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Whether it is necessary to the woman... mind?

Whatever said that people only spoil everything objectively to achievements of mankind nest numbers. Once you remember antibiotics, mobile phones, flights in space, liquids for a permanent wave or series “Theory of a Big Bang“, heart of any inhabitant of Earth has to be overflowed with lawful pride of own progressiveness.

Among other progress of mankind can be mentioned that still just two hundred years ago at women existence of immortal soul was not supposed, and we have the suffrage less century - though thanks to intense struggle which remember only in day On the Eighth of March.

And the strangest that during an era when the intelligence directs practically all processes, the chorus of voices is still distributed that mind is not necessary to the woman. At once the Victorian era when the woman was a dumb doll which was not educated, opportunities for self-expression is remembered, for example. Its role was - to decorate with itself a drawing room between a lomberny little table and a canape and in time to dispose to servants about tea and cigars.

And if concerning electricity, practically anybody has cars and mobile communication no objections - will come to nobody to mind to appeal to use a splinter, to go by horses or to transfer messages by the nodular letter, or to scribble on birch bark, then concerning need to the woman clever everything to be not so unambiguous. Many on the Internet and in life ache that with pleasure would return to the past and that all grief only from female mind.

Many of us heard repeatedly that female mind is absolutely harmful option of which it is worth getting rid in school days. And if it is not possible, then it is necessary to hide carefully or, at least, to mask under erudition. Type how to hide under free clothes the hanging stomach or ugly volumes on hips, and wrinkles on a forehead - under a thoughtless bang.

And it is fine if it was declared by the burned haters of equality of women, one hand swinging a plow, and in another having strong clamped the “Domestic tyranny“ read to holes! I was struck recently, having seen this statement - literally “do not try to be clever, mind only harms the woman“ - on the popular website devoted to psychology, questions of a family and development of feminity. Among really efficient things which in forces to set straight not one needing council, such strange spoon of tar which at once spoiled all quite good content and set thinking on the identity of the author suddenly hid.

I at all not against feminity development. On the contrary, only for that women understood that their mission is not only pans - borsch - carpets - the market - products - a toilet bowl - the person - hostesses. And opposite, feminity is a visit of Spa - salons, massages, the cosmetologist, the fashionable hairdresser, fitness, female yoga, reading spiritual literature and even leopard prints on clothes and a list on nails. At the same time mind existence does not contradict personal care and self-development in any way.

But opponents of female mind consider that it can frighten off the man: and suddenly the man, God forbid, will not feel the master of the situation condescending to the woman! Suddenly it will turn out that it in something is better than it!

From such one-sided perception of women bears a medieval patriarchal ditch, a such bog in which women are perceived only as appendages for men. Did not find to itself the man in any way - be kind, adapt, hide mind, do not earn more (I remind, other popular belief says that men do not love well-founded, strong-willed, successful - and so up to too beautiful). Stoop, do not sparkle eyes, be in a stupor and silly giggle - and there will be to you real Female happiness from capital letter.

The opinion about so-called female wisdom which consists in manipulative practicians, blackmail and ability, besides, to cave in and pretend to be is still popular. But I dare to claim that, pretending to be, the woman becomes not herself at all - not real. Also attracts, respectively, the same artificial man, that is the diffident loser.

Real men take pride that near them the clever, successful, beautiful woman, but not concern that it in something surpasses it. Real men rejoice to progress of the half, but do not envy. Real men consider that, developing itself, the woman helps to develop of

A artificial are not necessary to us!