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How responsibly to approach the choice of tourist tent?

surely are present At an arsenal of any tourist respecting himself tent. About its choice we will also talk to you today. In the beginning it is necessary to be defined - for what it is required to you. To go hiking to mountains? To have a rest with a family at the sea, in the wood? To go with friends on fishing? Your choice also will depend on it.

If you gathered in a campaign of high complexity, then most likely you or know what has to be equipment, or you will be prompted by more skilled companions who know features of a route and climate. It is not necessary to rely you in such important issue on councils from the Internet. We will tell only bases of the choice of standard tent for rest, so-called kempingovy.

The price - parameter important, but depends it on the others. The cheapest tent will sustain at least several assemblies and spending the night, but here on a rain and wind or, on the contrary, it can be not counted on the hot sun. So choose by the opportunities, considering requirements.

For definition necessary to you of the sizes tents, count what number of people has to be located in it. In the name of model there is a figure which designates spaciousness - “in people“. It is conditional, of course, therefore all sizes are specified too. Pay attention and to a design. In tent with vertical walls the additional person, at least the child, or backpacks and other things, and under a wall which is located under an inclination will easily be located, it is inconvenient to be restricted.

In a form several types distinguish: hemisphere, semi-barrel, tent, “lodge“ etc. A spherical and cylindrical shape provide good wind-resistance even in mountains and on the seashore, it is better to use the others in the woody district. Tents with arches hold a form, they can be established on any surface, and here if the tent fastens on pegs, it is necessary to consider what them not to any soil will turn out vryt.

Frameworks . Recommend to choose the frameworks made of a kevlar, fiberglass or a coal plastic as stronger, than usual plastic, and easier, than metal. However, to aluminum pegs is not present equal and on weight, but on them not all types of tents fasten.

System of fastening . The framework can be established outside of an awning, at the same time the internal part of tent fastens to an awning. Other option - internal part is suspended to a framework on which, in turn, the awning stretches. Such tent should be preferred only if it is important to you to use it both with an awning, and without awning. To the earth of tent can fasten - figurative “hairpins“ which are passed throughout loops on extensions. Pay attention to how loops for extensions are sewn, fabric is stronger, and rope are short-lived.

Fabric . Modern tents sew from waterproof material, and in good tent it both is light, and provides normal air exchange. He is not warm, but in the tent protected from wind and a rain it is quite possible to escape from cold warm clothes.

Surely pay attention to bottom tents: it has to be made of stronger fabric, than a dome and to be waterproof. As a rule, it is reached by a silicone or polyurethane covering or just impregnation. If the bottom thin, it is extremely short-lived and after a season - will become useless two.

Degree of impermeability if the rain is not excluded, has to be from 2500 mm of a water column for external fabric and from 3000 mm for the bottom. The these indicators are higher - the better. It is important that the awning hung around tent so that the water which is flowing down from it did not flow under tent.

As for seams , the best option is the tent in which the special water-repellent tape is welded on them. Gluing is less durable. It is possible to buy special means for gluing of seams and to periodically make processing of all seams of tent independently. There are also tents or awnings which seams, at first sight, are processed by nothing. But if the producer declared high impermeability - perhaps that boards they also cork with special threads which, becoming wet, inflate seams.

Ventilation . If the tent is necessary to you to sleep - night you can carry out also in completely closed. And here if you expect to use tent on the beach or to sit in it during a rain - it has to have not only a grid on an entrance, but also on the opposite side rather big windows tightened by a grid and it is desirable that the awning did not close them.

The motorist cannot think of the weight of tent and it is necessary to choose, proceeding from own ideas of comfort . High tents, “two-room“, with an additional awning - a peak, “platform“ are most comfortable. They and heavier, can be also slightly more difficult in installation, especially for the beginner. But practically all modern tents are counted on that the tourist could establish them alone. Of course, the single for short rest can have also the Chinese tent which reveals itself (it is turned in a circle therefore too it is more convenient to carry it in the car). But it small, can proceed, that is is suitable for spending the night only conditionally.

Pedestrian (and water) the tourist, of course, pays attention first of all to weight tents, he should endow a little convenience, but it is not necessary to neglect water resistance all the same. Weight can be reduced due to the choice of small tent with easier framework, less strong bottom, or to cooperate with other participants of a campaign and to take one big tent on several people, having respectively redistributed other freight.

We advise you in the most thorough way to approach a question of the choice of tent, for the period of rest it will become your house.