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How to define the woman`s type? The fox of black

Somehow since the childhood I felt a dirty trick in the phrase: “Beauty is not happiness“. Because years went, and happiness did not bring down everything. And it brought down just to girlfriends of other constitution and a physiognomy. And here I decided to study a question thoroughly. To conduct the most real sociological research: who and how from my friends communicates with men and, the most important, with what result?

I a conclusion at me turned out just as at the uncle of Darwin: there are several types of our “most beautiful“ women. Also they are defined by a face type and figures. Some unclear set of genes which build up appearance and character. In turn, character dictates behavior manners, ways of manipulation with uncles and aunts that as a result and does destiny.

So, black Fox. Black diamond. Very interesting, creative, bright natures, brilliant persons, dizzy pits. Nonna Grishayeva, Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy, Vivien Leigh. These subspecies gave to the world the greatest number of women magnificent in every sense...

The sharp fox face, fine, a little bit vrazlt slanting sly eyes, magnificent eyebrows. The oval always pointed to a chin even if cheekbones are given, all the same remains the fox, trying to keep step forward with production muzzle. A little small thin lips spoil a picture. As though she hides a face behind a magnificent chernobury tail, from - for whom slanting fox eyes gleam. Black Foxes watch you.

As well as all Foxes of different colors, this very greedy and economical. Saves and drags to itself in a mink generally bank notes and brilliant stones. Likes to dress himself and in all beauty of to photograph. And on a wall to hang up.

The black Fox knows the own worth. As though the angel inspires in it that it not such as all. And she hears and understands sounds of the invisible world. As though she since the birth knew that it is special. Also such black young fox in the good little man with a good self-assessment grows. Just charm, what pretty black Lys! But painfully mysterious for the others.

People all - feel presence of the beyond. And, naturally, are afraid of it.

Here, for example, it is model - the indicative girl Audrey Hepburn. From the very beginning of it surrounded some aura of a selectness, almost a luminescence. And all its mystical fox qualities somehow were also used for the good. Brilliant actress and good person.

At black Lys their aspirations and dreams amplify the divisions of angels serving by it. The couple with wings is put to each Fox as if to fulfill her wishes and requirements. Lys with the amplifier turns out black.

If it is the doctor, then the doctor from God who knows diseases earlier, than the patient will manage to utter a crow about them.

If it is the actor, then and the actor from God who intuitively guesses characters of characters as any director will not open.

If it is the businessman, then so smoothly and harmoniously there is his business as though someone prompts both a subject, and the solution of problems.

And, unlike Bebetonov, using and exhausting all vital juice from the husbands, black Foxes are realized as creators. Energy is taken directly from space, passing biped representatives of fauna. Shine with this or that side of the talents so that people around flickers before eyes.

These little girls - the real break, accident. Not for himself - for all who meet at them on the way. From them our grandmothers carried pins and a chesnochok and twisted figs at a meeting. But it for them - children`s jokes. Energetically it is heavy to cope with them therefore it is necessary to limit to a minimum contact, and if in any way, then to try that the Fox did not envy you. To pretend to be old and sick. To hide the husband and children and favourite pets.

The subspecies give only prerequisites to development of personal qualities... You can be both a kind, and angry black Fox. But even if you are a kind black Fox - your potential of a krutitel of energiya only waits for a signal as the launch vehicle in a compartment. At a meeting with these aunties destinies change, there are cataclysms and accidents, changes in private and career life...

Look back if you have a girlfriend a black Fox, for certain at initial acquaintance at you something occurred. Either illness, or sharp healing. Or you entered the institute. or threw it. Either enlightenment, or scandal. Or you met the prince (as option - lost it) … Around them power whirlwinds, events always twist. They as graphite in a nuclear reactor - slow down, untwist process in any company where got. If your life and your friends stood and there are no interesting events - invite a black Fox in the company. Foxes are able to twist power whirlwinds, to send energy.

Only at first correctly calculate the forces and check health, perhaps, it will reel. But after acquaintance to a black Fox to all participants of a meeting unexpected events and changes slowly will begin to take place, and to you will be what to discuss at meetings. This twisting of actions in the real world, but not some there children`s toys - pobegushka on the night city like “Patrol“. It is real patrol! It will be with your real life.

So be careful! But, however, you will guide the movement.

And we pass to the following type - the Sweetheart.