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How to prepare batbuta - the Moroccan flat cakes?

On my taste, are absolutely charming (and both in a form, and according to contents, i.e. to taste) flat cakes. Bake them in Morocco and call batbuta. Very diligently I tried to find

value of this magic word “batnut“, but... alas and ah! There was such suspicion that, perhaps, it from the words “baht“ (at us this word is translated as the daughter) and “quarrystone“, respectively. Very much hoped that the word (“quarrystone“) means something like flour, grain, wheat, or... But there was at me no talent of the translator and the pathfinder, there was a value of this word for me secret, however taste of flat cakes obviously did not suffer from it. All of them are also tasty and loved by all my members of household, friends and me. To do them very much it is not troublesome, and, so, I with absolutely clear conscience can offer this recipe even to the busiest culinary specialist and not only. Forward!

It is necessary : on 2 and three quarters of a glass of wheat flour, 1 glass warm (37 - 40 degrees) waters, 1 teaspoon of dry active yeast and a half of a teaspoon of salt.

In warm water we part yeast. To tell honestly, dry active yeast quite allows option that they were not parted previously in water, and at once added to flour, but... Whether it personally I had problems recently, whether, in general, quality of yeast became obvious to wish the best... To put it briefly, it is simpler to me to part them... and process of “approach“ of the test is obviously accelerated.

We sift flour with salt and, adding water with the divorced yeast there, we begin to knead dough.

As well as any yeast dough, it very much loves the trembling and valid relation to itself. Of course, to stand and will speak in love to the test there is no sense, and here thinking only about fine (of life in general and of life in China, for example, in particular), it is good to knead dough hands of minutes 10 it is necessary. To smooth, elastic, not sticking to hands and a table of a state.

We roll the prepared dough on the table powdered with flour in layer about 3 - 4 mm thick and by means of any handy means like a glass or a shot glass we cut out kruglyashka with a diameter of 5 - 6 cm. We cover the prepared flat cakes with either a towel, or a film and we leave at the room temperature for about 20 - 30 minutes.

We fry flat cakes on well warmed dry frying pan, at once having lowered heating approximately half. We fry on the one hand before our flat cakes are inflated, will turn practically into a ball and will a little sunbathe from below (we only do not overdry... will a little sunbathe and will not char in any way). And literally still we fry a couple of minutes from the second party. To the same subtle golden shade.

I, probably, will surprise nobody if I tell that these flat cakes not only to taste, but also externally, and especially presence at them in “pocket“ are very similar to Middle Eastern pitas. Here such graceful and hollow in a batbuta - pitas at us turn out. It is possible to put both sausages, and cheeses, and greens, and salads, and hummus, and falafel, and chocolate paste in them, and... You have still some ideas in this respect? And so: of course, it is possible! Put! And I need only to wish you successful pastries and bon appetit!