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Glupovatost of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism, conclusion
in - important
d - for children, banal
z - informative
and - interesting
to - winged
of l - best
of N - not important
p - instructive
with - difficult for understanding
r - in a riddle, for reflection, on ingenuity and installation of the opinion
yu - humour

of Glupovatost the silly person the fool the silly fellow silly people
to bear to fence to grind freezes rescue by a glupovatost
will talk nonsense to prove to answer the sheer appears to flog glupovatost
will get rid to eradicate to disaccustom to hide to keep to react
value definition concept of the reason is born gives harm

z Glupovatost - narrow-mindedness, limitation, slowness, stupidity …
and Glupovatost - an intellectual blindness.
p the Fool first of all the unfortunate person also has to cause not irritation and the more so anger, and pity.
and the Kind understanding person suffers, seeing as silly people suffer - without fitting into a civilization.
kp the Sneer over silly - mind does not show.
and Over silly - laugh cruel, kind - it is a pity for them.
pv Philanthrophy - does not complain about a glupovatost.
pz Only those clever people who are allocated with kindness,
understanding and love for the neighbor can treat silly kindly.
z Clever people to fools have feeling of pity for their helplessness.
p People cannot be condemned, and fools especially because they do not know that they create.
pv Than the fool to accuse, condemn and reproach, to take better measures that he any more could do nothing.
zpv becomes softer and more tolerant than Glupovatost - relying on spirituality, morality, philanthrophy …
and to the Angry fool is ordered to be the atheist - without God it will be gone.
and the Angry fool without God at first will become on the incorrect way, and then, creating the evil, will be destroyed, go it is isolated. to Suffer
of C silly - art.
of C Clever poor - is offensive, silly rich - is ridiculous.
Cannot also be won silly - it is not capable to comprehend the defeat. to What the person glupovaty - that stronger he tries to seem to
of C the Silly fellow seeks to teach, wise - studies. the Blind wise man sees
of C better - the able to see fool.
of C of the Wise man learn - knowledge, the fool - trouble.
pz should not cause condemnation and furthermore indignation the fact that silly people do not penetrate into life, do not study it, do not seek to get an education and furthermore they are not interested in art, science, equipment... Silly instinctively does not penetrate into difficult things that to throw all powers of the poor intelligence on such bases of life as food, reproduction, a survival.
to Glupovatost - mother having many children.
zd Glupovatost promotes - inspirituality, immorality, misanthropy, treachery, disgrace, cruelty, envy, pride, importance, vanity … … to
pv Rescue from a glupovatost - education.
pv If the person just lives, without being formed, without being interested in sciences, art, without learning the nature, life, people, without looking for truth, it can remain silly all life.
z the Wise man in silly causes irritation, silly in the wise man - pity.
zp Clever in the answer for behavior and destinies of silly.
p It is impossible to wait for normal behavior from the silly person, the child, the old man, it needs to be provided most.
and Clever seeks to learn people - the fool wishes that knew it.
and Clever adapt to life - silly all try to adapt for themselves.
kzdp Mother of a glupovatost - ignorance.
kp the Worst enemy of a glupovatost - knowledge.
and Glupovatost - from scarcity of thinking.
and the Speech of the silly person - the rash statement of thoughts. z most of silly people memory has
, and thoughts to them come - a problem at them, as a rule, with thinking.
and the Silly person is similar to a parrot - he only repeats someone else`s jagged phrases.
and Silly - grew blind.
z Glupovatost is treated by pain and losses.
zp because of a glupovatost blossom defects and addictions.
d Glupovatost - a hindrance to wellbeing.
d Glupovatost - closes the road fortunately.
and From - for glupovatost is created a lot of evil. with
to One others are not rich from a glupovatost, - from mind.
p Glupovatost can be poor and rich - mind does not afford either that, or another, he chooses an average.
pl Poverty from kindness and spirituality - is beautiful, ennobled and
is noble.
and Poverty from a glupovatost and laziness - is pathetic, humiliating and bitter.
to Glupovatost - is invincible.
Cannot also win against the person who does not understand that it is prostrate.
p the Cigarette - the test for a glupovatost.
d Glupovatost does not see mistakes.
p is heavy to be the silly fellow: as you try, and there is no due life
. An exit one - to grow wiser.
p silly people have exit - to listen to clever.
z is not operated Glupovatost - she is not capable to comprehend that want from it and does not understand that she does.
and the Silly person is ugly.
of C Attractive a glupovatost can be only at distance.
and Glupovatost only at distance can be beautiful, solid, significant …
and Glupovatost does not happen charming.
and Glupovatost everything that is not capable to be comprehended scolds, considers as the evil, nonsense, perceives with fear and discontent, condemns, hates … z Clever suffer from
from tricks silly - silly from the fact that they their clever make a fool and try to enslave.
z At silly people in protection against clever was developed a certain behavior which rescues them from fuller enslavement.
z Silly to avoid total enslavement by clever and aggression, obstinacy firmness, fighting spirit, rebelliousness help to survive … z On silly it is very difficult for
to influence - from - for resistance to enslavement.
z That part silly which came under influence of clever was enslaved also by human impudence and cruelty wiped out.
z Silly only create visibility obedient - to earn a living.
z Glupovatost is the whole republic, with the laws, institutions, lifestyle …
z Silly people form the clans, they have orders, traditions, methods of courting, the place pro-driving time …
and Silly people clever often take for fools.
p is not terrible if the person was born silly - the main thing silly not to die.
pvl Glupovatost - the slave to requirements, reason - serves need.
p Silly wise words - that to the blind person a lamp.
p the Silly person is dangerous and can bring troubles even if it is kind.
p Clever are guilty not only for themselves, but also for silly, children, animals and, in general, for all bad that occurs in the world in general.
and even honest wants to deceive the Silly person. z Clever it is favorable to
to operate silly therefore they suffer them.
and Clever, operating silly, try to receive more from them benefits and to suffer from their stupid behavior less.
z Clever silly are necessary that, exploiting them, to be enriched and carry out the conceived plans.
z Silly clever give work, so, an opportunity to survive.
z Many clever live due to operation and deception silly,
many silly - because they are agreed to exploit.
and Clever and silly survive on each other.
from If were only clever or only silly people - the mankind could disappear. z In modern life clever people for the purpose of a profit of silly put
on continuous drugs.
pz Clever always thinks and speaks a little - silly always speaks and thinks a little.
and Clever does that it is necessary, silly - that there is a wish.
z Clever people behave as prompts reason. Silly - are guided by desire.
z Silly does what wants disregarding consequences. Yes he also cannot expect them.
and Much of what is done by the wise man at first sight seems silly.
d the Silly person even if does not want, will wound all.
of l Silly rejoice when they meet, glupovaty themselves, clever - when it is cleverer.
and All want to live at the expense of silly and at the same time about their nonsense not to be soiled.
and Silly people cause discontent not because are silly but because they consider as fools of others.
d At silly all in language and anything on mind. p That who tries to prove to
something silly - itself is silly.
p is paradoxical, but silly people are concerned not about mind more, and
about appearance.
and Good health - to the wise man help, silly - only makes up for a nonsense.
p Silly, offending weak does not see behind his back strong.
zi Silly - all not so, the wise man would be surprised - if everything was on another.
