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are familiar to Each of us feelings огорчения,обиды,ненависти,отчаяния,досады,уныния... What nature of emergence of these feelings? Whether it is possible to exclude them from our life?

The matter is that at the heart of all above-mentioned feelings and to them similar, the rage lies. The rage generates everything a dissatisfaction and disappointment, pushes the person to the abyss of problems and a stone pulls on a beziskhodnost bottom. The rage takes away the lion`s share of our life. Moreover, the rage can reincarnate in pseudo-pleasure (There are no pleasures, than trouble of the companion better). There is a question - “ And how the rage gets into our life? “

Desires - here the trunk main on which in our consciousness this madam flies and drinks our krovushka) All of us wish

worthy life, high salaries, affordable housing, high-quality and inexpensive training and medical care, solid pensions. We want that people close to us did not make silly and rash acts. We seek to reach in life of heights in career, to equip life, to provide comfortable life to the children.

Strangely enough, but exactly thanks to desires which in most cases do not come true, our feelings napolnyayutya rage. You probably thought that without these desires life loses meaning? Really, at first sight without them it is impossible in any way. But let`s understand and we will find the solution.

For a start we will share all our desires into groups:
1. The desires connected with actions of the state or society;
2. The desires connected with actions of other people;
3. The desires connected with personal actions.

Now we will consider each group.

Probability of implementation of desires of the first group it is insignificant it is small. To hope for the state in most cases it is useless. Therefore there is a sense completely to exclude these desires from the life.

Implementation of desires of the second group is improbable too. For this purpose it is necessary учить,направлять,корректировать,подчинять... In - the first, actions are overflowed with rage, and in - the second, the result turns out modified compulsory and intense for rage. We exclude also this group.

And here desires of the third group happen difficult feasible and really feasible. If the person, at the low income, has a desire to have the fancy car or elite housing if the person with growth of 150 cm wishes to clear the bar of 2 meters, then such desires difficult feasible and as we already noticed to us are not necessary.

And here, having rejected all unnecessary, we remained in private with really feasible desires. These desires give us joy when we realize them. Such each granted desire raises a self-assessment, does the person to more sociable, promotes emergence of new acquaintances and communications. And number of communications in direct ratio to indicators of quality of life.

From everything told it becomes clear that the person needs to be careful and selective in the desires to be as much as possible in kind mood, to rejoice to every moment of life and to steadily improve its quality!