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Where to put money?

Having earned the abrupt capitals from sale of articles, it is a high time to reflect: and what to do with such mass of money? Where to invest them? Most of people for investment use

the standard schemes guaranteeing, as a rule, small, but at the same time rather stable income. These are such options as investment into gold, various currencies or deposits in banks.

However many do not think of alternative options of investments which can not keep within a little standard representation, but at the same time can make significantly more profit potentially.

Collection investment

Of course, here it would be possible to consider an investment in collection things, such as undershirts with unique signatures, inscriptions and drawings. But nevertheless in this subgroup works of art, coins, antiques and brands are the greatest liquidity. These things are often resold to other collectors on high prices.

The main problem in this type of investment are fakes so before purchase it is necessary to consult with the expert.

Also by consideration of this type of investment we advise to pay attention to such subcategories as elite alcoholic and tea products. Recently in this branch special demand is observed.

of the Investment in the land plots

One more interesting idea is investment of money into the land plots. Now this market is huge and is very developed. Rent and purchase of the land plots is extremely profitable and reliable option of investment at the moment.

One of the main reasons is the tendency to increase of prime cost of the land plots. On average indicators the gain of the prices of the land plots makes about 30 percent a year.

There are three basic ways of investments in the land plots:

1. Purchase of a site for its further resale at higher price. It is worth leaning on an income assessment in 25 - 30 percent. However skilled investors try to obtain return in hundreds of percent.

2. Purchase of real estate at the initial stage of construction, after the constructed object, goes directly sale with the land plot.

3. A land acquisition in the settlement of cottage type. After acquisition on a site build the house, and sell ready object.

Original forms of investment

Now more and more people are engaged in search of original investments, such as domain names, rare literature, pieces of music.

At the same time it is necessary to understand that, as a rule, they do not set before themselves the purpose of maximizing profit. The majority invest money in these options as in a hobby, without hoping for a large increase in the price.

The main minuses of such types of investment consist in their low liquidity and often in need of involvement of professionals for an assessment.

Usually people with a sufficient volume of means for investment while people with the small budget are often not ready to accept risks resort to alternative ways of investment and prefer more conservative options of investments, or trust in professionals who will be unambiguously ready to prompt the direction for maximizing profit.

Successful investments!