z the Wise man - is content small, silly - eternally there is enough all not
. silt Silly people know
about to themselves less - than clever about them.
and Acts clever - are dictated by reason, silly - requirements.
p At the strong-willed wise man destiny more equal, than at silly.
p Wisdom unlike a glupovatost depends on destiny a little.
zp Silly can be happy and unhappy - several times in the course of the day, the wise man - estimates life in general. there is no
but Sometimes anything more cleverly how to pretend to be silly.
and Some people to seem clever - call all silly.
z the Main criterion for evaluation of mind of the person - establishment in life.
p Lies - is foolish.
and the Wise man, arriving reasonably - blames himself for everything, silly it is silly - others.
and If the person does something not as we - that it at us silly.
z was in the ancient time more difficult to survive weak, in a modern civilization - silly.
z Strong but silly people, feeling natural injustice of the low situation in a civilization aspire having united through violence it to change.
z Strong, but silly people can only seize the power - but they are not able to hold it as are not capable to direct.
z the Strong but silly people who seized the power - that to hold it are forced to attract clever - which lower them on the former place again.
kp not to bear a glupovatost - take your time thoughts to dress in words.
to Silly rejoices when people are poorer than it, the wise man - is richer.
and At a glupovatost kindly - to the detriment, friendship - is worse than hostility, the love - brings sufferings, the help - humiliates, the care - weakens …
and the Kind glupovatost - upon a neck are mounted.
and Glupovatost - mother of a mistake.
and Glupovatost mother of troubles and sufferings
and Silly do not know - that clever they on through are seen.
z Clever prefer to indignation of offenses silly - their prevention. z Silly having understood
that their tricks are seen, and punishment does not follow - mount upon a neck.
and sometimes what is not understood clever - silly feel.
z the Modern civilization unlike the nature indulges more clever, than strong, and suffer in it more silly, and
not weak.
z Silly people are weak insufficient understanding of a civilization, but are strong proximity to the nature.
z Glupovatost - mother of offense, fieriness - the sister.
z moves the Silly person flesh - wise idea.
zi will Easier fall in love with silly - mind distracts from beauty, playfulness, desire of proximity and declines to philosophy.
zi Silly is loved more passionately - they cause big alarm, concern, concern, jealousy, fear to lose … of
and Glupovatost will wound - even loving.
zi Glupovatost can hide behind education.
zi is the most difficult to distinguish the scientific fool, they occur among educated people.
and Uchenny fools - are more dangerous, than usual.
rs is better a masterovy glupovatost - than the helpless walking encyclopedia.
zr Uchenye in the absence of logical thinking is able to allow the knowing person to be the walking encyclopedia, but no more than to be only a clever fool.
pv For the impetuous silly fellow desire - team to action, for the strong-willed wise man - the recommendation.
z At silly very big advantage - good health.
z Silly without good health - not to survive. z to the Silly fellow the nature gives to
a healthy and clever organism.
z That bad and silly people could survive, the nature provides them with good health. That fell in love with them - beauty and sexuality. That did not throw - ability to cause jealousy and passion. That could give due repulse - force and inflexibility.
z the Nature weak health of the person that he survived and gave posterity, allocates with big intelligence which he uses often not for designated purpose, developing a civilization alien to it.
z As a rule, the nature does not give to healthy people a lot of mind that they bred better. z the Nature which concerns only reproduction when it is necessary does to
the person silly.
and the Silly person does not keep health not only because cannot, but also because intuitively feels that it in old age will not sustain the competition of young people. Clever, by an old age growing wiser, holds a high position in society and at this top feels not bad.
and Silly usually stronger and is more hardy.
and Glupovatost badly sees benefit, and thinks, only about without having today ability to see how it will be reflected in the future.
z Glupovatost behind small benefit - does not see big losses.
p Silly and violent wish and do, clever reserved wish and if it is favorable, do.
p At the fool instead of thoughts of desire.
and Silly voices all thoughts, clever - favorable.
z At silly at the heart of behavior - lies desire and a habit, at clever - thinking.
and the Clever and being self-controlled people live by the principle: lawfully - it is illegal, decent - dishonourably, harmfully - it is useful, it is favorable -
is unprofitable. Silly and violent by the principle: pleasantly - it is unpleasant, I want - I do not want.
and the Silly girl wears out the man in marriage, cunning - entices, reasonable and kind - carries away.
and Silly does not know - that it creates nonsense.
z Silly of - for misunderstandings by that of does not consider, but it is forced to agree with incidental manifestations of nonsense which bring notable pain or obvious damage, but it considers such cases exclusive, and even as casual and therefore recognizes itself(himself) silly as if for fun.
z the Silly person does not consider himself guilty and attributes everything to others often first of all because cannot comprehend this fault.
z Silly is sure that it arrives most cleverly - it is natural
protection if it knew as far as it is silly - it the mentality would not sustain. zpv If silly to point
to inadequate acts it destroys it if to create a situation that it could not make them - rescues.
pv silly - is guilty Of inadequate acts the one who nearby.
of l Even the kind glupovatost - creates the evil. by
p Silly, often doing to others angrily, are sure that they do good, and kindly which is done to them, take for the evil.
and Silly is sure that it lives correctly, and even teaches others.
Silly is sure that it creates good, the wise man - suffers from doubts.
lvp to have opinion - is compelled by Glupovatost, will trust in a rumor.
z the Clever person, getting into a jungle, it is sprayed and therefore not
very well knows primitive areas of life where each trifle is familiar to silly
and Behaviour silly will wound us less, than envy to clever.
p Glupovatost, though with a sneer, arrogance, discontent, we are still capable to forgive to people. Mind - even with envy and rage - is not present.
and Silly is happy on mood.
z Violent fools concern to people, not taking into account their qualities and behavior, and depending on the spirit.
pzv to Almost all people, especially silly, it is impossible to say about what is with them something bad will result from their wrong behavior. When it comes true, italso will begin to accuse you of sorcery, a malefice or will just think that cawed. It occurs because to them the mechanism of your logical assumption is unclear.
zd Glupovatost - weakness of thinking.
z Glupovatost weakness of mind - but not absence it.
z From a glupovatost to lack of mind - one step.
zd Silly can be clever in some areas.
zd Each person in one areas glupovaty, in others - is cleverer. there is no
zd absolutely silly and clever people.
z At silly a little reasonable, at clever - silly.
z Silly in general is minimum clever.
z Than the person glupovaty - that in it is more than pride.
and Silly can not be proud, proud - is always silly.
lpz Only silly is proud carries - an empty pate, the wise man
realizing as a little he knows - submissively inclines it. z Glupovatost is not capable to think of
sensibly - it can make a reasonable act.
z to the Fool is possible to arrive cleverly, as a rule, neosmyslenno. zp Glupovatost often makes
bad - neosmyslenno.
p do not look for evil intention there - where a glupovatost.
z Nonsenses are told and made - not purposely. zd the Most decent fool can bring to
more troubles and sufferings, than the rascal. Consoles only the fact that it does it inadvertently, and at times even loving.
p Be afraid of bad and silly people. The first will do you the harm is intended, the second - is unintentional.
z If silly behaves cleverly, and clever is silly - it is an exception. kp Glupovatost waits for
- when open a mouth.
p Answered a glupovatost - was made even to it.
zp Glupovatost for the childhood - regularity, for youth - admissibility, for mature age - a shame.
