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Failures bothered? Begin to think positively!

U of each of us happened in life pleasant events which happened absolutely unexpectedly. When somewhere at heart there was a strong wish for something, but you drove from yourself these thoughts as something impracticable, and suddenly something occurs!

For example, it can be a gift which you wanted long ago, work of which it was only possible to dream, travel on which there were neither means, nor opportunities, love which existed for others, but not for you in any way...

Why often we, unfortunately, “attract“ to ourselves negative events? For example, you very much were afraid that at you will hijack the car, and, despite of any alarm systems, all - took away its. Well or not so sad example: you very much are afraid to catch a cold, and as you muffle up, the illness overtakes you sooner or later. Being going to make some important issue, you think over ten possible ways of negative succession of events in advance to provide various options of protection, but the eleventh option which you did not provide is actually realized, and business all the same fails. Familiar situations?

Try “to rummage“ a little in the memory. Remember two - three cases from the life when you broke some important issue (appointment, purchase, a trip, work, etc.) also try to remember what was the course of your thoughts on the eve of this event what options of development of the situation you mentally scrolled and according to what scenario it developed actually. Having compared all this, you for certain will come to such conclusion: everything that happens to you, occurs not without your participation! Almost everything that happens to you, anyway, was mentally allowed in advance or is even planned by you.

The person himself programs to himself a lack of means and the corresponding life, and so far he will not want to leave this state, nobody will help it.

Take yourself for the rule and begin to think positively. Always and everywhere! All know such expression: “Everything that becomes - becomes to the best!“ In any negative there is the positive. It is just necessary to look at a situation from the different parties. And in general, for a start begin with elementary:

Present yourself in thoughts as you would like to feel in reality: healthy, beautiful, rich, happy...

If the responsible meeting is necessary to you and you are afraid to receive negative result, consider mentally positive options of succession of events. And you can imagine difficulties of a current of this meeting: it can pass not in a friendly situation, but always come to an end favorably for you!

Predict not negative, but positive options of permission of events. If you predict a positive current of events in advance, then the probability of such outcome will sharply increase.

If you are full of fears, can not doubt: what you are afraid of, almost for certain will occur. Because the fears and doubts you “attracted“ to yourself unsuccessful combination of circumstances.

What more intensively and the positive options will be more diverse, the quicker the desirable event will take place in reality. Of course, provided that you will not only dream, but also to take some real steps and actions.

Through a certain amount of time of purposeful reflections you will create an event necessary to you. Sometimes in life there are absolutely sad events, for example, the fire, theft, accident, etc. In such cases it is necessary to try to understand what your thoughts or acts allowed to arise this situation what lesson is given you by it. Most likely, you will find in the past offense on some people or on life in general, condemnation, envy or something like that. Be exempted from them, forgive all who as it seems to you, offended you or did not correspond to your idea of human advantages, and sad events pass you.

One more important point: it is necessary to choose one from a set of desires (or several uniform) and to direct sincere efforts to approach of this of result, desired for you.

Try to choose and formulate no more than three most significant for you wishes. Write down them. From time to time come back to them to decide what of them the most important. Even after the choice of one, most important purpose, you should not lay down on a sofa and to wait when it is reached.

Positive reflections need to be supported with the corresponding practical steps. And my practical advice - make to yourself the card of desires. Believe, it works - my personal and successful experience.

Happiness to you and a positive on your course of life! Here it is direct from this second let`s think positively together, and believe, life will answer you with the same positive!