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Syndrome of “The blown-off ball“ or how to struggle with a depression.

you have to correspond to the inquiries. And for this purpose it is necessary to understand who you are is and for what you live, to find the way. There are people who cause sympathy and those who push away. It is possible to carry the people who found themselves and carrying out the mission on Earth to the first and it is not important at all, than they are engaged, the main thing - their actions are comprehended. Others, dangle in a hover, undertaking all affairs at once, but do not succeed in one.
Though they do not cause disgust, and it is rather the curiosity multiplied by compassion.

Another matter when you see on the street of absolutely fallen people who lost
human shape with a blank look and cold heart. From there are morals: never “cool down“. People from you need only energy and escalation. Your successful interaction with them depends on quality and amount of energy which you give to people around. That`s all! Does not matter as you look, how old are you, what your social status and education. More true all these characteristics play a role, but only superficial, the basic principles of appeal are based on energy.

Women are the most devoted customers of energy, they are ideal consumers. And how many you offer them, it is so much and will take. And if there is nothing to offer, or just there is no desire, then and you will be able to receive nothing. As they say “what cannot be cured must be endured“. But, proceeding from the fact that women are guided dual strategy of sexual selection, that is search of men as the potential lover and the faithful husband, and types of the radiated energy happen different. The girl at first sight perfectly understands whom she wants to marry whom to bang and to wet right there, without departing from cash desk. And if you suddenly got under the last category, then somewhat you were lucky as your energy will remain inviolable. In other cases, the energy radiated by you on women will differ, depending on a role, prepared for you: husband or lover.

In other words, your behavior and perception will be interpreted as the passionate lover, or the predictable, but reliable spouse. You often heard already expression that love one, and marry others. As confirmation to it serves also cinema where the personality, with the strong principles on life and a thick purse on belief, or on existence acts as the potential husband, as a rule, strong morally and spiritually. While the hero the lover is such rake, the minion of fortune, the charlatan, the wanderer, the player, and just adult uncle with soul of the child. These people produce different emotions, and receive different result. To someone the role of a sentry dog of family values is prepared, to another to bang everything that moves. Both that and others are happy. From here a question - whether you are happy? What do you want from life? These are two most important questions on which it is necessary to concentrate your self-development, all the rest just particulars on the way to your purpose. If purpose of course yours?! Many go on a beaten path of others purposes, we will tell the full loser a magic wave of a stick of the invisible being addressed … No, not in the prince charming, and in a successful pikaper.

In this sauce it already and the trainer - the guru who is diligent convincing others of the coolness and ability to turn “your“ dreams to you the rehouse. Now it is fashionable to throw in every possible way at the pickup mud though I in it do not see anything bad. Any knowledge in hands of the idiot is transformed to schizophrenia while the adequate and normal person can quite apply these or those skills and knowledge to himself on advantage. But nevertheless, here disappears big hairy “But“.

You for certain heard about so-called heteros - guys who from the birth possess charm above an average. Also put here not only in attractive appearance, and even not in knacks. The matter is that heteros absolutely in a different way perceive an opposite sex, and in it their secret of charm is covered. For the hetero, the woman - an integral part of his
existence, for a pikaper - only a tick in the list of its victories, or failures, means of achievement of the purpose. And the purposes at all different: someone wants to bring the girlfriend, and someone to ego-trip. And when the objectives, anyway, are achieved - the pikaper is satiated.

But in the pickup - community there is a secret three-stage structure of personal self-development. At first, the inexperienced and ardent student is eager to seize as it is possible a large number of girls, to bring “account“ to three-digit figure. Then the quantity gives way to quality when the girls who are estimated on ten to a ball scale of appeal have to hold on at least to the eight. Well and at last,

the last stage when there is no wish not for the intercourses, and the relations. It would seem, there is nothing bad here - ordinary life cycle. But, besides takes place to be speeding up of events and imposing of others purposes. As a rule, life cycle of the pickup lasts at young people no more than five years then they pass to the path again. And the same who in “subject“ long ago, transformed this occupation to ordinary business: schools and trainings on the pickup and a seducing. Of course, living in large megalopolises, there is a wish both to put on stylishly and to guzzle civil, and on it money is necessary.

But if the program of training is difficult for understanding, and in a lexicon of the trainer there are a lot of muddy words and unclear terminology, then send it to a pedestrian porn travel with all stops as the main objective of the pickup is to interest the client and in too time to leave in full confusion and misunderstanding. An ideal trap, but you do not come across it.