to Glupovatost - likes to poumnichat, mind - to resemble in fools.
to Clever it is necessary to study, the glupovatost - becomes attached.
p not to seem silly it is necessary to behave according to a situation.
p That did not consider you silly - sometimes to be clear and convenient enough.
zd Glupovatost is what does not keep within a usual framework.
zd Glupovatost - a deviation in mentality, behavior, thinking.
z Glupovatost - is not obligatory in words and acts it can be in appearance, a look, gait … p Estimating
and condemning behavior of people, it is worth to remember,
that the majority of them are under the power of instincts at present, love, jealousy, a grief, defects, addictions, problems … the Silly person is defenseless
of C - even in fortress.
zk Help in eradication of a glupovatost - healthy curiosity, observation, concentration, attentiveness, inquisitive mind, imagination, anticipation, an insight, judiciousness...
p to weaken a glupovatost, the thicket should philosophize, to think logically, to compare everything, to estimate, be inquisitive...
zp Vicious enemies of a glupovatost - the analysis and experiment.
zp is easier to be born Glupovatosti in that head - where information is not coordinated, not analysed, not checked for plausibility, the Enemy of a glupovatost - clarity of mind is not classified … by
zp is frequent Glupovatost from logical inconsistency in thinking.
zd is more peculiar to Glupovatost - to people frivolous.
kz Experience for a glupovatost - god and the tsar.
z Glupovatost is softened with memory.
kp without having recognized others mind - you will not increase the.
zd The more the person learns life, the it becomes more reasonable.
p Without addiction to truth - will not get rid of a glupovatost.
p Observation and ingenuity - nonsense banish.
zd the Fool can grow wiser, clever - to lose mind.
zd Glupovatost received at the birth - not the fault acquired because of the person - a shame. p the person Respecting himself has to make
the maximum efforts - to leave from a glupovatost.
p Defects and addictions prevent the person to grow wiser.
zp around and its judgment do Interest in the events the person cleverer.
p inevitably leads Tracking thoughts of the clever person to
to growth of own intelligence.
zp That will get rid of a glupovatost - the main thing not to consider itself very clever, and to recognize silly.
zpd Glupovatost is eradicated by knowledge, activity, experience …
zd the Fool through judgment and experience cannot become wise - he at first should grow wiser.
z If learns to estimate better a situation - the glupovatost recedes.
z If in conversation to be more attentive - the glupovatost of the speech can be reduced.
z to look less silly it is necessary to adapt to people.
z Glupovatost decreases tranquility.
z is less than Glupovatosti - if to reflect.
z Glupovatost force out habits.
z Glupovatost unlike inspirituality, immorality, misanthropy - not defect
and is allowed, for truth to give to Humour - even a glupovatost.
p is frequent the fact that we take for roughness, tactlessness, disrespect, impudence and even meanness - is just a glupovatost.
of l of Bezdelyyu rejoice fools.
of C At a glupovatost - hands are short.
and Glupovatosti will difficult live honest work, and it often goes on humiliation or disgrace and cruelty. but only clever is capable to understand
- that it made a glupovatost.
and If the fool knew as far as it is stupid - he it would not transfer.
and Glupovatost is not capable to give rise to deep thought.
p That from a glupovatost was less harm, it should be deprived of activity.
and Silly people live worse, but because they cannot comprehend it fully, they suffer no more, than clever.
and Glupovatost destroys mentality.
and Glupovatost can spoil everything.
and suffer From a glupovatost everything. One of - behind the, other of - for others.
and Silly - reminds the youth.
and Mind - ages, the glupovatost - threshes.
z In youth people glupovaty - therefore the silly person seems to
more young, and clever is more senior.
z At silly not left infancy, children`s tricks and similarity one child bigger - therefore it, seems more young.
p For the glupovatost representing learning - a way to wisdom is closed.
and to make the sighted person of the fool, unlike a blind eye
it is necessary to open for him a set of times.
p will not add Idle talk of two fools of mind.
and Glupovatost is quick-tempered.
to Glupovatost - the sister of losses.
Glupovatost is given - wisdom should be gained.
and Glupovatost is trustful.
and Glupovatost from misunderstanding is conservative.
and Glupovatost hides for habits. p Glupovatost the easiest to hide
for the good, reasonable, correctly developed habits.
and Glupovatost is more dependent on habits, than mind. pv the Lack of mind the easiest to fill
with good habits.
Than the person glupovaty - that a habit to it neobkhodimy.
pv Glupovatost blindly follows a habit - mind grazes it.
and Than the person glupovaty - the more difficult for it to change the habits.
and Glupovatost - the slave to habits.
in the Fool can be the coward - ignorance cannot but generate fear.
to Silly - are afraid, clever - are afraid.
z the Clever person is afraid of nothing, but is careful of real dangers. Silly is afraid of everything that is not able to be comprehended. At some the organism for fatigue weakens this reaction.
z the Silly person or everything is afraid or nothing, he is not able to estimate a situation and its danger. p the Fool of danger - does not see
, not dangerous - is afraid.
and Fools without understanding what is dangerous that is not present - are afraid of what does not pose threat, and are not afraid of what carries her.
z is sprayed by Glupovatost in fear to everything, the reason focuses the efforts in fight against real dangers.
z Cowardice - a glupovatost sign, care - mind.
and Silly from misunderstanding can be afraid of saving and are not afraid of danger of death.
z can be the Cause of a glupovatost ignorance, incorrect information,
delusion … and the Fool unclear to it the speech - perceives
as an insult.
to Wisdom - is silent, a glupovatost - a shumliva. and Behind a noisy glupovatost it is difficult for
to hear silent wisdom.
z In dispute glupovaty they are who shumlivy. d Glupovatost disturbs
wisdom will extend.
skl Where the sky is alien for flight - given rise to creep there is big.
z many regularities takes Glupovatost for accidents.
z is constant Glupovatost in the fool, in the clever person it is shown when the reason grows dim.
z Cunning and lie of the fool - on a look. with
and Glupovatost, trying to replace, the lack of mind cunning makes success only at gawks, more often happens is exposed and caused on laughter.
z The the person glupovaty, the more seems to it that the world turns around it.
p is sent to Glupovatost, first of all, against own health.
z People are so silly that even the most valuable people could be defined only in centuries after at first considered them abnormal and destroyed.
z At the fool a case sometimes plays his majesty, nearly leading role in the choice of the friend, object for imitation.
d is unfair Glupovatost.
p the Effective glupovatost - is infectious.
d is self-confident Glupovatost.
and Glupovatost is on friendly terms with poverty.
and Glupovatost on the mother testifies.
and Glupovatost is compelled - before all a cap to ache.
and Glupovatost goes beyond all limits - she in an emphasis does not see them. p Glupovatost waits for
- when open a mouth.
z Glupovatost - is talkative.
p is difficult not to allow to escape glupovatost outside - at big abundance of words.
p The is shorter the speech - the less glupovatost.
p Nothing is so capable to hide a glupovatost as silence.
and the Silly taciturn person can seem the wise man. pd The less silly person tells
- the more cleverly it seems.
p Cleverly the fool can only be silent.
and If the person is able to be silent, you will not call him the fool any more. p it is better for
to hide Glupovatost in communication behind a joke, silence is suspicious and does not give the chance to keep up the conversation.
