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Turn out that calculations of our scientists are similar to calculations of celestial maps with cards ancient Shumerov.

It is possible to refer such concepts about the Universal heavenly sphere, a zenith and the horizon to these calculations, about division of a circle into 360 degrees, and also about a heavenly belt within which planets (a zodiac cycle) rotate if it was applicable to twelve to the Zodiac belt and division of time. What gave the name and graphical representation of a zodiac circle.

They made the same exact calculations which were made by Shumerami a napodob of the Lunar calendar which differs from our calendar for 0,4 seconds.

In places of excavation, archeologists found about 1000 drawings and texts which belong to such sciences as astronomy and astrology.

On one of these plates the Solar system in the form of the cylindrical press was represented. In the left part of the press we see the image of the Sun, surrounded, different planets.

On the thirteenth of March, 1930 the English astronomer was opened for them by Clyde Tomb such planet as Pluto. Just the planet Pluto there was an izobrazhyona on astronomical cards Shumerov, near Jupiter.

But still there is “a white spot“ that a certain planet of Ga - ga which allegedly is as the satellite of planets Uranium and Saturn.

As a result this 12 - a thuja the planet it is gradually forced out on edge of solar system and it is possible to see it, only if to fly up closely to the Sun.

Still there is one difference from Sumer cards where the plan the Eider is between Mars and Jupiter.

It is huge, a celestial body, having the extended epileptic orbit and passing in one branches around solar “disk“ in 3600 years.

About Nibira, according to Sumer texts, on our planet of profit the first Anunaki that means how “Descended from Heaven to Earth“.

In a chapter 6, “Genesis“, it is told how about Nefilim that from Hebrew it is translated as well as at Shumerov, “descended, from heaven“

Then in the bible many stories about meetings of people with aliens exist.

Here one of such stories, told by the Bible (Number 13:34).

They are called by Alaky, by descendants Anakov from Nepheline.

When steel will breed on Earth, and daughters were born at them and then God`s Sons came to them and took them to themselves in wives, and children began to be born from them.

It were strong and nice people.

You ask from where at Shumerov such data?

In the works of Shumera claim that all the knowledge, they received from Anunakov.

Anunaki came to us on the planet in 120 years prior to the Flood (according to chronology Shumerov, and 445 years according to our chronology).

Having come to us from the planet to Nibir, they were settled on coast of the Persian Gulf, in the delta of the rivers of the Tiger and Efrat.

Anunaki arrive to us to Earth many times with time interval in 3600 years.

Sichin assumed that Anunaki was completely settled by natural reserves of the planet. They had to leave the planet and to look for another for the coexistence. Mother Earth was such planet.

For operation of the aircraft Anunakam was required a large supply of gold, ore and diamonds.

They found such fields on Hugo - East Africa.

And on excavation and legends Shumerov, here, in these mines the working workers lifted mutiny as work was “infernal“. According to historians it occurred 300 000 years ago. And then the scientist, anunak, Ea and the physician Ninti, made genetic experiment, as a result, what on the earth the new sort HOMO SAPIENS appeared.

Homo sapiens.

It turns out so that Anunaki is our primogenitors, and we are their “children“. Let`s return to Sumer letters where it is said that in South Africa actually gold mining and diamonds was conducted. So for that period of time find such things as bolts, nuts, balls, tubules there and it is a lot more different objects from gold, Notice from gold, and it is a lot of traces from soles of legs. Any person will ask in those days what can be footwear?

In 1970 large mining English - American - the corporation, employed archeologists, for the fact that they to find and define age of objects and mines which belonged to this corporation.

For what, all this?

The answer is simple, for to specify the directions of drilling of wells.

In Swaziland and others, parts to South Africa many sites and mines of 20 meters in depth were revealed. Many any objects including stone axes were found in these mines.

And age of these finds?

Well for example at peak Lyon makes, 20 - 26 thousand years B.C.

In Zvezilende - 35, 41, 46, 50 and 60 thousand years B.C.

According to our English scientists of Bolsher and Beau monde, the real age of finds in Swaziland, makes most likely 70 - 80 thousand years B.C.

According to the report on the carried-out work, archeologists, assumed that the settlements of Swaziland and Zvazelend make from 70 000 to 80 000 thousand years B.C.

Just the same mines which were drilled in the thickness of Earth it is found, many kilometer mines, in South America.

So on Nostradamus`s prediction, Anunaki will be to Earth in 2016 again. So for what wait!!!