Reserve better money, however, as well as time, for yourself favourite. Actually for success on the love front the trifle which you already have is necessary. But not one trainer, of course, will not tell it to you. Otherwise he will just lose a part of profit. I am not a trainer therefore I will reveal to you secret, which at all and not secret. Everything is simple. Ask a question who you are is? Not in literal sense, and sexual. In other words, decide on the orientation which sexual. You - geteroseksualen, it is bisexual, or is suddenly asexual? Answers on these, simple, at first sight, questions, are also that magic tablet. You ask “Well and what it gives“?

And you already answered these questions, having carefully weighed and having considered? Probably, it is difficult to admit to himself that you perhaps the pederast, or still than what is worse - at all you are not interested in sex. And if with you everything is good, and you absolutely normal person, with periodic requirement to a satisfying of sexual hunger with representatives of an opposite sex, then welcome to the second round of interviewing of. For simplicity of perception, let`s draw an analogy to your preferences in food. You eat, isn`t it? You will not object that to eat immorally and not adequately such highly intellectual personality as you?! Yes?! Then you not from our solar system! Welcome to the planet Earth! We deal with quite terrestrial issues here. So, in food you can be the glutton, omnivorous, or adhere to a certain kitchen, or a diet - to be a vegetarian. But anyway, food as however and a dream to us are vital for
of reproduction and regeneration of our organism.

And with women. Or you love all of them, or have, any concrete preferences, but without them it is absolutely impossible. When you want to eat, you go on kitchen, to cafe, or restaurant. When you need the woman - go to the panel. A joke, but you understood a metaphor. In a word, dare “to Have“ women in the life, just as the mobile phone, iPod, the car, a hunting lodge, or the yacht. Everything that is created in this world, is intended for people.

So use! Add women to the daily diet of “food“. Having tried them once, you will not be able to refuse them any more, and they in turn, you. All secret of successful guys, heteros also consists in it. The woman for them the same pleasant habit how to eat and in a toilet to descend (if of course the last brings someone a high) therefore they are present always, everywhere and at a large number. Needless to say, as availability of women becomes norm. You do not make special efforts that in a hot sunny day to eat ice cream?! Why to try if so everything is available. That`s all what I can tell on this matter.

! “The blown-off ball“? Apathy, fear, uncertainty, a depression - all this syndrome consequences of “the blown-off ball“, and its reason as it will not be banal to sound, besides energy, to be exact level of its concentration in an organism. “The blown-off ball“ this rather psychological disease, but not destructive essence of life, decline of economy, imperfect political system, and other external factors?, everything is in ourselves.

We are also reflection of this world. If you, something does not arrange, look for problems in yourself. If you to something rejoice, besides, the reason in you again. All objects and the phenomena which are found to us in life - are neutral, it we allocate them with value, and we receive the relation: positive, or negative. From here it is possible to draw a simple conclusion - change consciously the attitude towards that, or other situation, and also to an event as it will be convenient to you, up to grotesque if initially it hooked on you emotionally and caused negative experiences. In psychology it is called inversion of perception, or reality. In boundaries - the sexual relations it is especially favorable, having thrown down a challenge to century traditions.

For example, all of us know, for success at an opposite sex it is necessary to possess at least three main qualities: experience, awareness, and interest, or motivation. But experience assumes the spent time, sometimes the whole life. The awareness is expressed nearly in the academic knowledge of his owner. And motivation it is not clear at all from where to take. Here also inversion will be useful. Oppose to experience - inexperience, awarenesses - lack of information, and interest - disinterest. And at once it became easier, isn`t that so? Similarly, it is possible to replace the shortcomings with advantages. The loneliness, and helplessness are widespread illnesses of modern society, however having adopted the principle of inversion of reality, it is easy to achieve advantage of such, apparently, not enviable situation. The loneliness is not defect, or a deviation.

Simply rather long time to survive in severe conditions, united in groups and tribes. Times changed, and the instinct of group (gregarious) reason remained. But, than Bol the high-level human individual, less to him is required to those group intelligence and stateliness. As for helplessness and insolvency, it is possible to track the certain regularity which is that the nervous system of an organism is more difficult here the more it is necessary for it time, for achievement of a full psychological maturity. Here helplessness and loneliness intertwine together, characterizing by that the individual as a highly intellectual individual from thin
the sincere organization.

to be continued …