z Silence cannot be a glupovatost.
and Glupovatost is not capable to be silent.
p Silence - the best communication with the fool.
and Silence - ignorance of the fool and cunning of the wise man.
and the Fool only in silence is wise.
and consider the Taciturn person reasonable - irrespective of, he is silly or is clever. pl Tell to
few words - silly will not digest any more, clever - will understand with a word floor.
and At different wise men - conversation is not glued, at identical fools - flows as a stream.
and At clever conversation does not match silly. Clever at the same time begins to doubt in the right mind, and silly also speaks to it about it.
and Clever - to all listens, silly does not wish to listen - even to the wise man.
p not to seem the fool, without knowing the answer to a question, - answer with humour.
p Reserve - does not give a glupovatost will be shown.
p Shyness - closes itself a glupovatost.
p the Conscious glupovatost - a mind sign.
and Where the glupovatost prospers - there consider wisdom as a weed.
and Glupovatost - is unaccomodating, wisdom - around itself will try on all.
and Glupovatost does not see fine.
p Should learn to use not only mind of people, but also a glupovatost.
pz From kindness of a glupovatost - is not enough use.
p the Fool is not capable to estimate intelligence of the person - therefore considers clever the one who considers others as fools.
and Clever involves silly - but avoids with it communication.
and Irreplaceable people is not present among fools, they as small screws are interchanged.
and On the present is silly the person only in old age - in youth all are silly.
and Even the wise man in young years was silly.
and In an old age of people with horror remembers as silly, dangerously, immorally behaved in youth.
zd In old age clever and inquisitive - become wise men, silly and lazy - absolute fools.
and Old age kills belief in disposal of the person of a glupovatost.
and Youth wise, considers an old age silly.
and the Silly person - does not live.
and For fools clever people do not exist - they are not capable to digest a product of their intelligence therefore as clever consider only themselves.
p Silly - good does not see.
p are always happy with Themselves only fools.
and At the fool language is not on friendly terms with the head.
and to exculpate with itself, is enough to pretend to be silly.
and Many people live at the expense of silly and are still dissatisfied that
they are.
and Sufferings from a human glupovatost will wound us less, than envy to clever.
p Glupovatost, though with a sneer, arrogance, discontent, we are still capable to forgive to people. Mind - even with envy and rage - is not present.
to Silly is not respected - clever envy.
pv is very important to maintain the friendly relations With silly people, they react to people not according to their behavior because cannot comprehend it, and depending on that, the friend
it or the enemy. p Supporting by
with silly and bad people the friendly relations, it is necessary to own the mechanism which is not allowing to mount itself upon a neck.
p Often silly mistakenly accept for unscrupulous, impudent, mean, cruel, angry, violent … pz Glupovatost passing
through kindness - becomes more tolerant.
and Moral support for silly the fact that they consider themselves clever is. to
z Clever people, without doing anything bad silly and being even good to them, all the same suffer from their behavior. z silly people do not have enough
mind to divide people on good and
bad and to regulate the behavior, the nonsense they will wound everyone.
p the Most effective protection against silly people is isolation from them.
and Clever that will not be wounded about silly from them are isolated, like pity, put on them a cross.
p At impossibility of isolation from the silly person are effective recognition its silly and a constant discount for it concerning his behavior.
p The stronger we start the silly person to ourselves in soul, the in memory the fact that we put on it a cross is erased more.
p Is not so difficult to stand the worst or silly person started in soul as his environment which breaks there already without demand.
zp Silly normally can communicate only with clever, playing with it the game. It irritates the person of average mind because that has not enough to recognize intelligence of him as the fool and to communicate with it respectively. And with silly and at all - what there communication!
z People with big intelligence, as a rule, are of interest to those who have it average, for silly they are unclear, strange, heavy in communication.
p Clever, communicating with silly constantly not to keep a situation under control, it is possible to use the principle of communication
with children.
z Silly do not understand clever as juvenile children - adults.
p Accusing the fool, clever puts himself in an awkward situation. If it such reasonable why did not create the conditions which are not allowing
to it to make nonsenses.
pzv the Silly person, having sputtered out in reproduction - in old age loses meaning of life.
d the Complex challenge of the wise man, the fool undertakes to resolve with ease.
and Hobby of fools is a sneer at others mistakes. pz Silly people do not suspect
that they are silly.
p the Fool considering silly others is it doubly. z If the person did not notice
, and then suddenly found in himself a glupovatost - he means, grew wiser.
z Glupovatost often hides behind importance.
and the Silly fellow - concept wide.
z the Silly person is limited in understanding of the future and therefore, as a rule, lives in one afternoon.
of l a body indisposition - people never admit with desire, weakness of mind -.
p Clever the fool - bypasses.
of l If the fool was not protected by a glupovatost - from his neck would not get down.
and At fools all forces and means leave on a glupovatost.
and is easier to guess the reasons of pwise man`s edeniye, than fool.
p is sincere to communicate with the silly fellow - means to pass through itself his torments.
p is better the decent fool - than the clever rascal.
and those fools whom you take for clever will Stronger wound.
z we often have very strong feelings For fools whom we, without having understood, accept for normal. Such as hatred, offense, contempt, surprise, jealousy and even love.
Having understood, we lose these feelings.
and The is kinder and more harmless the fool - the feel more pity to it.
d Silly people cannot be grateful because they cannot comprehend
that for them was made.
z many silly people have an awful quality - to hate the neighbor, to blame him for everything.
d Clever hide wealth - silly show.
and Reasonable, practical, economical at the expense of silly, impractical and wasteful create to themselves magnificent life.
z Very silly, impetuous people from improper treatment with the health can stop only very serious diseases.
d Glupovatost - the girlfriend of bad luck.
and Silly people even at desire are incapable to sort out the relations in a civilized way and can influence someone, only resorting to scandals and a fight.
d Silly does not change with age - clever becomes wise.
d At the fool imagination is limited.
and Mother of theft - a glupovatost.
p Silly parents should not prevent children to develop, clever - to suppress their independence.
and Glupovatosti is not conducted what is tactfulness. p the Wise enemy will teach
bigger - than the silly friend.
z In the fool look for only a profit
and Importance - from a glupovatost.
p Sins children of a glupovatost.
p Glupovatost - should be paid.
and Silly is required to survive much more means - than clever.
to Glupovatost - ruins, mind - bogatit.
d At the trustful fool - already nothing will profit.
and From the help of the fool - is more than harm.
p have no hundred silly friends - have one clever.
p the Fool is not capable to be the friend.
and Having obtained the silly friend, in the relations with it we plunge ourselves into unpredictability.
and to the Silly person who is not understanding how to live, nothing remains how at own risk to try to fulfill the wishes.
z Silly, without asking opinion clever, lives in own way not to atrofirovat the last brains.
z Communicating with silly, the person develops less, but becomes more independent and vice versa. p Silly independence - others wisdom does not admit
and Silly in old age nothing to be engaged.
z Excesses - from a glupovatost and weakness of spirit. and If in the book the fool looks - nothing clever he there not
will see
p is twice unprofitable to lie to the Silly person because he cannot estimate, the lie will bring it temporary benefit or at all harm.
d Fools the lie cannot do big harm.
kp - scold the Liar, - regret the mistaking fool.
