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How to define the woman`s type? The sweetheart of

depends On our type of appearance and a constitution character, manners of behavior and, therefore, destiny. Our set of genes, hormones and type of chemical reaction in an organism plays with us a mean joke. That is by our appearance it is predetermined how we will communicate with people as we will successfully attract men at the expense of what we will exist: at the expense of a male - or we will stick since the childhood on a pro-forage to ourselves and the posterity. Look at

more attentively - at all similar women, except appearance, also manners, ways of manipulations with people, vital reference points and values are also similar. At all women similar externally almost identical families, almost identical achievements. It is more of general, than distinctions...

So, female Sweetheart type. Shape of a face round. The nose is more often potato, kurnosenkiya, but happens also a straight line. Are inclined to completeness after 30. Get fat in a zone of a stomach, legs remain almost harmonous. Hair more often light, gray or slightly reddish shade. Eyes big and beautiful. Lips are full. Pyshechka.

Very interesting skeleton. On a bone thin usually - sharikopodobny connections of hands and legs. Patellae and joints of hands round and almost sticking out. It is a lot of round forms, since a face and a nose, finishing with knees and stupnyam of legs. And special female delights - a breast - in general out of competition. Always beautiful, ideally round form and it is very frequent, unlike other subspecies - the big size. The only case of overtaking Bebetonov on the route of run for grooms are a Sweetheart with a round nose and 6 - 8 size of a bust.

Unsurpassed coquettes. Sweethearts are very charming, sociable, sociable - champions on an institution of acquaintances to strangers. Laughers - veselushka. Safely begin conversation as though you are known one thousand years. Men are very grateful to them for it. It is not necessary to build long strainedly the phrase - the little girl and itself for you will tell everything. It is possible to relax. Though Sweetheart not silly woman. It such only seems - it is its way survivals. And, by the way, very successful.

If in appearance the distinguishing line - roundness, then in behavioural habits - illegibility. In everything:

1. In food - everyone is ready to swallow. All digest. Ideal digestion. All eat and everywhere.

2. In friendship. Are on friendly terms with all, since kindergarten. A lot of acquaintances and as they like to speak, friends. Friends - it is too expensive as a hobby.

3. In the choice of men - coquet with all even in the subway: are checked as if, the male or already not pecks on a bait?

The man, of course, very much loves such address. Any coquetry of the woman lifts it in his own eyes. Constant coquetry. All without analysis. Even to the old man in reanimation. Their favourite phrase on which cling a profit:

- The man, help.
- you, as the man, … and further - a request essence.

the Word “man“ is pronounced by them with the raising intonation, interrogatively as if. As though she asks to show this place which is most defining “man“. To make sure. That is at communication with an opposite sex as often as possible to the place and out of place to mention the word “man“ in this intonation. The man always thaws when hint at his main difference, and turns into a vain male. And it`s done. As to it the Sweetheart learns - it is unknown. Probably, as well as we to the receptions - at random. Agree when the young snub-nosed girl a bow - a mouth speaks to the uncle “Man“, it seems to it that she saw in it Casanova from the young erotic dreams and designated it so: “Man“. Directly some Lolita. Well who will resist?

4. Illegibility in money. Are greedy to money. Seek to earn at any cost. There are no restrictions. All row. And therefore often earn much. But there is also a lot of and absurdly spend. Everyone sweeps. For supermarkets it is ideal customers. Cases at them burst with things, never nadevanny, with price tags. Very much love brilliant, a beads everyones, bags with pastes.

With taste, of course, trouble because it is absent at all. Buy and put on everything at hand. And as and with food everything is all right - usually still get fat by an old age. Round such, soft, there is a wish to snuggle them as a toy, and suddenly will peep?. Sweethearts have an excellent health if do not aggravate with excesses.

5. Emotional terrorism. Sweethearts are whimsical and eccentrical. Are selfish excessively. Speak loudly, almost shout. Declaring the presence not only the surrounding 100th person, but also all Universe. And suddenly they are not noticed? Like to laugh loudly loudly modulatingly that the old woman in the bus shuddered. Or loudly so at an entrance to boutique:

- Hello, girls! - without waiting for them it is haughty - scornful “hello“.

Girls understand at once that “the hostess of life“ - the heavy client entered - and clean the patronizing crooked ulybochka.

And about beauty shops in general separate article. It is possible to give a physiognomic portrait of Sweethearts for office use to masters of salons. To send to Sweethearts of the most resistant and loutish. Because Sweethearts will be always dissatisfied with the hairstyle. As though to them instead of hair teeth cut. Can make scandal. Loud, with threats and shouts. It is easy.

At work like to shout at subordinates, to ruganut to the full extent, then to fondle and, having embraced, to go to gossip in a utility room on a beer barrel. The people at us love such management style, consider the chief “of“, the mother - the wet nurse. Such ungirdled feudal barynka which rips out hay maids.

Probably behave also in a family. Fill with themselves all family vital space. Power vampires. All attention is taken away on themselves.

Solve family problems in truly tetkinsky way: like to burst into tears and a hysterics if that not on them. Also they try to obtain the correctness emotional terrorism - scandals and quarrels. But in the course of scandal will always feed - will give to drink the owner. What is, that is. Itself likes to eat and, and feeds all members of household. The house - a nourishing nest. Holds the man for his second weak place - for a paunch - strong.

A cozy warm oven, and in it potato with a heat about a heat. What the man forgives all quarrels for. To row, reconcile, jam all this borsch and with vodka and with a salty cucumber - here it, happiness!

Sweethearts - good owners of business, managers of dining rooms and owners of little shops. They are lucky in business because they watch it, as behind the household. At first work - and then SPA - salon and manicure. Work for them - the second house. There also with it nourishingly and comfortably to the people. Under morning coffee, under spletenka.

Very appetizing small pillows such, nose patch. Both to do business, and the house of revenge, and to raise children. On all hands. There is nothing more cozy from subspecies for family life. Would be a man - would marry only the Sweetheart!

Their natural rotundity provides them long-playing sexuality. Till an old age. And muzhchinka very much like to choose them to themselves in the wife. Feel that will always be at a nourishing backet. Sweethearts give themselves to a family, the husband completely. Seldom live at the expense of men - try to earn that it was nourishing in the house. So the man, having married the Sweetheart, consider, was included in the fairy tale. Also it is not necessary to work so to the seventh sweat, as for Bebeton. It is possible to relax.