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How the target audience and design of the website correspond?

All the Internet - resources have a certain design of pages to attract the target audience, considering her preferences. Visitors of the websites conditionally are divided into several groups.

treats pioneers (innovators) small (5%) and the advanced group which quickly perceives information monitors emergence of new technologies. They constantly upgrade the computers, establish the latest software and, as a rule, have the high-speed Internet. Representatives of this group like to the vanguard design of the website including all innovations existing at the moment. Usually it is dynamically operated websites about use of flash - animation. Such websites place great demands on technical characteristics of the computer and communication lines. The users having computers of last generation will not be able to look through the websites in style vanguard. The vanguard design of the website is pleasant to one, and can cause irritation in others. On the websites with a certain subject use of vanguard style will be simply inappropriate. For example, use of vanguard style in design the Internet - shop will lead to sharp decrease in profit. It will surprise the visitor, will make indelible impression, but will distract the buyer from goods which are offered on the website.

70% of visitors of the website make the main group which quite often acquires goods and services on the Internet. In the choice of the computer and the software they are guided by need and financial expediency. Representatives of the main group of visitors like the strict and sustained by classical design of the website more . A web - the page has columnar structure. Surely there is “cap “ with the name of the company, a logo and a slogan. In design a small amount of graphics is used, animation is absent or is minimized. The website has convenient and clear navigation. Color scale usually neutral. Classical style represents reliability and stability therefore it is used for the corporate websites of both the big, and small companies. In total business - the websites are focused on the main group of visitors.

Users who have outdated computers and the software on them like to text design of the website more with the minimum use of graphics. The basis is made by the text. Such websites have the high speed of loading and are compatible to various browsers. The text design approaches the serious and responsible websites, for example, to scientific. However it is rather difficult to make attractive design of the website without using graphic design.

During creation of the website it is also important to consider age of target audience . The alleged visitors of the website are younger, the brighter and the design has to be more juicy. Various special effects, amusing drawings and other “frills“ will only attract young target audience. If the website is focused on people of advanced age, then it is better to refuse bright flowers and special effects because age changes in the visual analyzer lead to change of color perception and the associations caused in the color.

Prevalence of visitors female or male also has to be considered when developing design of the website. It is already proved that women and men differently perceive colors. Men like blue color more, and to women - red. Will choose yellow color from the yellow and orange man, and the woman - orange.

If does not manage to define precisely target audience of the website , then the neutral design is better to use . The simple neutral design will be suitable for visitors of different age groups, a different floor, different social status and education level.