p to Silly people love, does not bring happiness; at least one of lovers has to be reasonable.
and the Fool arriving ridiculously and who is not protected by reason - suffers from love stronger. p the Fool having stopped loving
begins to revenge object of love addressing not to the nature, and it the reason of love torments.
and Having fallen in love with the bad or silly person, we suffer not from love more, and from the fact that we do not know how unfortunate to help this.
and the Wise man looks in soul of the person - the fool looks at clothes.
z Silly time hurries, clever keeps in line with it, the genius, having appeared ahead, is forced to wait. p the Silly and cruel youth watches
at old men with arrogance. Kind, clever, grateful - with the hidden pity, respect and support.
and the Wise man significant thought - expresses in a few words, the fool I am empty - rings unceasingly.
and Modest wisdom were eclipsed by an impudent glupovatost.
and the Wise man unlike the fool people try to use for what that more important than a profit.
and not to live as others tell one to and the person prefers to others wisdom to be more independently - the glupovatost.
z is frequent the fact that we take for roughness, impudence, disrespect … - only a glupovatost. and the science only irritates the Fool with
and the Fool is happy with people only at sharp and obvious improvement of their attitude towards him - and it is possible only after its strong deterioration, according to the scheme of a carrot and stick.
of C Immorality - a soul glupovatost.
p Should not perceive communication with silly people as the tragedy - we communicate with children.
and the Silly person is also glad, to bother - yes does not know people as it is correct to behave.
and The is cleverer than people, the with silly it can communicate more normally.
with the Fool communicates with bad people - because good with it do not wish.
p In communication with silly and bad people not to do without system of a carrot and stick.
and Silly lazy lack of talent thinks not of public labor participation, and of consumption and enrichment.
and Clever among silly - is lonely.
and the Fool makes jokes silly, roughly and not vpopad.
p Silly and impudent - should be severe.
and At the fool always at heart is easy - he does not notice the mistakes.
z Silly people, making mistakes, often is not even able to realize
that they made them.
and Silly people, without realizing the mistakes, troubles from - for them attribute to others. z the Silly person at acquaintance watches
at appearance of the person and therefore well and at once remembers it. Clever to understand who his new acquaintance, fixedly watches his behavior listens to the speech looks narrowly at gait on which it is possible to understand as far as the person is proud, ambitious, important, self-confident, imperious, is aggressive, healthy what position in society he holds … This very important process so takes and distracts it that to remember the person and appearance in general that is in this situation minor, it begins with a time only through a long time. If the first meeting is short, he can not remember appearance of the person at all.
and People are not so much bad - how many they are silly.
and Is better bad from a glupovatost, than from self-interest and meanness.
and the Silly person behaves with people is not dependent on how they concern him.
and Silly, unscrupulous, impudent people are similar to animals: strong they are afraid, weak offend.
and is better to deal with the silly person, than with mean.
z the Mean fool - does not constitute big danger, mean
the genius - constitutes danger to all mankind.
and Silly are born - become mean.
and the Fool cannot give anything - to the neighbor, the wise man even in centuries and continents - can teach much all and to change a lot of things.
and For studying of behavior of people is better to communicate with silly, they more simply and more naturally.
to the Compliant wise man - the word will understand, the stubborn fool - a kick has not enough.
to Help the fool - that in a sieve to carry water.
and Glupovatost takes off a shirt with poor - and gives to cunning.
and the Silly pokazushnik considers the help - a burden, and the help to strangers - noble mission.
and Clever, having despaired to help silly - close eyes to them.
and to encourage silly, poor, weak and bad, clever, rich, strong and good allow
to laugh at themselves.
and Clever having fallen - it is capable to understand silly, silly has no steps - to rise to level clever.
z Defects of others - infect only silly, wise - they only help to get rid of the.
and Is not so terrible - that we sometimes behave silly, awfully - when we consider as fools of those who arrive cleverly.
and and so little in life gets to Silly people - so they it also lose.
p To censure of the wise man - listen, - turn to a praise of the fool a deaf ear.
and the Praise, proceeding from the fool - humiliates, censure - makes laugh.
and Clever distinguishes the person at once, at silly for it sometimes not
there is enough life. to Wise - refuse to
at once, to the fool - gradually.
and Near the fool swindlers curl - as wasps near syrup.
p Than the person glupovaty more richly - the he is of bigger interest at fans will profit the stranger.
and is more difficult to make impression on the silly woman - mind, on clever - appearance.
z the Person is so silly, selfish, impetuous, selling., that destroys the nature, even in spite of the fact that is its part.
and to the Professional - clients seem glupovaty, to clients the professional - is cleverer.
p With clever can say about anything, with sillier - only that it is not beyond his mind.
z At reasonable parents - children more educated, at silly - more independent.
and Freedom reasonable, kind, reserved - on advantage. Silly, impetuous, impudent - to the detriment.
z At silly people sex is closer to an animal, clever can alter it more significantly.
and Glupovatost - shortens life.
p is easier to get a star - than to overpersuade the fool. pz That to the silly person to try to prove to
something, it is necessary to begin with simple and indisputable things.
of C to Wise men dispute - on advantage, to fools - to the detriment.
and Discussion with nonsense - is not possible.
and From the gray-haired old man wait for wisdom - therefore his glupovatost are especially noticeable.
and Passion is capable - to make the wise man the fool.
p Silly should find the clever, kind, decent friend; it is better if it is the close relative and furthermore the spouse, and, considering
for happiness, - to live his mind.
and Silly is more difficult to be happy - it is insatiable, the wise man knows when to stop.
pzv At the fool is lucky enough two a name - pleasure and luxury, the reasonable person is happy that is that manages only vital.
and is difficult - to be to the silly, improvident person happy even if happiness to it and will come - it, will hardly be able to preserve it.
and Glupovatost - is not capable to create.
and Are vain and boastful - only fools.
and At the fool you will quicker win respect the sparkling expensive knickknack - than pure soul.
z Only fools - or are always sure or eternally doubt, at the reasonable person - it depends on a situation and deviates in one of the parties depending on what brought it more.
and Fools instead of soul aspire enjoy a body.
and Glupovatost - the sister of a grief.
yu the Wise man is impregnable before anybody - except the fool. z it is not easy for
to define Existence of wisdom in the person, the glupovatost - is visible from far away.
p Wisdom words tries to obtain bigger - than a glupovatost fists.
z the Wise man - is content small, the fool - eternally has all not
is intelligently happy even silly, with life which depends on it even clever is dissatisfied.
and Silly is not conducted - that force in mind.
and If mind for the person was extremely vital - fools would disappear.
z Though in something even very clever person is silly.
z Though in something the silly person is cleverer than many.
pv If you have no mind - that do not lose at least conscience.
and Lack of mind the man is more vulnerable. z the Fool a lack of mind does not notice
and Need forces to grow wiser.
p is better to develop mind reflections, than memory.
pz the person can Grow wiser only step by step, passing from one intellectual step to another. Same it is possible to tell also about
of a practicality, economy, thrift, kindness, restraint,
of decency... To try to obtain perfection is very serious
and laborious occupation.
to the Assessment pledge to mind not words - and put.
z the Person can estimate intelligence less clever, cleverer - no.
z I.Q. of the person, even during the short period of time, is not constant and can glitch.
and Clever that - who thinks as we.
