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On the way to dream: how to overcome internal restrictions?

Dream. Dream … What to begin with to make it realized? The conscious way to implementation of the dream which in process of advance will gradually be transformed to implementation of personally created project begins with understanding that it is quite real task even if first it seems to you impracticable.

As a rule, not so external circumstances from which most of people main most often is called lack of financial means, and internal contradictions connected with manifestations of negative thinking and a condition of social helplessness prevent to achieve desirable result to us.

Helplessness is formed in a family in the childhood and shown as refusal of actions owing to interruption of game or any other activity of the child by adults.

The brightest signs of negative thinking are:
- negative forecasts when future events are drawn by us in negative light;
- violation of the forecast when we do not see logical communication between action and result;
- superficial generalizations when on one concrete sign the conclusion about all phenomenon is drawn;
- perfectionism when the aspiration to make any work as an ideal image directs us;
- is black - white perception when we see only one party of the phenomenon and we do not recognize existence another.

How the negative thinking and a condition of helplessness rips possible implementation of our dream in the bud? Let`s begin with the fact that the person who suffers from these symptoms simply does not grant to himself the right fully to dream. At many people the word “dream“ is associated with something impracticable therefore dream in itself is considered waste of time. This belief is transferred from parents to children and supported in dependent society by the state as restrictions in freedom and the choice allows to operate people easier. As a result of people refuses to undertake something in advance, expecting to receive obviously negative result. The negative forecast is formed.

Whether I will be engaged in implementation of the dream even if I do not grant to myself the right to dream? It is obvious what is not present. Try to dream within 20 minutes without any restrictions? What you dream of? How many points in your list? Write not less than 10 - ti!


Whether I will achieve the dream, having been sure of its failure in advance? Of course, no. What disturbs me? My negative thinking which sends me “rational“ arguments in favor of why this dream is impracticable. Here what is usually told beginning the way to dream:

- at me is not present and money for implementation of this plan is not expected; I have no
- time to be engaged in it; I have no
- allies for achievement of this purpose.

All similar arguments - fruits of negative thinking which have no relation to reality. Any competent practical work on drawing up the personal project and its subsequent successful realization are confirmation of insolvency of such arguments.

You do not trust?