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What is generation F?

are fashionable to call the processes happening in society some letter with the word generation Now. From an easy hand of Pelevin there was “Generation P“ - generation P (and let he disguised the first letter of the name under Pepsi, you will not deceive us); the most known generation - generation Õ (generation 13); generation Z; the modern phenomenon - generation C where With means content and so on. I do not know

whether someone from sociologists thought up already such letter for new generation as F - free: generation F. Why it? I will try to explain to those to whom it is not obvious yet.

To imagine several years ago that you on Thursday at twelve o`clock in the afternoon can meet the girlfriend to drink coffee, it was impossible. I personally spent three years of the precious life in absolutely nefenshuyny communicating room of editorial office of the rag, poring in night shifts over the program of telecasts and spoiling the karma.

All these victims were only to have additional day off on Wednesday and quietly to visit fitness - the center, without risking to turn out without locker in a locker room - that was not such a rarity during the week-end. Everyone who works with 10 to 19, knows how he hard not is after six, despite all insistent recommendations of nutritionists and also as it is difficult to find time for trainings, manicure, a hairdressing salon and calls to parents. And in general - much everything occurs in life at that time while you try to bring together reports of all contractors, to phone in printing house, to send mails to clients, to write the presentation or to close the project.

That is more valuable to me there was - to sit one additional day off which I entirely could devote to the personal records of type with the book in cafe or to paint a picture for own pleasure. During this period one acquaintance met me, prazdnoshatayushchuyusya at two o`clock in the afternoon, and with astonishment exclaimed: “In working hours!“ What the strange satisfaction forced me to feel - it hurried on a meeting with the client.

And then, looking at a gray wall of opposite office building where rare sickly trees symbolized themselves seasons, I hardly remembered, winter or fall outside. Those years I dreamed only of one - to have an opportunity to walk in the afternoon daily, and not for 45 minutes of a lunch break for the next fast - foot.

Other my acquaintance left very pleasant position, it is simple “because bothered“. It sometimes goes to interviews on a part-time employment or distant work. Having read it to the summary, all heads run together to look at it, up to owners and founders of firms.

Remember the beginning of decade - jokes - humourous catchphrases about office plankton, middle managers, galleys, lemmings and other on actual the copier - steplerny subject were widely adopted then. “You are not such as everything, you work at office!“ - sang the Cord which is Chalz Bukovski and Arkasha Severny`s such mix.

Time was they are you will tell, and you will be right: to get a daily bread in other places, except as in adits from glass and metalplastic, it was not even represented possible. Certainly, if you wanted to be considered successful or at least to put into practice the knowledge gained in higher education institution.

But as already repeatedly all noted, time rushes with a huge speed, and all processes accelerate. And soon to replace generation About (yes - office) the generation F came. Now more and more people are exempted from office chains - who by freelance who distant work and who and downshifting.

And someone found the female happiness in the strong relations with the banker or the deputy. And now many carefree answer the question “When We Can Meet?“: “Yes when you want. I am free / is free all day. Yes, of course, and on Tuesday too. No, on Thursday I cannot, I fly to Katmandu. You do not want to join?“

you cannot Join because you have a plane to Barnaul - you go to a hike to Altai. Or you fly for the weekend to London. Or you have a flute lesson - you wanted to take lessons of playing any musical instrument so long ago!

The employers who first were uneasily looking at the fact that their serfs can independently dispose of the time and space, all - estimated considerable advantage, especially concerning so-called creative professions. They can save on expensive office space, services of the cleaner, coffee, the electric power and water for its preparation, toilet paper and napkins for hygiene and now other expendables in which, besides actually salary, they had to pay for a possibility of control over the workers.

An opportunity to take the laptop under a mouse and to leave where - nibud for a month, and even three, already stopped being a subject of envy or surprise. The look prazdnoshatayushchikhsya people on streets does not raise the question “What Do They Do Everything Here?“ any more. You know the answer to this question - they, probably, as well as you, just live - without cans to Neskafa, smoking-rooms, the statuses, meeting - rum, the account - ekzekyyutiv and other concepts which are a thing of the past.

And now if the person whom you call to meet to chat, answers: “I will look minute in the busy schedule, it is better if it is at the weekend in the late afternoon“, - it causes not respect for employment, but sympathy in combination with easy bewilderment. Approximately as to the person which makes the payphone, has no mailbox on gmail or says the English letter “SI“ as “es Russian“.