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How to define the woman`s type? Fox of red

of Nicole Kidman. Sara Bernhardt. Julianne Moore. Margarita Navvarrskaya. Lucrecia Borgia... It is one more type of women - the Fox red.

At Lys surely triangular face type narrowed from top to bottom. Small chin and thin mouth. The bone is thin, small handles, quite often legs with curvature. There is no bottom usually at all.

Foxes differ on a hair color: white, red and black. The real hair color is important. What you was conceived by the nature. At red Lys, respectively, red, usually curling, hair. Hair of a red Fox - her wealth and magic force. Just as at the forest fellow. Skin usually white or in freckles. Very seldom found type. Rare species. As real ruby. A jewelry in the most boring sexual list...

Sex - here in what nobody ever will surpass a red Fox. This is the master. Poet. Top. Energy whips too much as the sun. It has not enough of all, it always searching. The professional of seduction who is a good judge of it. The best mistress of all times and people.

Red Foxes - thin gourmets in this case. They do not frighten malchishechek by ekvilibristichesky etudes as it does Monkey subspecies. No, red Foxes are yogist - Buddhists of sex. Real otherworldly understanding of process. But it is difficult for them to find the corresponding understanding partner for this business. In the bulk the malchishechka are unpretentious: the small bottle of pivets, process fast - and to take a nap. Or to the computer. Very few people can appreciate a red Fox. Therefore quite often they one, despite their seksoprivlekatelnost.

But the red Fox easily transfers loneliness from - for the ability to concentrate on itself. To lead not others life of any fellow and to share with him his pleasures and adversities, and the real life. It as the real Hindu - lives in a consent with by itself, the, but not others experiences. And who will tell that it is less valuable?

Red Foxes are not so dangerous. In vain their inquisition scorched packs. They have no real force, well unless only in man`s attention.

But, probably, something at inquisition was on mind, time they so treated red. Medieval Europe called all red witches. They were accused of libertinism, evil sorcery, perfidy. In Zoroastrianism red hair are considered as one of degeneration signs. Not zolotisto - red, namely ognenno - red, medno - red hair are a sign of bad genes, the dark force pushing on bad acts. People with red hair and green or it is dark - brown, is red - were considered as brown eyes as sorcerers, profaners of Fire on whom it left the mark.

Red color in general is quite dangerous... Red people often carriers of a karmic and patrimonial damnation. They can turn into the tool of huge black force which will push on terrible acts. Red Foxes, despite the natural wisdom, make strategic mistakes in life. As though they are driven by the evil... Recently heard that the real live foxes in the nature are carriers of a virus of rage and their stings are dangerous both to dogs, and to the person. Here also it seems to me that this virus affects not only natural foxes, but also their human analog, women - red Lys. Always they with some jumpings up and podbryka.

That they are harmed in the relations with men, so by this number of their sexual partners. It much more, than at brunettes, brown-haired women and even blondes and the frequency of sexual contacts is much higher than the average level. Well to which of men it will be pleasant?