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P. Sorokin`s destiny. Where Lenin objectivity?

V. I. Lenin left a set of literary material in heritage. Reading its articles is of a certain interest.

In November, 1918 the Pravda newspaper publishes Lenin`s article “Valuable recognitions of Pitirim Sorokin“ in which he reports that Pitirim Sorokin, privat - the associate professor of the St. Petersburg university and Psychoneurological institute, the former member of the Constituent assembly and the former party member of Social Revolutionaries, declared refusal of political activity. “The expired year of revolution, - Pitirim Sorokin writes, - taught me to one truth: politicians can be mistaken, the policy can be socially useful, but maybe is socially harmful, work in the field of science and national education is always useful, is always necessary to the people...“

In March, 1922. Lenin`s article “About value of militant materialism“ in which he writes was published in the Under the Marxism Banner magazine: “Recently sent me the Ekonomist magazine the 24th No. 1 (1922) published by the XI department of “Russian of technical society“ …. Certain P. A. Sorokin places extensive allegedly “sociological“ researches “About War Influence“ in this magazine. Scientific article dazzles with scientific references to “sociological“ works of the author and his numerous foreign teachers and associates“.

How to understand Lenin? Why Pitirim Sorokin, the former member of the Constituent assembly and the former party member of Social Revolutionaries, turned in certain P. A. Sorokina? And in the article Lenin branded “certain“ P. A. Sorokin as “the ideologist of reaction“, “the servant of priests“, “the defender of slavery“, “the leader of all reactionary intellectuals and the counterrevolutionary peasantry“ and so on...

Article came to an end with words: “The working class in Russia managed to win the power, but did not learn to use it yet because, otherwise, it politely would forward long ago similar teachers and members of scientific societies to the countries of bourgeois “democracy“. There to similar landlords the most real place“.

Lenin could not refuse ability to give own desires for will of workers and peasants. And here campaign of repressions against the scientific and creative intellectuals accused of the disloyal relation to the Soviet power began summer of 1922. Soon about 200 outstanding representatives of Russian intelligentsia were sent abroad. Much sent from the country openly spoke: or you leave the country, or you should sit very long. Among them there were thirty-three-year-old Pitirim Sorokin and his wife, Elena Baratynskaya who in September, 1922 forever left Russia.

The Russian scientist Pitirim Aleksandrovich Sorokin expelled from the country, having moved to the USA, became one of founders of the American sociology and deserved the greatest popularity from sent. In 1964 75 - summer Pitirim Sorokin is elected the chairman of the American sociological association, and after his death the American sociological association founded an annual award of Pitirim Sorokin for the best book on sociology.

… In 1924 in scientific business trip in the USA there was N. D. Kondratyev - the Russian economist and the sociologist. P. A. Sorokin suggested the friend of youth to remain - to teach in the USA at university of Minnesota. Kondratyev refused and returned to the USSR. In 1930 it was accused of “wrecking“ and it is arrested. It was condemned on 8 years of imprisonment in the matter of “A labor peasants party“. Served sentence in the Suzdal political insulator. In 1938 it is condemned repeatedly and shot …

Pitirima Sorokina was not fated to see Russia more. However he saw her eyes the younger son Sergey. On June 29, 2011 in Resurrection Cathedral of the Vologda Kremlin the presentation of the score and the disk “Divine Liturgies of Saint John Chrysostom“ written by Sergey Sorokin who arrived to Vologda on the presentation of a disk from far America … to

Sergey Sorokin took place is not a professional musician. Having received degree of the doctor of biology in Harvard, he was engaged in teaching and scientific work. However houses he studied church music. This hobby became part of his life. Having finished teaching and scientific work, Sergey Sorokin was engaged in to what his soul always lay, but there was always not enough time. Sergey`s parents, though did not differ in special religiousness, but raised the children in the spirit of respect for religion. The hobby of the son for music was supported also by mother who got music education in Russia and constantly played music …

at home... Nikolay Volsky (Pseudonym N. Valentinov) - the Russian publicist, the philosopher, the economist, the author of memories of Lenin noted: “To fulfill the thought, the wish planned by it the purpose of the next campaign to force members of its party to obey unconditionally to it, Lenin as the started motor, developed improbable energy... In the attacks, Lenin himself admitted it, he became “mad“. In its fighting campaigns by the enemy there could be a leader of populists - Mikhaylovsky, the Menshevik Axelrod, the party companion - Bogdanov... He without restraint hates all of them, wants “to give in a muzzle“, to stick “an ace of diamonds“, to offend, trample, despise. With such passion he made also October revolution and to incline the fluctuating party to seizure of power, did not hesitate to call its leading tops cowards, traitors and idiots“.

Whether it is necessary to be surprised after that to Lenin`s roughness in relation to professor Sorokin, the former Social Revolutionary …