p Many people mistakenly consider that mind is in that place where language is suspended.
zp Life of a polosat for all. Even the wise man is silly. It should not resist. But by all means it is necessary to learn to define on what you to a strip are as it is wide and when there comes transition to another.
p to People at whom mind flies up not at the command of the owner and
on himself, it is necessary to use this moment for considering and the solution of important issues.
but not working mind - grows stupid.
and As a rule, small and persons of no character is cleverer - it more difficult to survive on force.
p rebates Aspiration to seem clever - the person.
and Clever less than need gets force, strong - mind.
with Weak having got rationality, until the end of life the scientist goes - strong, in old age having weakened it is forced to move in pupils.
z Silly - are stubborn.
p Obstinacy a glupovatost sign, persistence - mind.
zl is frequent obstinacy - attempt of a glupovatost not to make a mistake.
pz Philosophy - medicine against a glupovatost.
d Glupovatost to bad temper - the sister.
and Very many shortcomings can be connected with a glupovatost.
z Manifestation of negative qualities of the person in the majority
of cases is result of a glupovatost and fieriness.
and the Person glupovaty - than seems to it, and more cleverly - than it seems to others.
and the Person of average mind among clever - the fool, among silly - the wise man.
and the Fool is capable to estimate the person only on appearance.
p Complacency - a glupovatost.
to Glupovatost - is sensitive, wisdom - a vseproshchayushcha.
p The the person glupovaty - the more sensitively.
and Among fools quite often hide the disguised sly fellows.
and Supervision over fools from outside - make laugh, direct contact - is tragic.
and From misunderstanding of each other we mistakenly enlist people in
camp of fools.
z the Silly and vigorous youth suppresses the weakened old men the aggressiveness, dictatorship, activity …
z the Fool even if tries - all the same makes glupovatost and saddens surrounding life.
z though punish the Fool though present - his acts are identical.
z Acts of the fool regulates not reason, but desire.
with Silly parents turn into wise men - when our children, growing up, begin to consider us as fools.
z the cleverest parents in 60 years - when to their children 40.
z Silly can be recognized by eyes.
z Fools of clever avoid - they open for them eyes on their nonsense.
z the Fool - an empty vessel.
z Silly lives more feelings, clever - impressions.
z Silly clever are afraid and try will keep from them - it is a natural instinct.
z Silly spoil ecology through life, clever - through production.
z Tricks of silly create dangerous situations, break tranquility, sadden life …
z the Fool cannot be given with the same ease to an order - how, for example, to deceive, or to operate.
z If the fool even strongly wants from - for fear, remuneration, shame … it is clever to arrive - it will not be able.
zp cannot make the Fool clever - it is only possible to adapt to it, creating conditions under which he will not be able to make offenses or will keep from it.
zp Not the best form of elimination of the fool - isolation from society.
zp Many offenses silly was not if clever created conditions under which it could not occur.
zp the Silly person is not guilty that it such of - for heredities, education, conditions, than an intellectual and mental state … to What people glupovaty - the his defects are more visible to
z Sexual concern are promoted by a glupovatost and idleness. z the Wise man knows
about the fool more on breaks of information, than the fool about itself all entirely
z Offense protect fools - reasonable find more perfect and favorable methods.
z Clever having complicated modern civilizations - created silly big vital tension.
z Clever rely on reason, silly more - heart.
z to the Wise person in old age unlike silly is possible to support the health to avoid sexual concern, to find for itself application for service to people.
z the Silly person in a modern civilization - that a blind kitten.
z Clever wishing, as well as everything will as much as possible be expressed, to show the abilities, an ingenuity, to apply as much as possible and will arm with innovations complicate a modern civilization - doing life insufferably difficult for silly. z One fools without understanding
what occurs around are lost, lose confidence, become reserved … Others which the majority get confidence in correctness of the acts and abnormality of maintaining life others.
z The fact that the person is silly and inconsistent is possible will be convinced only how it reacts to weather, wishing it to contrast of which earlier was also dissatisfied.
z Glupovatost cannot comprehend the price to trust, fidelity, reliability, justice, the help …
z In communication with clever of people develops, silly - ego-trips, gains self-confidence, importance, greatness … to
z Glupovatosti in many respects obliged lie and deception.
zp Silly, deceiving clever, does not guess that that understands everything.
and Silly as children are not capable to comprehend degree of ingenuity clever - therefore try to deceive them.
pz to the Silly person as to the child, it is not necessary to try to deceive - will catch. And such method which it even sometimes will not be able to comprehend. An exception are professionals who in the area can successfully deceive the people more reasonably than who are not knowing this sphere.
z the Silly person unlike clever cannot deceive on large.
and the Silly person looks for a way how to deceive, clever understands that it is impossible to hide the truth with a guarantee. p the Silly person cannot comprehend
, on an honest way conducts it clever or not. To reduce a possibility of deception, it has to follow
relatives, neighbors, friends, people whom knows long ago.
and the City person seems more cleverly, rural - glupovaty.
z Wise seeing all shortcomings of people - loves them, silly noticing only obviously visible - hates.
zd Money indulge children and fools.
z Than bigger value for the person has appearance - that it glupovaty.
z feeds with Glupovatost humour.
to One glupovatost angers, - amuses others.
p the good exit from silly situation - humour.
and At the fool and love silly.
p Even at the silliest person it is possible to learn something.
z the Fool condemns everything that over his understanding.
and the Person is clever in councils and is silly in actions.
p the Fool for a profit, the wise man - for council. z the Fool council will not understand
and will not execute.
of C the Fool cannot execute council - it is only capable to give it.
and Glupovatost imposes foreign opinion - giving it for the,
waits for wisdom - when its council butene is popular.
z to the Person potrebno to communicate with silly - to be praised by the victories.
zd the Person communicates with fools - to philosophize.
zp Delusion of the fool - a fun, the genius - accident.
z Glupovatost is capable to predominate - only with a great effort.
z Silly, impractical, impetuous how many do not help they are not capable to hold it, at them everything proceeds through fingers.
zp Glupovatosti are promoted by absent-mindedness and absence of control.
z Silly works under the decree of animal reaction, clever, spiritual and reserved passes it through reason, estimates on necessity and morality.
z the Striking example of a human glupovatost - inspirituality, immorality, misanthropy, the evil, defects, addictions, thirst for luxury, lie …
z to Fools due to bigger mobility - is easier to keep
to Young and silly - run, elderly and clever - think.
zp Glupovatosti are promoted by haste and vanity.
z People with bad speech hearing - seem silly fellows. z We often consider by
silly stubborn.
and Pleasure of the fool - is wild.
z the Thinker - is sluggish, the fool - is unruly.
z the Evil - a glupovatost.
z Cruelty - a glupovatost.
and the Silly person accuses others of the troubles which occur on
to his fault. Besides, he is sincerely convinced of it. Moreover, when he admits the guilt, he does it to deceive “bad“ people that they
lagged behind it or to receive benefit.
and Glupovatosti are promoted by confidence.
z Glupovatost hides for material.
z Behind wealth a glupovatost is not so noticeable.
z to the Fool will be humanized more difficultly.
z Behaviour of the wise man often seems silly of - for misunderstanding.
kp What more cleverly than people wants to seem - that glupovaty looks. yu Glupovatost under a hat - you will not hide
. z Kindness and philanthrophy soften with
operation silly clever.
