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How the hit of group of MUMMIES the TROLL was written “Flow away“?

After very unexpected success of AGATHA CHRISTIE to young and terribly “pimply“ Russian show - business were over what to become thoughtful. The new Post-Soviet generation urgently needed the fate - idols. Whatever one may do, and fate - music even on purely formal signs is very conformable to mood of youth with her rebelliousness, with her desire to shock, with her need for cult leaders.

Anyway, but much were bothered by tavern three chords with a rhyme “again - blood - love“. Generally “the girl ripened“, and in heroes persistently offered her Titomira, Agutin, Meladze, HANDS UP. Those still heroes … Here also many young people of the same CINEMAS, AKVARIUM, DDT, ALICE, NAUTILUS continued to listen though tired 40 - summer uncles reminded grown wise teachers of life more now, than interlocutors “as equals“. The new hero new “fate - the Renaissance“ was necessary … Ilya Lagutenko with the group of MUMMIES the TROLL became

Will of destiny the “pioneer“ who punched an alienation wall. The group, however, was not too new, there was it in 1983. But, in - the first, it appeared far - in Vladivostok, in - the second, especially nobody knew about it, and, in - the third, to 1990 - m to years the group practically stopped the existence: Ilya left at first to China, and then to London.

However one of the former participants of TROLLS - Leonid Burlakov - did not lose hope for revival. In 1996 he sold out almost all the property and convinced Lagutenko to write down a new album on this money. And here in the summer - in the fall in the same London two “trolls“ with sessional English musicians bring an album “Sea“ then try to push it on the historical homeland into world. At first both firms of record, and radio with TV turned up the nose at strange group with unintelligible texts. But soon the situation cardinally changed … Ilya Lagutenko actually was not much better or worse than

other fate - the performers dragging miserable existence in the country “wild show - business“. At the end of 1980 - x when there was a need for social rebels, MUMMIES the TROLL with the tongue-tied texts and an erotic aping and miaow could hardly count on recognition.

To the second half of 1990 - x the situation changed. The new generation was eager for something unusual, extremely stylish, vigorous, but at the same time not straining the sermon of any ideas. So there was the fact that Lagutenko christened as “ðîêîïîïñ“ - such fate - the music of an era of “mannerism“ which is not loading in many respects secondary (but with couple of original “counters“) and moderately available. By the way, against the subsequent rokopops - a wave (the DANCES MINUS, BI - 2, ChIChERINA, etc.) MUMMIES the TROLL looks unlike more original, at least in respect of a tekstovka and manner of performance.

Once long ago the master fate - journalism Artemy Troitsky in the encyclopedia devoted MUMMIES to the TROLL only couple of lines in which he told that the group is designed for teenagers, and Lagutenko possesses “charm of the plastic boy“. Then it was remembered with an easy reproach to Troitsky supposedly did not make out geniuses! And Artemy in the main thing - that appeared the rights … the song with Ukrainian became

the First hit of MUMMIES of the TROLL - a domestic word “Flow away“, the unclear maniac and “a couple of simple and young people“. Lagutenko suggested to begin promotion with other songs - “Girl“ and “Speed“, but the letting-out firm did not agree.

I. Lagutenko:
“the Song “Flow away“, probably, one of those songs when you write it, you believe in her at once. And here I when composed these “la - la - la“; “flow away“, I understood, of course, that all this is simple, but it seemed to me that it from the category of that is simple which if it is not ingenious, then almost. Though I admit honestly, to none of my friends with whom we wrote down a plate, then it did not seem thus, until until we finished data studio. The song on our such primordially Russian choice is constructed and, in - the first, at us doubts were deep that the English guitarist will play this “÷îñ“ therefore it was necessary to explain. He wanted to make somehow more beautifully, but could, could, eventually. And to enter there a saxophone, too there was my such mad idea. Well and it everything turned out. Eventually, any of keyboard players cannot repeat these keyboard games which I played one finger of studios because they think, it is necessary to insert something and why still: here it - “a pas - a pas - a pas“ - that`s all“.

the Cheerful and simple melody would hardly cause such boom if it had no bright, cute and plastic performer. Lagutenko was, I will repeat, very stylish, since appearance and clothes and finishing, noncommittal, with texts (nevertheless, creating feeling of a certain jabber and originality). They though consisted of familiar words, but made impression of the same muffled babble, as “Hara Mambura“, in them all laws of inducement and an accent were broken. It was the continuous set of associations strengthened by an insinuating voice of the experienced temper. The manner of singing by places reminded tongue-tie of AUKTsYON group (as well as a manner of BI groups - 2, 7 - B and the SANSARA). certain chaotic ripples on a brain surface were
in general it. Lagutenko spoke: “About what my songs? And you listen. I also do not know“. the Texts, a voice and Ilya`s image (multiplied in hundreds of times on active by media - promotion) - provided MUMMIES to the TROLL success, a little abnormal on scales.

I. Lagutenko : “the Album “Sea“ we did
only for ourselves, and as a result it became popular. Perhaps in it there is also a homespun truth of life: it is necessary to do pleasantly for itself, and then it will turn out pleasantly and for others?“

However we will return to “Flow away“. Also stylish memorable clip was necessary for full promotion of a song. Mikhail Hleborodov undertook to remove it, and as envisioned “maniac“ - Ilya had to … cut in front of a chamber the girl Nastya nalyso. Subsequently the scene with the razor will win the prize “The Best Shot of Year“ at the Generation - 96 festival.

I. Lagutenko:
“… I many times met since then the bald girl, her I do not learn every time because since then more bald it does not appear. It was Hleborodov`s idea about scissors and the razor that I owe it alive, directly in the clip, so to say, in real time cut. … The matter is that I was able to use scissors, and in army cut many companions, did them a fashionable hair. Therefore as to hold scissors I knew, the machine was awful as now I remember, the girl shouted and squealed, it, to the poor thing, got there, of course“.

further the same girl (now bald) will appear in the following clip - “Kot Kot“. And Ilya once again will confirm the image of the hairdresser - murderers in to / f “Night watch“ where will be active scissors in a body of the actor Khabensky.

The song “Flow away“ it will be immortalized in the name of sound recording firm “Flow Away the Sound Recording“, on it will shoot one more video in animation anime style, and Lagutenko will begin to joke concerning “an official funeral“ of the first hit.

I. Lagutenko:
“The seaside logging enterprise contacted us with the offer … They have remains of a qualitative red oak, Manchurian. And they are ready to allocate us a quantity for coffins. Woodcutters already cut red boards …“.

Anyway, MUMMIES the TROLL not only itself left to “star“ spheres of the Russian show - business, but also put to orbit still an assembly of groups, thereby having returned fate - music a demand and a possibility of comfortable existence.