attract in the life everything that we will want, - opportunities, people, material values. It not absolutely so. Main “secret“ is as follows: in our life is shown what we pay attention to .

Perhaps, you noticed that least of all those people who with all love devote themselves to some business suffer from depressions and addictions. To them not before self-damage. To them is what itself to borrow. And also, it is sure, you met people who constantly are dissatisfied with something, and they constantly speak about it, however problems at them do not become day by day less.

I will list the main recommendations which will help to use your opportunities more effectively:

1. Realize yourself . Realize everything that you do at present. Realize as you react to these or those events of your life. The attention is just supervision process. Without estimates and criticism. It will allow you to see accurately that it to you prevents to be in balance during the day.

2. Create positive “anchor“ . An anchor - the term from the NLP designating incentive which causes a certain reaction. Some bright reminiscence from the childhood can be very good anchor. It is necessary in order that in any situation to be able to change the mood.

3. Stop to idle . When we are busy with nothing, it takes away from us vital forces. Therefore right now stop to watch TV or for hours to hang on social networks. It is better to walk in the fresh air!

4. Constantly get rid of parasites - of what takes away your attention. Do not put off what you can make today. Protect the forces. What disturbs you does not allow you to work to the maximum in the present.

5. Daily practice meditation . In meditation you remain in private with the present I. Besides meditation positively influences the level of mental, emotional and physical capacities.

6. Be engaged in what you love . It is possible to begin to write verses or articles for men`s magazine; to register in a gym or to master snowboarding; to work on creation of the business or to open a homeless animals shelter. Around a huge number of opportunities of which we very often lose sight.

Your attention is your life . For the modern person it is very important to protect itself from negative influence of advertizing, bad news and addictions and at the same time to go surely towards the aim, overcoming any difficulties.