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How to destroy walls of a house jail?

For a number of reasons many of us spend the most part of time of the house. And than longer we stay in the closed space, especially are subject to a stress. And long monotony and at all - a direct road to a depression. Consequence: you perceive the house a dungeon. So to do if walls of your jail get stronger?

The atmosphere in the house is created by its inhabitants. Yes, our thoughts fill space with information, and then this information influences our mood. Besides each inhabitant has the power stream. So, the people living in one place can perceive the monastery differently.

There is a classical example. The spouse earns money, the wife brings up the child. Every time after labor-consuming day the supporter comes back home tired and has a rest in the cradle. Even if it is strongly angry, the house all the same calms him. Its monastery - its delight. And here the wife, on the contrary, in a day was bored by walls, life and monotony. In own dwelling she feels like the prisoner. As for their child - it as the sponge, absorbs all that occurs around.

But, an exit, undoubtedly, is. We in forces to crush a jail and to change even the most severe climate. The main thing - to find occasions to changes and to reject the reasons to stay idle.

Finished with household chores, free minute dropped out - do not look for rest in a bed, at the TV or the monitor, go to fresh air and do not forget to crack windows for airing.

If you have no urgent matters, forget about existence of time, it was thought up by the person. Walk in the pleasure.

the Sun, a rain, snow … any weather can bring pleasure. Of course, if it not natural disaster. Though there are also “mentally ill people“ running, having enthusiastically stretched hands, towards to a tornado or to a fire-spitting muzzle of a volcano.

Around a lot of interesting occurs. Be observant, you look around, listen to sounds, but do not plunge into personal problems. It is possible to capture with itself the camera and to be engaged in photographing - you for certain will not be left without successful shots.

Contact with living people will be far finer than electronic correspondence. Communicate with strangers as with potential friends, and they will tell you a lot of interesting. But you approach the choice of the interlocutor selectively. Be careful of the “vampires“ ready for hours to pour out to you the misfortunes, absorbing thereby a positive spirit. No, the crucifixion and holy water will definitely not help with such cases. Way one: say goodbye to sufferers soon and tactfully not to wound them already upset soul and not to lose fine mood.

Play sports. The gymnastics and jogs lift a tone, but the main thing - not to be overzealous, otherwise for fatigue it is necessary to turn sour in a bed again. Yes, make a bed at once as soon as you leave it. So it is less temptation to return back.

Banish languor coffee or a contrast shower. Well, and if you cannot fill force without day dream - please, resort to a siesta. But be not overzealous then not to suffer from sleeplessness.

From small grandiose is managed! Remember “Butterfly Effect“ - the theory of the American mathematician and meteorologist Lorenz Edward Norton: “The butterfly waving wings in Iowa can cause an avalanche of effects which can reach the highest point during a rainy season in Indonesia“ .

Feel as a butterfly, wave wings - and in the near future that day when houses you flit, as in a heavenly spot, with pleasure and pleasure will come.