z Silly knows about itself everything, wise - guesses.
to Glupovatost - the squanderer, mind - the house-keeper.
lsr Clever cannot be greedy, and silly - economical.
and Glupovatost is not capable to save - she can only be greedy.
z spends Wisdom - according to the income, a glupovatost - on requirement. z the Silly person is forced to choose by
vital the road by approbation.
z Glupovatost goes on forgiveness - hardly, wisdom - with ease, understanding and simplification. z the Fool - does not see
superficial, the wise man - gets into depths.
z the Genius fools, uniting, seek to jam.
zp Rage, hatred, revenge - are silly.
zp Jealousy - is silly.
zp Envy - is silly.
zp the Facade - is silly.
sr Silly live less - only animal life provided with natural protection.
zp Clever live two lives animal under protection of the nature and human - supported by intelligence.
z Silly arrive more - under natural laws, clever - under laws of a civilization.
from the Fool secure instincts and intuition.
z Silly in a modern civilization survive on
of support of natural instincts.
d Against a natural glupovatost are preserved by instincts and intuition, public - morals, conscience and shame.
z Behaviour of silly people more naturally and closer to the nature. They do not have enough reason to correct instincts, to behave more favourably or as it is demanded by a situation, the law, traditions of society.
and Silly uses intuition more often.
z A lot of things from this - that clever does due to mind, silly - at the expense of instincts.
z When reasonable uses mind, silly nothing remains how to lean on instincts and intuition.
z Mind is capable advancing - to prevent instincts of deepening of a negative situation, but it unlike an instinct - is more subject to a mistake.
z At silly instincts are developed stronger because mind, being pointed - dulls intuition, instincts, habits …
z Silly lives instincts and emotions more.
z Silly is mistaken in scientific and technical things more often, but is more rare in that area where instincts work.
p Than the person glupovaty, those should rely it on intuition more. z the Absolute glupovatost cannot stir
manifestation of intuition and instincts - she does not notice them.
p When imperfect mind doubts - trust in instincts of the wise nature more safely.
p Silly in the relations with clever is better to be natural - using the omnipotent nature.
z the Nature generates fools to increase reproduction and to keep itself.
z Silly is subject to the nature stronger.
z the Power of the nature extends on silly and impetuous stronger.
z the Silly, impetuous person - directs the nature, knowing, practical, being self-controlled - to some extent also common sense and will. z the Nature wipes out
clever because they badly breed, a modern civilization silly - they in it do not survive.
d Silly in a modern civilization supports the state, charity them relatives take on contents.
and The easiest to drive in a modern civilization out of silly people - the young beauty.
sr If the person arriving a long time, silly does not perish, so the nature allows such form and she does not suit only a civilization alien to it.
and is disputable that what the person makes under the influence of natural instincts is silly.
z the Sluggish and slow nature does not manage to correct behind promptly changing civilization behavior of the person - here without reason, knowledge, will and spirituality not to manage.
and Often thinking that it arrives on understanding - the person only of
carries out command of the nature.
and Behaviour of animals in the nature - more correct, than behavior of people with even imperfect reason - in a civilization.
z the Silly person needs natural protection stronger.
p Silly is easier to live where the civilization is developed less.
z Clever and silly differ in understanding natural less, than what is created by a civilization.
pz can Only trust reason the life, feelings are silly and thoughtless, instincts from - for sluggishnesses and slowness of the nature, without getting on well behind precipitancy of changes of a civilization, not always on advantage at a new vital situation.
and Clever - are afraid, silly - want to deceive.
z Nobility does not allow to live due to deception of silly.
and the Wise man knows better not tested, than the fool - having tested.
kp For a glupovatost - do not blame.
z Glupovatost does not allow to live normally.
z Glupovatosti of one in power to disfigure appearance of the person.
z the Proud clever man - feels before silly advantage, the kind wise man - to wine, that the civilization so disposed that it not at strong, and at clever.
zp the Fool is dangerous that it does not know that creates.
zp the Fool is dangerous that it does not think of consequences of made. z If the fool could comprehend
that clever would will guess his actions about ease he did not make many bad and would be less dangerous.
kp From services of the fool - is more than harm.
and the Wise man is horrified - watching the fool, the Saint - the sinner.
and the Wise man with badly tied up language to thinking - seems the fool.
to Reason - the father of the kind relations, a glupovatost - the angry stepmother.
z Silly more is in great need in the interlocutor - wise can communicate also with itself.
and the kindest and almighty tsar not to help with forces to those - who is struck with a glupovatost.
z Uma will easier be exempted from defect - than glupovatost.
z Nonsense - a shouting escapes.
z Are empty pleasure and happiness from a glupovatost.
z is made by Glupovatost with pure intentions.
to the Congenital glupovatost - not defect.
p the Acquired glupovatost - a crime.
z the Main constraining glupovatost force - pain.
z the Fool cannot flatter. z Silly the problem will take
, clever will solve it, wise will not allow it.
and - laugh At a glupovatost of near people at once, wisdom clever - admire after death.
to Is ridiculous not that - who is silly, and they are who clever of themselves puts.
z the Fool is always happy with itself.
and Poverty and glupovatost fertile field for crimes.
z Mother of the acquired shortcomings - a glupovatost.
d Behind a smile can hide even a glupovatost.
and the Impetuous fool will not curtail from the wrong way - so far he will not bring it to the brink of a precipice.
and Silly survive on household workmanship.
and Glupovatosti will difficult live, and it often goes on humiliation, disgrace, cruelty …
and Glupovatosti it is not conducted what is tactfulness.
to the Gray hair - wisdom decorates, a glupovatost - emphasizes.
and the Wise man operates with mind, the angry fool - tries to influence people by force, roughness, threats …
p Irritability - the sister of a glupovatost.
and the Worrying person - seems glupovaty.
d Not to reserved fools shorten life - harmful pleasures.
p the Silly head - haunts a body.
p Sometimes is not so terrible a glupovatost - as levity.
kp is better to be silly - but serious, than clever - but thoughtless.
and Glupovatost does politeness pathetic.
and the Fool considers abnormal they are who arrives not as it.
of C Not to each person who is pressed down by a glupovatost and defects - is possible to rise.
p Silly - considers itself cleverer than the genius. and Only to the wise man it is peculiar to
doubts in the right mind.
zp Silly knows everything, wise - guesses.
z Clever considers itself silly and seeks to grow wiser, silly -
clever, weakening aspiration to growth.
zp Clever everything, being interested - grows, silly staying in the pompous understanding look not to show the narrow-mindedness and being ashamed to ask questions - does not grow wiser.
z the Fool does not avoid nonsenses - because does not notice them and considers as acts correct.
d the Main culprit of human troubles - a glupovatost. z Through an offensive language fools show to
the freedom, riskiness and independence.
z At silly rage outside, at cunning - inside, at philanthropic - it is not born at all.
p Behind confusion - can hide a glupovatost
and the Fool unclear to it the speech - perceives as nonsense.
z From a glupovatost is born empty confusion.
and Especially silly looks creating a glupovatost - when says that it is not a fool.
z with What more people emphasize that it is not a fool - especially possibly that it it is.
z Clever is not afraid to seem silly.
z Silly - cannot sensibly think.
