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The Stockholm syndrome of

at anybody, probably, will not turn seriously to praise highly language that huge and through today inconsistent geopolitical education which remained in our memory under slightly pretentious name the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics. This antipathy is quite explainable. Personally I too never especially missed the homeland which rested in the early nineties.

But there were there, however, also things about which now and to ponostalgirovat not a sin. And it is not the salaries many times exceeding today`s on the purchasing power at all. And even the rates of development of science, culture, education which were not advancing all planet … Not about such trifles the speech.

The main thing here, at my amateurish look, all - public consciousness. Of that time and present.

In those far memorable times the vast majority of the population, though approved for show a policy of the party and the governments, being afraid at other behavioural reactions of all of consequences, bad for itself, but at least any illusions, concerning this policy, amused itself. Also perceived the events quite adequately. Without deciding to take out, however, this adequacy out of limits of own kitchens and there observing the maximum care.

There were years. The people, it seems, remained they are migratory processes, despite all the scale, should not have brought as in any way - or essential changes in a gene pool - but here outlook …

Ya still I can understand the ninetieth - general euphoria and readiness to be reconciled, on this wave, with the most terrible stains like privatization, a pyramid of state credit obligations and so on and so forth. Successfully inspired in people that their total poverty, lack of work, medical care, months-long delays of salaries, the frank gangsterism prospering everywhere - is no other than remnants of their damned Soviet past. And that eradication of these remnants - business of the next years, if not months. I also some time consoled in similar illusions of … Is blessed, as they say, who believes.

Here only the belief at any reasonable being is based at least and on shaky and unreliable, but the base. Otherwise, the being it to reasonable cannot be carried well in any way.

I do not think that for nearly a quarter of the century which flew by from the moment of death of the USSR from the base of trust mentioned above to the Post-Soviet power there could be though some ruins. It, this power, discredited not only itself long ago, but also in general concept “power“, per se. Having made it equivalent to the concept “gang“.

But horror of a situation not in it. The thieves` power, at desire, very big on that, can always be thrown out on a history garbage can. As the same Slavic Ukraine proved to us on the example. Another is terrible … Still quite recently, having read in the press or having noticed out of the corner of the eye on the grown hateful zombie-box the reading off scale rating of Putin and his accomplices, I only contemptuously grinned. It was difficult even to imagine that against the total lies streaming on defenseless audience “from each iron“ the truth shred can slip at least. It appears, can.

Day by day, with escalating alarm, I continue to note the inexplicable changes affecting more than considerable part of mine, never before not suffering from defects of intelligence, acquaintances.

- Fascists!. Banderovites!. - saliva, apparently, here - here will scatter to me in an ear from the receiver when I in the course of conversation with one former fellow student on institute incidentally touch upon the Ukrainian subject.

- From where you, Vadik, know who there actually is who? And in what there in general a question essence?. You and in Ukraine - that never were …

- As from where?!. - my interlocutor gets excited, - on the TV show!.

- At the time of our childhood on the TV showed much more fascinating transfer - “On a visit at the fairy tale“ was called … But you will not claim that all events described there ever took place in objective reality?.

Similar dialogues begin to bother with the regularity and monotony already recently. To argue and someone wants to prove something less and less. It is necessary to recognize obvious: marasmus won this country finally and irrevocably, having affected not so peculiar to it before age groups, and a rating of a Putin clique not fictitious.

Not so long ago I bring, by own car, three, more than intelligent and educated, women of middle age, a vpolukh listening attentively to their mezhdusoboysky conversation. From the main discussed questions: a situation with just “privatized“ Crimea. Fellow travelers are surprisingly unanimous in the excited approval of this sverkhbespredelsky Putin “hop - foot“. Seldom when among women in general similar unanimity is observed.

- But same banal gangsterism, - I at last do not maintain so perverted perception of reality and I decide to put in conversation.

In reply I receive the whole series of the indignant exclamations:

- What gangsterism?!. In the same place there was a referendum!.

- The Crimea always was ours!

- The people solved everything!.

- Putin is the good fellow.

- It was necessary to peredavit all hokhlobenderovets in general!.

Notice, these statements belonged not to homeless outcasts, with three classes of education and one and a half crinkles in the head.

- Well … - I continue, - let there really there was a referendum … And even not under barrels of automatic machines, according to my relatives in Ukraine, and on quite voluntary basis … Let`s allow … It turns out what I, having the property right to the land plot in six hundred parts, can hold a referendum, among the family there tomorrow, and by a majority vote bring the kitchen garden belonging to me out of structure of the most inefficient in the world of a psychiatric clinic, under the name Russia?. Or to me nobody it will allow to make everything?. How you think?.

In inside of the car for several seconds the ominous silence hangs. It is necessary to answer the question most:

- I here merky that my referendum will not - have any validity as the right of the state for the territory always prevails over the right of separate individuals even if and

owning this territory on absolutely legal grounds … Summing up some results of the aforesaid, will risk to be terrified to what I turned today still quite recently if not great, then quite worthy a decent place in the sun the people into. The huge, multinational people which got in hostages to an insignificant small group of the unscrupulous morons usurping not only the official power but also - that, certainly, it is much more terrible - the power over human minds. Power over the most intimate thoughts and desires. Power over common sense.

What occurs in modern Russia, in due time, at the suggestion of the criminalist Niels Beyerot received, become nominal, the name “Stockholm Syndrome“. Here only, to this day, in the history of mankind it was never impossible to apply this term in relation to the population whole - and enough - we will note, rather big - the countries …