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How to define the woman`s type? The guide of

Not all girls initially - that is from the birth - are equal in running. For the groom, behind career, behind good luck. As at animals. Who both looks - and hunts. So, and eats. The modest hare chews bark. The cunning fox guzzles the hare. The lion will gobble up all - only give. And at us, girls.

By the end of research at me as Mendeleyev, in the head had tables of distribution of notorious babsky happiness according to appearance of pretenders. It appeared - amazing regularity:

What type at you - such is and destiny.
What type at you - also your relations with the world are that, also chances of success are that.

So, type 7 - the Guide. Sara Jessica Parker. Princess Di. Gwyneth Paltrow.

The correct face form which is a little extended down... Dryish, is strict - a teacher`s look, with obvious existence of intelligence.

The defining line - a straight nose. English, direct, at all not potato or plum. The ancient, giving a good family tree nose. As Germans in similar cases - true Aryans spoke. Intellectuals by birth. Looking at them, at once it is possible to see well well-mannered girls. Even if nobody brought up them. As the Master spoke: “Blood - a great cause!“

Have firm as a slate pencil, character. Are rectilinear. Strict, but fair. Sense of justice is very aggravated. On the one hand - justice and mercy, with another - arrogance and perfectionism - here their main sincere qualities.

Service to an ideal - here the slogan of the guide. They make history, do the world better. Yes, little not a tetkinsky profile. Women generally do life better. The guide - all - humanistic subspecies. Directly - not the aunt, but the elf from a forest thicket.

But Guides have also weaknesses - vanity. Well they are very greedy before recognition of these merits by society before it. The guide in girlhood is modest and obliging, likes to read and be with himself alone. Often in the childhood considers himself as an ugly duckling. It is not enough girlfriends, boys - it is few friends, loves the nature and animals, loves books and music.

In general, it is remarkable children as few problems bring to parents, silent and obedient, almost imperceptible. And comes to nobody to mind that inside they have an everyday drama of isolation. They think that they are interesting to nobody - to either parents, or friends, here unless only to small fishes in an aquarium...

As the Guide in girlhood - the serious girl, and tactics of inducement of boys - by clever heart-to-heart talks. Good choice of tactics not most, frankly speaking. Well, respectively, and boys are caught not so actively.

Moreover and with strategy at Guides trouble. That is with the choice of this man. The guide is very picky in the choice of the man. Does not judge by appearance, does not rush on bitsepsorelyefny machoes - they cause in it rejection. The fiddleheaded handsome for it does not exist. But here if the man is intelligent or clever - it is the best aphrodisiac for the Guide. She long chooses the man. Casual communications are very rare.

But the fact that we take in men for intelligence often appears their cold heart of stone. And male mind - in general a riddle... The fact that we by youth in them take for mind over the years often appears fanfaronstvy. It is almost impossible to guess the perspective man in youth. It is simpler to steal already ready taken place foreign husband. In what are strong Bebetona with Monkeys and Foxes. But in any way not the Guide. He is almost doomed to loss.

Benefit and providing from the man are received by subspecies which initially perceive these men as food base. Here at them the desirable coincides with reality. It Bebetona, Bellucci, Fox... They always receive what they dream of. Material benefits. And the Guide is aimed at spirituality. Everything from - for the fact that the marriage object is incorrectly set. You want spirituality - it in a registry office is not given. There are other places. So ourselves also doom ourselves to sufferings.

Since the childhood the Guide is ground on mercy and the help. It can be expected only from these subspecies. These are the only spiritual subspecies. Only on it the mankind also survives. They as gold tables, bear in themselves the cultural wealth which is saved up by mankind. Through them in life there pass ideas of good and self-sacrifice, the help to neighbors. If the Monkey and the Fox practice yoga for improvement of the figure, then the Guide will surely go deep into spiritual contents of the doctrine.

Even honor it also not the woman, but some perfect alien. These are the best friends, mothers. Because the word “love“ in the world materializes through them. Them the love passes in life, them and remains.