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Stuffed peppers. How to prepare this remarkable dish?

Terrible force these genes. Once, in those days, which, behind their prescription, sometimes it seems, as was not at all... But it - only seems. If to strain still light memory and to peer fixedly into the twilight of the past which is condensed somewhere far behind the back, then here … Here it, that old, distant time when all our family in which I was though full, but so far - the smallest component lived far - far …

On the whole 150 km to the north of the Polar circle. But on 140 km to the south of the Kara Sea! And it, by the way, - one of the coastal Seas Arctic Ocean.

Clear matter, giving in such conditions to get - it is extremely unprofitable. Therefore if who in our city also grew up something, so it is exclusively green onions on a feather. And that is not in an open ground. And even not in the greenhouse. On a window sill. And on vicinities firmly the dwarfish willows and birches pressed to the earth by ice cold polar wind, a cervine moss - a reindeer lichen, a meadow grass meadow and other useful, but low-edible plants well grew. Respectively, vegetables, fruit and all the rest to us to the city delivered from more southern places. Also delivered, frankly speaking, in decent quantities.

So September was month of paprika. Where it was only not sold! Both in shops, and from trays of exit trade on streets … Even in school cafeteria if very much to want, it was possible to buy a two-three of kilograms of fresh, it is characteristic and pryano the smelling sweet or as it at us still is called - paprika. From such mass expansion of this representative of family solanaceous September in our corner of the world from the first and till last day through became impregnated with that aroma which even if it is very strong to want, cannot be confused with any another.

Somehow it was so moved that in our family for the future this vegetable was not prepared. Therefore September for all of us became month of stuffed peppers. It prepared big - ten on one and a half - two fruits - pans. Volume kastryulention. Kastryulishchami! But, strangely enough, after their contents were eaten without remainder, and sauce of the last portion was cleaned from a plate bottom by a piece of a grain crumb, the saturation period and furthermore satiation, did not come. And to replace the first pan right there without what break, the second prepared, not less volume. Which, time has come, in turn, the third lended a hand.

And already on it, as a rule, September, and together with it and paprikas, reached a limit.

And nearly a year … It was necessary to wait for the whole eleven months - and when it comes, this surprisingly tasty festival of the stuffed paprika? But as slowly time was played, it surely came. At first to the city, on its wholesale vegetable warehouse, and then, transit through greengrocery or a tray of street trade - directly to us to the house.

I do not know, maybe, because once stuffed peppers were for me one of the most long-awaited, festive and tasty dishes, now at my younger it is impossible to breathe exactly in his party in any way? And from time to time she diligently reminds: “Fathers, and pepper?!“ Some time I still resist. But, as a rule, to days off I give up. Also I go to shop to buy everything that is required to prepare this remarkable dish with simple, but from that by not less tasty name - “stuffed peppers“ .

And it is required to us:

- ten fruits of paprika;
- 500 - 600 of mincemeat;
- 100 - 150 of rice;
- couple of averages by the size of napiform bulbs, one large carrot;
- one crude egg;
- 200 ml of low-fat cream;
- 50 - 70 g of ketchup;
- couple of tablespoons of vegetable oil, ground black and red pepper, salt - to taste.

First of all several times well we wash out rice, we fill in it with cold water in the ratio 1,5 volumes of liquid on 1 volume of grain and we put a pan on a plate. We bring rice to boiling and a two-three of minutes we allow it to boil violently. Then fire is diminished, we cover a pan and we wait even minutes 9 - 10. After that we switch off a plate, but we do not clean a pan from a ring. Let it will stand, and rice “will reach“ and will absorb in itself the moisture remains.

Well, and we have time to be engaged in onions and carrot. We clean them. We slice the first half rings, and the second we rub on a large grater. We warm a frying pan on a plate, we pour on it in vegetable oil, we give a little time to it to be heated and after that we begin to fry onions, constantly stirring slowly with its skimmer. Five for this purpose it is quite enough minutes. Then we add carrots to a frying pan and approximately the same time we fry already both vegetables together. Naturally, without forgetting though occasionally but to stir slowly frying pan contents that it - God forbid! - did not burn. And as well as carrots will be fried - we switch off fire under a frying pan.

Now should allow to cool down rice and roasting before adding them to forcemeat. But it does not mean that it is possible to do nothing. Time to be engaged in pepper came.

First of all we do an accurate cut around a fruit stem and we delete it. In the opening formed in pepper just there passes the teaspoon. With its help it is cleaned in a fruit the remains of seeds and fruit stems and we shake out them. We delete what did not want to be shaken out voluntarily forcibly, having washed out pepper cold water. Everything, they are ready for the subsequent farshirovka.

We prepare “filler“. For this purpose we mix the cooled-down rice with crafty - carrot roasting. We add to them forcemeat, crude egg, we pepper, prisalivay and again properly we knead everything. We stuff with the turned-out weight pepper, densely we stack them in a pan a stuffing opening up and we begin to be engaged in sauce.

In ketchup, more dense on a consistence, stirring slowly, slowly, before formation of homogeneous mass, we add cream. Prisalivayem sauce also we pour out it in a pan so that edges of stuffed peppers slightly acted over it. If it is not enough sauce, we dilute it, adding in a pan of cold water, we bring liquid to boiling, we diminish fire and we close our cooking capacity a cover.

It is necessary to wait for minutes forty, and on kitchen aroma, spicy, characteristic of stuffed peppers, will float. That, so well remembered to me since children`s times. And which, it is unexpected for me, suddenly it was not less pleasant already and for my children.

Terrible all - force these genes …