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How to define the woman`s type? The fox of white

Exists direct interrelation between appearance of the person and his character, reaction speed, temperament, ways of manipulations with people. Both the Chinese ancient physiognomists, and the practicing psychiatrists of the XX century knew about it. At women 11 face types and, respectively, 11 types of characters turn out.

Fox Type white. World behind the looking-glass. Mysticism and Insidiousness. At the Fox the triangular sharp face is obligatory. The pointed chin. Fair hair. Features are small. Introvert.

As though for the lower part of the person there was not enough material at the nature. It some scanty and faded. Usually small growth and fragile constitution. Narrow hips. Small handles and legs...

The fox “knows the znayka“, that is thinks the thought. In the people it is called “canny“. She is interested only that in the world that has a direct bearing on it. It is possible to drag off it in the mink or not. The dwelling at Lys is a concourse of any necessary and unnecessary knickknacks and jewelry, photos of the Fox on pillows and on a wall, and even in a toilet. Everywhere in its apartment you can contemplate: “It I - the Fox - in Hawaii“ - a wall panel with a photoshoot of the last tour. A heap of any teas, svechechek also aromamaset. Everything has to humour and please the Fox. She very much loves the mink and everything drags there. Studies it since the childhood.

The nature regretted on a young fox of biological material, but the fox with the true wisdom generously endowed. Knowledge. Maintaining. Lys is an ideal yogist or the Buddhist. Wisdom at the Fox since the birth. It is a transcendental object. What the psychic doctor Konovalov persistently calls for: glance in yourself, understand yourself, remain with yourself alone, fall in love with yourself and only itself - all this esoteric nonsense which other subspecies reach annual trainings - at the Fox simply to eat.

To it - it is given . Such impression that the Fox is a small Universe. It is in itself . Nobody ever will understand that at the Fox on mind. Never to read her thoughts - it is closed by seven seals. When you look in her face, you will come across a wall which does not start up inside - there its den. There it is impossible.

Foxes are great doctors and cosmetologists, psychics, massage therapists are makeup artists … They succeed everywhere where it is necessary to glance deep into matters, or deep into human soul.

Envy at the Fox is deprived by an emotional component. It is transparent and cold as artificial diamond. The fox sees the purpose - foreign good: either a position, or firm, or the apartment, or the car, or the husband - also waits for night that to eat him. Cold and quietly. The word “others“ not in its lexicon. It is just the purpose. Hen house, so to speak. Also it is necessary to get there at night. That is: if the wife got sick or the relations in a family are not got on - right there in bushes the young fox will appear. Weak point in a fence - it is possible to take the man.

Or when the director of firm becomes angry and will expel the old devoted accountant, a shaggy storozhevogops because that became old. And - oh, a miracle! At its office the new accounting young fox appears - wait for trouble. Prepare skis, the director. You will be as the pastor Shlag to pass the Alps on skis in escape from the tax inspection. Also and with other property. The small predator waits for night - time when at someone it is bad either failures, or someone weakened. Then the little small animal of Lys is strong. The people call such cunning insidiousness. Well, can be. Ability to beat weak and lying is given since the birth too. Let it be called so.

At Bebeton taking of foreign husband is a brilliant blitzkrieg. Came, saw, won. The man does not even manage to realize that he left the former wife. And why at all never left - and and will not understand. Bebeton as a hurricane - is enough and carries away.

At the Fox other tactics. As at Kutuzov near Moscow. Long vymatyvaniye and opponent`s vymuchivaniye. With very good investigation. The fox finds out weaknesses of the opponent and quietly drips on a brain to the victim - for the present to “your“ husband. And then still will creep to you in a family and will arrange provocation... Will direct quarrel, will call by phone - will tell that your husband very much loves her and her children, or will throw the proof proving change of the husband. You will also begin the fire in own house. And then, as Napoleon, you will stand and look at remains of own nest.

Often the husband loves the former wife more and continues to love her, even when leaves to the Young fox. But Fox cutlets and unpretentiousness, ease of the relations and flattery: “My beloved“, “My dear husband“ - creeps in heart as the snake, and, having been curtailed a ball, already from there does not get out. Any sincere talk, there is a lot of flattery, is not present - A LOT OF FLATTERY, and it`s done.

So be on friendly terms with Foxes carefully. Know with whom you deal, tea, a wild animal... Predator!