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How to eradicate the evil in human society? Watching

people …

of the Murderer, tyrants, and just the subjects thinking only of themselves and not persons interested to help neighbors will leave through only one generation if to begin to build society of the new version already right now! How to change the current situation of things and to leave all this horror in the past? Over this question I thought long time. But then, I began to watch certain people, their habits, behavior, the relation to life and other people. When the set of the data obtained as a result of supervision me collected questions began to torment: why one kind and sympathetic, and others - the complete antithesis to them. Why one try to solve problems of neighbors, others opposite not only remain indifferent, but also create these problems? At last on what the behavior and the first and second depends? I remember how caught itself on thought that the person is born a such pure leaf of paper and if to operate with modern concepts, comes to this world the brand new computer on which the operating system and the other software is not installed yet. And here, the skilled programmer (parents) loads necessary ON (education) into the computer (child). And so, if the programmer sensible, then and programs he puts correct and stable which will regularly function. It will clean in due time the system register, to find and delete viruses and in general, to care for the personal computer. Of course, this rough analogy, if on the electronic machine it is possible to put and delete programs almost unlimited number of times, with the person such manipulations cannot be carried out. What is put in the childhood will remain with it forever. Continuing to watch people, noticed one major feature. Children who were surrounded with care, caress, attention and love grew up, as a rule, kind and sympathetic people. And even cruel conditions of our society, could not shake their vital principles. Here it, this only grain emitted from one billion a ryegrass! Education!

Bend a tree while young, teach children while small

Now when we know what to do, it is necessary to think how it will be better to be made. And this is already complicated. Our task - to bring up the kind person. And on various the Internet - the resources devoted to a family and the child will be in specialized literature many councils as it is correct to bring up future citizen of new society. But we will select several rules which need to be followed perfectly. So: 1) You love the child, constantly embrace him, kiss, iron on the head, communicate and you spend the most part of time with it. 2) Form the correct relation of the child to good and bad. 3) Do not punish the child at all! This very important rule. Cruelty surely generates cruelty. It already then when he becomes the settled personality, from the outside he will adequately react to cruelty. 4) Make the most favourite its occupation - reading books. 5) Give to the child the chance to be engaged in creative activity - to draw, mold, glue … 6) Visit theaters, exhibitions and other cultural institutions. Arrange family excursions. 7) Do not buy to the child of magnificent things. Pay attention to its food better. 8) Be optimistical! It is desirable that the child was brought up by mother. The father let provides a family financially. During education, mother has to direct all the energy to the child, having removed the personal interests on the second, and it is better on the tenth plan. It has to have one interest - the child! About friends, a hobby, and other - it is necessary to forget. Mother and the father have to seek to solve all his problems for the child. It is better to limit independence of the kid, having allowed to be engaged only in creative affairs and reading books. It is very good when parents constantly praise the child and inspire in him confidence that it is the best. It is impossible to forget at all and about other children, constantly interpreting the that to do harm to the neighbor - the greatest evil in the world and there is no evil worse than it. Most of modern parents raise the children absolutely incorrectly. They try to develop in them those qualities which are the reason of what I wrote at the very beginning of article about. Leadership, ability to stand for itself and self-respect - these most harmful qualities! No! It by no means not that it is necessary. It is better to forget about this strategy in general. The leader always feels the superiority over others and if to bring up the child in such spirit, the vicious circle will become isolated again, and we will never be able to overcome the world evil. Friendliness and compassion have to become priority qualities. Them is that and it is necessary to cultivate in the little man! Parents need to realize that they are responsible for the future of our world.

its majesty Tupik

I here steps On the stage there is one more complexity. How it was graceful in the theory, in practice it will be extremely difficult to construct society without defects and the evil. Current leaders, governors and oligarchical classes will be Osnovnoy Deadlock …. To realize idea of creation of new society, the program on state, in any case, at world level is necessary! It is unlikely the politicians and oligarchs who are brought up in cruel conditions, having the power and power will agree to change the habitual world. They run roughshod over other`s feelings for achievement of the purposes, exploit the “lowest“ small fry and enjoy the status. No, they will not want to live in society in which all will be equal and the relation to each other will be identical - valid, benevolent. In large business and in the same policy it is impossible to do without infliction of harm another. Either you it or it you are a golden rule for such here leaders. It seems, the vicious circle nevertheless became isolated. Who how not the mighty of this world is capable to begin global construction of the new world? And they will not want it for the above-stated reasons. What remains? Tupik it will be necessary to bypass differently our fetid foul place more and more to gryaznut in a gloom and what then waits for us? Really the future is gloomy …

Option first - revolution. The most effective way. But, as well as any other, revolution for world peace will be carried out by power methods and without the victims in this case vryad - whether it will be possible to manage. In 1917 the Russian emperor was overthrown, there was new mode and there came socialist paradise. Many fought for an idea and won. But to what violent revolution led, we know - millions of people died in the period of the Soviet socialism. The evil generated the evil and in that case good it would seem, intentions paved the road to hell. Therefore this option extremely is not pleasant to me.

Compassion and humanity - the main signs of the conceiving being. Animals are not capable to regret the fellows, this quality is inherent only in the person and the development a civilization, the she is kinder. So can, everything to throw and to leave as is. To wait so, one thousand years until the mankind grows wiser, and humane society will arise in the course of evolution. Whether consoles you, the reader, such option? Not you should live in the good world, and to your far descendants. Does not console me … And besides, if to leave everything as it stands, to undertake nothing, can occur so that in cloacal society the third world war with use of the nuclear weapon will burst and on Earth steady against radiation will build the new world, only microbes.

If at least one married couple lights up this idea and will begin to raise the children in the spirit of kindness, at the same time agitating the friends and just familiar people to follow their example - it will be already good. Such couple will be similar to a rain droplet from which the heavy rain will begin. Here it as it seems to me, the most correct way. The Internet, social networks, printing mass media - all this this small circle of humanists needs to use. The circle of followers of that remarkable couple will begin to extend more and more. And when it will reach planetary scales, oligarchs and politicians will have no place to disappear.

Of course and it is hard to carry out the third option. But even if it will not be possible to eradicate the evil, on several good people in the world there will be more, and it already something! Here and so, misters humanists and not really.