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Two girlfriends: who will be pleasant to you more? U. Thackeray, “The vanity fair“

One is obsessed with the purpose to marry favourably the oligarch or the high-ranking official, the second mild and respectable, all life loves the late husband (who was a drunkard and the idler) and rejects the noble officer in love with it.

the Ninny - the aristocrat behind whose money and a title hunting is open, the silly, but noble captain, the old man with a big state who is licking lips on very young young women …

you think, I describe new fashionable series? No, this work was published in the middle of 19 - go centuries in the English magazine “Punch“, became the present best-seller of that time and still, I think, it is interesting to readers.

Who did not read “A vanity fair“, I will try to interest those in this book. Who is familiar with it - welcome to discussion about the book in general and about the main characters in particular. It seems to me that not everything is so simple!

As it is accepted, we will educate readers concerning the main characters. Generally, Thackeray specified in a subtitle that it “The novel without hero“, but it is sure that it was made not because of a huge number of these heroes in the book and impossibility to allocate someone with the main thing. The author actually sympathizes with most of all negative heroine (to me it seems so) and is quite cold, and even with a jeer, describes the heroine positive. By itself, he did not risk to allocate “the bad girl“, here and decided to leave all on equal terms and to provide to the reader to choose - who is more nice?

All action of the novel turns around two girlfriends. Rebecca (ili Bekki) Crowley is the daughter of the become an inveterate drunkard artist and the dancer, without title, without money. But it has brains in its small head, a grip of steel, the cynical relation to life and furious desire to obtain everything it does not have that - a state, a title, situation in society. Everything that it has - it is beauty, knowledge of French and mind. The second - Aemilia Sedli, well-mannered, mild, modest, from noble (the truth, poor) families, well just dream, but not the companion of life at all times.

But we - that with you know, men of any era always pay attention to bright and impudent beauties, and decent modest women cry in a corner … Almost and it happened in “A vanity fair“: Becky after several unsuccessful attempts to enchant some aristocrat, at last, marries Rodon Crowley, the officer with the rich aunt. And Emma … Emma was fantastically lucky that a subject of her love, George Ozborn, just decided to salt to daddy and to marry not on his volition. Ozborn strongly is sorry then about the hasty decision, misses in the company of the wife, tries even to flirt with her girlfriend Becky and to persuade her to run away! Only the death in the war (action happens against war to Napoleon) left at the wife light memory of it and devotion “to a grave“.

The author used a classic method - two absolutely different persons, two complete antitheses are nearby and increase positive and negative qualities of each other.

Emma in poverty raises the son who was born after death of the husband, refuses the help of the father-in-law in education of the boy. Thank God, eventually, it has enough common sense to agree to give it to elite board and to transfer to care of the rich grandfather (or perhaps just already poverty finished who knows).

Rebecca seemingly perfectly settled - the husband at her such of which she dreamed, with a title, the personality, famous in light, here is only not enough money. But around the huge number of old rich lady`s men who are ready to make good contributions for “favor“ of the beauty turns. Lord Stein perfectly approaches for a role of “sponsor“, buys to Rebecca expensive jewelry, gives money for education of the son (at Becky the boy was born too), even enters it into society. As always, “the husband came at the wrong time“, and at Becky everything falls: the husband does not want to see it, the admirer on its attempts again to improve the relations even threatens, the woman is forced to wander across Europe in hope that to it will carry again and some “burdock“ will buy its beauty which is (already withering).

… And Emma everything will not forget the dissolute husband in any way and persistently rejects signs of attention of the major Dobbin who, perhaps, only in the novel has no negative qualities, well unless only silly appearance.

I remember when the first time read the book what only words mentally did not call Emma for her blindness! It is necessary to be such silly woman - practically to bury itself alive, admiring on portretik the late husband and watering him every day with tears and not to see near itself the real man! Thank God, the girlfriend, Becky, with the practical and sober mind could convince Emma that here she is true love and the true nobility, it is necessary to turn the head only!

, It seems, everything comes to an end for two heroines well. Becky, eventually, manages to marry again, receives a title and money, however, a little. Emma is happy with Dobbin, they have a fine family and the daughter is born. However

remains some reticence and an opportunity for a flight of fancy …... And what would be if Rodon Crowley then did not appear suddenly suddenly and did not find Becky with the lover?

... What if Ozborn did not include “donkey“ and would marry not Emma, and that which to it married off daddy?

... What would be if Becky did not bother silly devotion of the girlfriend of memory of the husband and it would not educate Emma who is who?

Still the huge number of heroes is present at the novel, everyone is interesting on the, the book is written in easy comic style and is read easily and today. And that, the fair of vanity continues also now! Provincials try to take storm the capital and expose on “auction“ the beauty in exchange for money. Decent girls suffer from the modesty and indecision. There are enough man, as always - what brightly shines, but do not notice true values in women...

And what you will tell about it?