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How the hit about the passenger looking out of the window was written? To birthday of Iggy Pop of

In fate - music there are songs which primitiveness and simplicity teeters on the brink of genius. If to the person with classical musical taste to scroll a song of “The Passenger“ (“Passenger“), then he will have feeling of extreme bewilderment - as it is possible to call the song great if in it only four girdled chords and almost total absence of what is called interesting arrangement? And in own way it will be right.

of the Classical musician for such “music“, most likely, would be showered with rotten tomatoes. But in that is continually that a basis fate - music - not quantity of chords and a musical delicacy (which, of course, are not cancelled), but that power message which has to stir up the listener. And not to take away it from the song “The Passenger“. That to chords, on the same sequence it is possible to write many other songs - for example, “Everything goes according to the plan of“ CIVIL DEFENCE or “A presentiment of civil war“...

As for “The Passenger“, it, as we know, enters James Newell Ostenberg`s arsenal better known to the world as Iggy Pop. It is nice that he was one of the first real punks. At the end of 1960 - x as a part of THE STOOGES group of Iggy wrote wild three-accord songs, brawled on a scene, fought with public, cut itself on a scene the razor and invented the well-known jump in crowd (sometimes coming to an end with multiple injuries). Add to it continuous test on yourself any harmful substances, and then you will understand why Pop told once: “The biggest miracle on light is that I am still living“ .

However at the beginning of career of the singer these talents were not especially demanded. Fashionable punk style then was not yet, and primitive creativity of Iggy of enthusiasm did not cause in listeners. In fact, at the beginning of 1970 - x years Pop had only one influential admirer by the name of David Bowie. Bowie decided to reanimate creative career of Iggy who dismissed the group by then and vainly tried to recover in clinic from addiction to heroin.

It is necessary to tell, as David at that time sat on drugs. Therefore, having taken in Iggy`s armful, he goes to voluntary self-exile to the Western Berlin. Why he decided that the Western Berlin - the successful place for “clarification“ - is unclear, for this purpose Berlin east, socialist would approach much better.

Generally, children did not get rid of dependence, but wrote down two successful albums with the symbolical names “The Idiot“ (“Idiot“) and “Lust for Life“ (“Thirst of life“) which laid the foundation to the creative Renaissance of Iggy. Both albums left in 1977, the last was written actually after the first therefore in the course of its preparation the share of spontaneity and improvisation was big. For example, on a riff of a header song - “Lust for Life“ - Bowie was inspired by Morse alphabet sounds which the American news which are broadcast in Berlin opened. Subsequently this song will become one of the central themes of the popular movie of 1996. “On a needle“.

It is necessary to tell that Pop was not such a prolific songrayter. On an album personally only one song “Sixteen“ was written to them. The basis for the song “The Passenger“ to Pop was brought by the sessional musician - the Scottish guitarist of Ricky Gardiner. Ricky remembered that this guitar course jumped out at him itself when he sat under the blossoming apple-tree on a threshold of the rural house and jingled, enjoying in the fine spring morning. When Gardiner was on record to Pop, that at once asked - whether he has some material for a song. The discouraged guitarist began to play those treasured four chord, and Iggy right there sang on them not less plain contemplate text in style of the akyn - “What I see, I sing“.

I am a passenger, I remain behind glass, I watch
Ya through the window, there is so bright, I see
Ya how stars appear tonight,
Ya I see a bright and clear sky,
Passable on dirty back streets of the city,
I tonight everything looks perfectly. I sing
I: la of la of la, la - la - la - la...

(In “la - la - la“ - a refrain to Pop sang along with Bowie - S. K.)

The text was cast by Iggy`s trips in the Berlin subway. Also it is considered that the image was obtained from poetic lyrics of Jim Morrison who compared modern life to travel by car...

Generally, the album “Lust for Life“ was written down extremely vividly, according to Iggy - in only eight days. It did not prevent an album to occupy 26 - e the place in the USA and to become the most commercially successful in Pop`s creativity. It is interesting that in support of a plate only one single - “Succes“ where “The Passenger“ occupied 2 - yu the party was let out. It did not prevent the authoritative magazine “New Musical Express“ to call “Passenger“ by one of of “the most catching tracks of Iggy Pop“ .

Gradually, without special take-off and places in a hit - parades, “The Passenger“ there is one of the most sign songs of Igiya and classical a fate - the standard. It is executed by Pop`s character in a computer game of “Lego Rock Band“, it sounds in advertizing of the New Zealand telephone network where the musicians of group who are in different places sing the song by means of mobile communication.

“The Passenger“ sounds in a set of soundtracks, covers is written down even more. But the most memorable cover, for certain, is the version a post - the punk of SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES collective with pipes who very much was pleasant to the author. Thanks to the memorable clip and an unusual image of the singer Syuksi, many listeners for the first time heard “Passenger“ in this execution.