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Why in general to know something? Especially to wives of football players of

... Everywhere on the Internet as the herd of mustangs from mountains, rushes an avalanche of zhalelshchik of the poor mocked football player`s wife (who is not aware, just you poguglit inquiry “the wife of the football player blew up the Internet“). Ah, defenders say - we too on its place would become puzzled. Well, a birdie it is a pity for type.

First of all, it should be noted for especially hasty minds: we discuss here not that young woman per se - to us generally all the same that she knows what is not present. And not a notorious roller - it to us is uninteresting too even if it will become clear that it - a fake, and neither ZhF, nor the journalist was at all - it does not matter for discussed.

Strain, the reader, and try to understand - we discuss not ZhF, not behavior of the journalist (ah what rough! ah! - everything, passed), not a roller and even not a competition at which win such here shots.

Once again: we discuss REACTION of PUBLIC to demonstration of terrible ignorance in mazhorno - victorious style. Strikes not ignorance by the young woman of nothing. You never know such? How all RuNet rushed on protection of the Human right of NOTHING the NOBILITY surprises.

First of all, defenders and weepers rest on the fact that the girl became puzzled, here we under a chamber would become puzzled still too as.

Girls, boys (and grandmothers with grandfathers), at what here we? You won beauty contests? We got used on scenes under searchlights to defile? Personally I - am not present. Yes I in front of chambers, perhaps, and the name from fright would forget, but I not Mrs. Russia (Ukraine, Moldova etc.) and not the model. And this lady - (1) media person who got used to a podium, journalists and interview so about confusion there is no speech, and (2) it not on kitchen to it rushed - she won the competition “Mrs. Russia“, that is she is the best Russian Mrs. on beauty and (attention!) erudition. People try to prove that all other Russians it is even worse? I will believe soon.

The second that surprises me, is a one more wave: whether discussion “needs for happiness to be known who such Oginsky“ and whether he enters those ten names which need to be known to win the All-Russian competition or to be happy, or still why.

And this already single question. At what Oginsky, razraz me a thunder? All skazitsya absolutely, perhaps? To answer the question “who opened Newton binomial“ or “who composed Pushkin`s verses“ or as called Vera Pavlovna`s father - it is not necessary to foreknow it! It is necessary just to have mezhushny gangliya! As in a joke when the desperate professor asks the student: who made Mendeleyev`s table and called it by the name - Mendeleyev`s table?

Silence in reply. The student is silent.

But the public is not silent - it protects the right of the student not to answer even such question. That gangliya not to tire.

And one more interesting effect as consequence of the wife of the football player.

Branchy discussions “and whether it is necessary to know IT to be considered educated“ or “to live happily“.

Instead it is possible to substitute anything - though Verdi`s music, though Newton binomial, though height of the mountain of Aconcagua, though Karamzin and Bartho`s works though history of the country though chemistry - physics and though the multiplication table.

In that is that and piece that it is possible to set up ALL. Any knowledge, each scientific fact, work of culture - any. And writer of any. And any law of the nature. As it became clear, even the fact that Earth around the Sun turns and why at night darkly. It is not necessary to know it for happiness!

Always there will be those who will prove that just THIS for happiness nafig is not necessary. (Recently saw such dispute of the technician with the humanist - the technician tried to prove that the mathematics is language in which source codes of the Universe are written, and the humanist took offense.) And so happens to each area of knowledge, culture, science and anything.

Besides - people even with some pride write: “And here I with the higher education do not know why in the afternoon light-, and at night darkly - and nothing, me is good“.

It in what case it was necessary to keep the head that not to know it? How to keep such virginity of mind? All right, dates and formulas on life are not necessary - we forget. But what Earth rotates - as it is possible not to know moreover to be praised by it?!! Perhaps, the head should be rolled up in concrete to be saved?

It is a bad dream - when the horde of educated people with a roar asserts the right for ignorance!

And what as a result we receive? That for happiness it is not necessary to know anything at all! “Clowns, fools, sushcheglupy and careless because they do not know pangs of conscience are the happiest, ghosts and other you indulge do not fear, are not tormented with fear of the future disasters, are not under a delusion with hope of future benefits“ (Erasmus Roterodamus).

(Test question: and who wrote “A nonsense praise“ of Erasmus Rotterdamsky? ).

Well, in a limit it is the truth, probably, - lie to yourself, smile, slobber. And clever let are tormented, and the soul at them “became vulnerable by sufferings of the world“, and many knowledge - many grieves.

By the way as I also expected, me cited as an example Holmes who “did not know too that Earth spins“ because it is not necessary to him. And Holmes perfectly knew chemistry and toxicology, understood also medicine (at least judicial on which it even made experiments) and a patologoanatomiya. Whether he could not know physics? Of course, could not. And how then?. Eh, my children - yes he just trolled Watson! And Watson, as usual, was bought. Holmes knew everything.

Still I read mnogazhda in the same debates about the football player`s wife - people very pathosly write supposedly a nakhren specifically to her your Griboyedov and who around whom turns (The sun or Earth) when it is beautiful, rich, successfully married and happy. Yes you supposedly just envy it. Married rich why still some brains.

That is weight to the people considers that for a marriage and motherhood even mezhushny gangliya it is not necessary? Only beautiful legs and what is applied to them.

It is sad. Especially for children...