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BAR M1918. Why this rifle call “an easy machine gun of Browning“?

are Called so that not to confuse to a heavy machine gun - Browning the Sq.m which is still on arms of the American army.

John Browning was an armorer from God and left behind great heritage. He created the automatic gun (Browning Haypauer, the Colt 1911, a TT, CZ - 75), an easel machine gun (Browning of Sq.m), the semi-automatic smooth-bore gun (Browning Auto - 5) and even a small-bore rifle with original system of loading (Browning Trombon).

Browning and in creation of an automatic rifle was marked out. And still as it was noted! Its rifle officially served in the American army from 1918 to 1957, and in general, was used in the military conflicts up to the end 20 worldwide - go centuries.

Development of the first automatic rifles was begun by engineers - armorers still at the end of 19 - go centuries when the first designs of lungs (served by one person) the machine guns were already created. And most sharply shortage of such weapon rose in World War I. Especially in the American army where there was no easy automatic weapon. So, when forming the American forwarding case for it 30000 easy machine guns of ShOShA of the French production and 2500 English machine guns Lewis were purchased. Also money for creation of the similar weapon in the USA is allocated. And here military department of the USA was inexpressibly lucky. The famous armorer John Browning presented on court of military the new development - an automatic rifle. There was it in 1917

Browning`s Authority was so great that practically without any tests the weapon went to production. Called it simple: BAR M1918 (Brauning Automatic Rifle - an automatic rifle of Browning obr. 1918. ). John Braunig created this weapon as the individual weapon of the infantryman. This rifle was taken advantage as an intermediate, temporary sample. Well, there was nothing more suitable. Military did not like too difficult design, one springs in the weapon there were 11 pieces! The first copies were tested at the end of World War I. And then these rifles began to use not as the infantryman`s weapon, and as means of fire support of office, i.e. as a manual machine gun. Since then Browning`s rifle began to be called a machine gun though the name “automatic rifle“ remained behind this weapon for life.

The design the BAR M1918 was in a revolutionary way for the time. Automatic equipment worked by the principle of withdrawal of part of gases from the channel of a trunk. On the same principle the vast majority of the army weapon, for example, the Russian Kalashnikov and the American assault rifle M - 16 becomes today. The three-position regulator of fire was for the first time used (automatic fire, single shots and statement on a safety lock). The replaceable box-shaped shop with a chess arrangement of cartridges lived too up to now. Capacity of shop - 20 cartridges. Real rate of fire: short turns of 60 shots in a minute, long - to 180 shots a minute on condition of fast change of shops. Ammunition - the most powerful rifle boss. 30 - 06 Springfield (7,62õ63 mm., umoshchnyonny option of the German rifle boss Mauzer of 7,92õ57 mm.) allowed to apply a rifle to inactivation not only manpower, but also equipment of the opponent, and also as antiaircraft means. Such return was a reverse side of high power that precisely it being necessary to shoot from this rifle it is almost impossible.

Therefore right after World War I the rifle was a little modernized. On an exhaust tube put bipods, put an additional shoulder rest, added the handle for carrying. Called the modernized BAR M1918A1 option. In 1922 in the United States the “cavalry“, shortened modification of BAR M1922 was taken advantage. The police option with the shortened trunk was called Colt Monitor R80.

After a successful debut in World War I Browning`s rifle began victorious procession along the world. Its began to buy the European states, on its basis several easy machine guns, for example, French “Shatelro“ and the Polish Wz were created. 28 (the full copy of BAR M1918 under German the boss Mauzer of 7,92õ57 mm). It is curious that the Polish machine guns after capture of Poland by Germany in 1939 were used in the German army, the cartridge for the German rifle and this machine gun was same.

Initially the right for release of a rifle was redeemed by Kolt firm. However there were obviously not enough capacities of Kolt firm for supply of army. The rifle was let out by the American firms “The Marlin Is Rokuel“, “Winchester Repiting Armz“ and “Kolts Patent Fayrarmz“, “New Ingland Smol Armz“ and even well-known “Ai - Bee - Em“. In Europe after World War I Belgian “Fabri Natsional“ was engaged in production of a rifle. For identification of the producer on a receiver after the inscription “BROWNING BAR M1918 CAL 30 MFD BY“ the company name was beaten out.

Before World War II the weapon passed one more modernization. The mode of single fire was cleaned, instead of it “the slow mode“ of 300 - 450 shots in a minute was put, “the fast mode“ made 500 - 550 shots a minute. However often cleaned this mode workshops and replaced it with the mode of single fire that allowed to apply a machine gun as the sniper weapon. Bipods made more reliable with wide “sole“, transferred to dulny part of a trunk, having increased convenience of firing and carrying, and also having reduced weapon height. This model, BAR M1918A2, passed World War II, the Korean and Vietnamese war. And in Vietnam it was used from both parties, as from Americans, and, according to numerous documentary photographs, from insurgents.

Well and high popularity, cultishness of this weapon still brings dividends to producers. The BAR M1918 option for game in airsoft, production of VFC firm costs not less than 1000 euros! Also buy!