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What Korean artist painted pictures on evangelical plots?

Christianity in Korea began to extend rather recently - hundred thirty years ago. Traditional Korean art did not begin to adapt to a framework of graphic skill of the Western world, and the beautiful and at the same time traditional current - the Korean iconography of biblical scenes as a result turned out.

of Vunbo of Kym Ki - Chiang was born in 1914 in Seoul. At the age of eight years Vunbo got sick with typhus, as a result of an illness he completely became deaf and partially remained mute. Somehow to occupy and entertain the boy, mother began to train him in drawing art. Through persistent work, long-term practice, it became one of outstanding Korean artists and the master who managed to represent extraordinary expressively Christ in a situation familiar to each Korean.

Virgin Mary in Vunbo Kim`s pictures is written dressed in hanbok (dress), on Iosif - traditional Korean Ghat (hat). Christ is represented in clothes of the Korean scientist of a dynasty Choson. The nature, household items, architecture, clothes - all Korean; lines of persons - too. But it is executed at the highest art level transferring by a time several strokes mood of a plot.

Drawing drawing on paper ink demanded from the artist of a certain level of skill. And Vunbo of Kym Ki - Chiang for several decades of works seized it in perfection, having presented apogee of the creativity - evangelical plots.

During the Korean war (1950 - 1953) the artist with a family was forced to disappear in the house of the mother-in-law. Only work on biblical themes calmed him during “the Korean agony“. Living it is exclusive drawing, Vunbo of Kym Ki - Chiang saw a dream once, as if he embraces legs of Christ who is trained for burial.

Vunbo of Kym Ki - Chiang had difficulties to find materials and paints for work on the following pictures. The mayor of Seoul, having learned about it, brought all necessary for the artist of Japan. In a year the master painted thirty pictures, having captured thereby mortal life of Christ - from the birth before revival. “I put a lot of effort to represent Christ, - Vunbo Kim shared later the experiences, - it has to be the global figure. Christ is that person who, thanks to power of the spirit, is above classes and faiths“. In 1954 the exhibition of works of Kim making success at public took place.

Evangelical plots were also presented at the exhibition of 1984 dated for century of distribution of Christianity in Korea. Then the artist wrote the essay explaining from where there was a desire to consecrate history of life of Christ. “I tried to inform the pictures Koreans of life experience of Christ, - the master explained. - Also I think that represented noble self-sacrifice and spirit of Christian love it is quite successful“.

The artist Vunbo of Kym Ki - Chiang died in old age in 2001, having left behind huge art heritage - cloths of biblical scenes, a set of images of plants and animals, landscapes in which found display of understanding by the master of beauty of this world.