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The hot summer and fresh skin - whether is compatible it?

in the conditions of city life can become summer the most real test for skin. Dust and wind, notorious exhaust gases and the air which is dried up by conditioners - the unpleasant phenomena which accompany and attack us and in other seasons, get in the summer of new allies - it is the sun and a heat.

But whether it is possible to resist to all these enemies, moreover - to win against them and to shine even in the most sunny day? Especially this question concerns, of course, a fine half of mankind.

For a start it should be noted that drinking water should not forget about simple . Yes, it is as if banal sounded. Each lady loving herself and the body, has to drink enough water in day, i.e. at the rate of 30 ml of water on 1 kg of weight if, of course, there are no problems with health. If it is about hot everyday life in the city jungle, then it is always better to carry with itself a small bottle of drinking water at any time to have an opportunity to be refreshed. Pay attention that it is about simple drinking water, and juice (even freshly squeezed), coffee, milkshakes, tea (even green) and the more so carbonated drinks and alcohol will not fit into the volume stated above in any way. Having taken in a habit to drink since morning on an empty stomach a glass of water, you learn to awaken thereby the organism and, respectively, skin which in several days of similar ritual will thank you healthy complexion.

If the speech came about drink, at once we will talk also about food . When in the summer the weather forecast frightens by the next temperature records, many notice that the feeling of hunger becomes dull. Pulls us more to fruit and vegetables, for breakfast there is a wish to eat yogurt, but not oil sandwich or two chunks of sausage. But even if you will want to taste any muck from the category of fast food or, for example, a skewer of excellent pork shish kebab, be not fond. You can mentally intimidate yourself at once that in couple of days everything eaten anyway “will be displayed“ at you on a face in the form of a greasy luster or, what is even worse, inflammations.

Tell “no“ to chips and chocolate bars, please your skin with fresh berries which can be eaten greedily with the same speed and appetite behind viewing of favourite series. Ice cream, by the way, can be replaced with own hand prepared fruit ice. It is only enough to process in the blender a handful of the favourite cut fruit or berries, or both that, and another, then to pour the turned-out gruel in special molds and to send at several o`clock to the freezer. By the way, if to use usual molds for ice, then it is possible to wipe with the cubes which then turned out also a face - as it is known, similar procedure gives to skin a tone and a healthy look at all seasons of the year.

As for cosmetics , both decorative, and daily means on care of skin, try to adhere “to the program at least“ and to give preference to those representatives whose part natural ingredients are. For example (for the mixed skin) I prefer to replace night face cream with oil of grape seeds in general. It is enough to apply a two-three of drops on the cleared skin, and since morning reflection in a mirror will precisely please you. If on skin several inflammations appeared, they can be “dried“ easily essential oil of a tea tree or rosemary. It is necessary to apply accurately pointwise it on problem places, and, believe, the situation will change to the best.

It is worth paying attention to the become popular BB and CC creams in the afternoon. They replace several means at once, respectively, your person will not turn into “puff pie“ by that moment when it is necessary to leave the house and to go to conquer the world. Also on counters of shops there was colourless (or more precisely to tell, white color) a powder which possesses magic properties: matts skin and fixes a make-up - you do not pass by similar means, on own experience I can tell that it is an irreplaceable thing in the summer.

To refresh face skin during the day, without bothering at the same time with a new make-up, many producers offer various sprays in summer months, but I hold the opinion that nothing can be better than of thermal water . It is freshness, moistening and cheerfulness rolled into one! Couple of “zilches“ of a barrel - and you will feel as if you got to an oasis in the middle of the huge boundless desert.

You should not forget also about such means as srubs and masks . The last, by the way, can be made easily independently. It is enough to buy a bag of blue clay, to dissolve it with water (even mineral), to add, for example, couple of drops suitable for your type of skin of essential oil and - voila! As they say, purity - guarantee of health. That is your skin is deeply cleared and shines, as well as a smile on your face.

Unfortunately, a half of summer already behind, but who prevents to resort to this advice in the remained days?