z Fools grow wise in misfortune, clever nonsenses - in happiness.
z Silly are born everything - not all become clever.
of IP Glupovaty the tutor - can only spoil the pupil.
z Glupovatost, leaving one defect - gets to another.
and the Extreme for fools - wise aspires to the middle.
z is in many respects obliged by Glupovatost to absence of judgment.
z Glupovatost leaves with a growing.
z Silly - are self-satisfied.
z Silly are often proud.
z Only against silly - are visible clever.
z Glupovatost - enrages, the genius - frightens.
to Silly - avoid, clever - are careful.
z Silly clever - is not seen, clever silly remembering themselves in the childhood - notice. z If the person tells to
glupovatost - he inevitably will begin to make them.
z Are frequent cases when the intuition of the fool - helps out than reflections clever.
z Fools on display well expose money.
and Glupovatost to survive - is forced to serve money constantly.
p Some fools pass through themselves more money, than rich men.
but only a glupovatost aspires to money for the sake of idle life.
p If fools knew that it is necessary to them in life - they would chase not money and pleasures, and wisdom.
p the Repeated glupovatost - doubly nonsense.
and Where the glupovatost prospers - there consider wisdom as a weed. zpd Who himself controls
- meets a glupovatost less often. p Without addiction to truth - a glupovatost not to win against
zp Logical thinking - a glupovatost does not allow.
kzd begins Glupovatost there - where the mind comes to an end.
zp Glupovatost is filtered by a business serious situation.
and Glupovatost - is easier than emptiness. there is no
to a glupovatost - which would not find to itself ears.
zp Glupovatost can talk nonsense and clever - but it unlike the fool
having understood it recognizes.
and That did not consider that you bear a glupovatost - sometimes to carry out whims of people enough. ipz We consider
as a glupovatost that is that does not coincide with our opinion.
and can count as the Fool any.
pz a brain can be protected by Glupovatostyyu from overfatigue.
and is Not so terrible the fool`s glupovatost - as clever.
p Not observation and slow-wittedness - sisters of a glupovatost.
zdp can be born Glupovatost from lightness.
z Glupovatost often hides behind importance.
and revolts More and strikes - when clever manage a glupovatost.
p Glupovatost is closed by shyness.
p the Effective glupovatost - is infectious.
p bearing a glupovatost - mind will not add Communication. zp it is difficult for
to prove to the Person that he creates a glupovatost, for this purpose
at first it should be made in it knowing.
and sometimes take novelty For a glupovatost.
p Glupovatost - not the best way that to amuse someone.
and the Ridiculous glupovatost - entertains.
to Glupovatost - is not on friendly terms with common sense.
and Glupovatost deprived of attention - is importunate.
z the nastiest glupovatost - considered.
z Glupovatost - can be born for fear.
to Later glupovatost mediocrity - wisdom seems.
and Glupovatost translated for fun - is not counted.
to the Considered glupovatost - is more terrible blurted out.
zd can be the Cause of a glupovatost a mistake.
zp Silly - lives blindly.
pzd it is possible to Fight against a glupovatost through studying of psychology. pzd We often consider by
silly they are who did not meet our expectations.
and not to seem silly sometimes is enough to carry out whims of people.
and In some degree each person is silly.
and Glupovatost - concept relative.
and One nonsense hide, others - opposite expose on display, thirds - and at all about it do not suspect. z Glupovatostyyu people often consider by
that are that is not conducted by it.
and People strongly react to an emotional glupovatost.
zd Silly can consider the unusual person.
and If all think that the earth flat, then the one who considers that they it, round take for the fool.
and Recognition of a glupovatost in many respects depends on the one who makes this definition.
p is very important For the silly person the choice - whom to follow.
p can result Glupovatost in defects.
z Often a situation is the main factor in commission by the person of these or those actions. and Uma without diligence - to achieve nothing
, and glupovatost - and not to survive at all.
z Glupovatost - a hindrance in formation of the correct outlook.
z Glupovatost - a hindrance in the solution of problems.
z Glupovatost - does the person defenseless. to the Silly person it is difficult for
of C to find and even to understand truth.
zd Glupovatost - is not capable of opening.
zd Glupovatost - is not capable to coordinate, order, correct, inspect and to restore knowledge …
zk Help of eradication of a glupovatost - interest.
z When the person has a good mood - it seems to it that nonsense has less.
yu to Give rise to nonsense a little - it is necessary to find for it witnesses.
yu If the fool admits misunderstanding - he means grew wiser.
yu is better Woe from Wit - than happiness from a glupovatost.
yu How many the fool would not think - all the same nonsense will talk nonsense. yu the hobbies we call
a hobby, others - nonsense.
yu If the person says that he is not a fool - it guards.
yu Series of nonsenses - destiny.
yu At silly does not happen brain diseases.
yu For silly will accept generous rather, than greedy.
yu Nonsense at first appears in eyes.
yu When us are abused by us tell nonsense for offense, praise - from
of modesty.
yu Glupovatost - from education.
yu Nonsense come to mind to all - but clever it is possible to show the door it.
yu Nonsense is vigorous and combative. yu We consider
the person, creates nonsense until then - so far he will not praise us.
yu If nonsense create everything - it is imperceptible.
yu competently to create nonsense - it is necessary to study long.
yu Nonsense still should manage to be invented.
yu Nonsense can happen from love.
yu Nonsense - a peculiar rest.
yu Glupovatost - training before wisdom.
yu is easier to hide wrinkles - than a glupovatost.
yu Nonsense is managed with pure intentions. yu it is expedient to
to preserve the Person who is often making nonsenses against activity.
yu is difficult to fight against nonsense - next the heart.
yu forces to think Nothing so - as the agenda to
to the investigator.
yu If clever which all see and all think, took offense and reacted on silly - to them are once to live.
yu Than is higher sexuality - that growing turbid reason.
yu to Foresee actions of the fool - even the wise man cannot.
yu the Fool in love is intolerable and dangerous.
yu to the Fool sexual concern - in pleasure.
yu Bezdelye not such evil - as activity of fools.
yu Glupovatost can spoil everything, except female beauty.
yu Nonsense and mafia - are invincible.
yu the Silly woman - seems more young, wise - is more senior. The first is more attractive - to the sexual relations, the second - to discussions.
yu Some nonsenses in youth should be made.
yu Nonsense - the most destructive force.
yu Mind has the limits - nonsense knows no limit.
yu the Best communication with the fool - silence.
yu the Wise man, understanding - is silent, the fool without comprehending - says.
yu the Silent fool from a back - the poured-out wise man.
yu Glupovatosti come to mind to all - but clever it is possible to show the door them.
yu Nonsense is the most expensive - sometimes it is necessary to pay for it all life.
yu Silly - like to philosophize, clever - to pretend to be fools.
yu the Silly person - the unit for digestion of food.
yu From two fools is more favorable that which does not recognize the mistakes - sometimes actions of the fool as his apologies not so bother.
yu That was easier to present what in this or that situation
the silly person can make, it can be compared, for example, to a monkey.
yu From silly and violent - suffer everything, from clever and balanced - only relatives.
yu If the person silly - everything that it does, normally,
if clever - much of what it does abnormally.
yu the Fool, looking at the fool, recognizes himself as the wise man.
yu the Fool manages to find satisfaction in commission of nonsenses.
yu Fool