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How it is correct to place life priorities?

my friend Ania, fashion - the editor of one of capital TV channels, was in rage. At herself at office she took a dislike to one employee long ago - for too well-groomed and expensive appearance, a faultless hairdress, a make-up and elegant handbags. Certainly, as well as at all offices since the movie “Office romance“, this girl was a secretary.

In our realities it had a salary in three and a half thousand hryvnias. To a boiling point Ania was brought by the next new thing of the secretary - the boots shown with blurts “absolutely could not be put on, here bought, today I will go to a party“. And with not less carelessly not remote price tag which read off scale for one and a half thousand euros.

“As so, - Ania complained, - I, the person with education, I work as a horse, and she sits, paints nails for days on end and does nothing! As so - I, turn out, it is worse than some secretary - I have no boots for one and a half thousand euros!“

Actually, many girls on a top - positions in a professional rank ask the same question from time to time. Personally it seems to me that in this case improper categories are compared.

The biathlonist will not begin to complain that he was overtaken by the skater in spite of the fact that it well shoots. As well as the driver of BMW will not be upset that “six“ costs cheaper. Chicken - that is not able to float as a duck. And the eagle does not worry that he has no such magnificent plumage, as at an ostrich.

Unless at professionally successful girls or women in the list of life priorities the inscription burns with the capital neon letters “boots for one and a half thousand euros“? It is sure, it is not there. But there are accurate inscriptions bronze on marble: “Professional ambitions“, “Creative realization“, “Deserved glory“ and, I will not be afraid of these words, “The world domination“. Then why many worry what they have no boots for one and a half thousand euros?

Actually, efforts bring only those results to which they (efforts) were directed.

For example if you wanted to do career - you do career. Sooner or later, in the presence of desire and talent, you begin to be appreciated as the expert, to listen to your recommendations, to invite in eager rivalry, to quote your blog in mass media. As for above-mentioned Ania, one my familiar young lady with deep aspiration admitted that one of glossy magazines buys only from - for her columns. At this moment I felt pride inflow that we with Ania are on a good footing.

Whether there was all this if she did not seek to do career, and would like to herself boots? It is not sure. That is, perhaps, it would also do career to receive a bonus boots. But it as it became clear, too long and okolisty way. Perhaps, in a decade she will become the head of own television station, and then it will have a full case of boots. No, it will allocate the special wardrobe room only under boots. No, it will have the biggest collection of boots in the world. Boutique of boots. Museum of boots. So can be, just it was worth bending all efforts to receiving boots, passing the intermediate stages?

My friend is a writer recently offered idea for a series of comic books or comic series. The idea is as follows: “Faces the main character a task - to find something and to bring it to the king. The hero learns where there is a required subject. But it turns out that the road is known there only by one person therefore the hero has a new task - to learn from him the road. That agrees to reveal secret only in exchange for a skin of a dragon. And here before the hero a new task - to get a skin of a dragon …“

I so indefinitely, each time moving away from the purpose. In my opinion, it is very indicative the problem of statement of tasks and achievement of results is formulated.

And the secretary - the blonde wanted boots initially and beheld the simplest and easy way to mastering by them. Let`s not sort now what - it is sure, she`s fine and easily it develops on this way. Ill-wishers will see a shadow of the bald dad with a paunch, but I personally trust in all best and I consider that the young beautiful girl receives gifts from the young beefy athlete. Or inherited a fortune of the American uncle. Or won in a pitch-and-toss. Or just it has rich parents. Yes you never know ways to such trifle, as boots for one and a half thousand!

And she quite comfortably feels in the chosen form. Perhaps, its mission and the purpose - to save the beauty the world within one, separately taken office? And besides, dear careerists, you never learn that the secretary about and your pits, life, outlook and so on thinks. Perhaps, she would exchange all boots of the world for one day in your skin.