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How to choose bed linen or what sellers of

hold back Structure of bed linen

I Will reveal to you terrible secret of sellers of bed linen: sateen, coarse calico, poplin, Jacquard is not fabric, and a way of an interlacing of threads! And here the characteristic of threads is and there is the real composition of fabric.

It is the best of all if threads are natural, t. e to consist of cotton, flax, silk, a bamboo. From synthetics it is better not to take bed linen - will sleep under it not comfortably.

Mixing of natural and synthetic threads became a new trick of producers of bed linen, for the purpose of material reduction in cost. Recently at me such conversation with the producer of bed linen from Ivanovo took place:

- What composition of fabric at the bedding sets “sateen 3D“?

- 100% cotton.

- Certificates on them are?

- Yes, in the certificate structure: 90% synthetics, 10% of cotton.

Felt a difference?

If you think that the import bed linen will be an example of quality, unlike Russian, then and there are reefs … The Chinese producers are not scrupulous and for money of the importer will write any structure on a label. Recently bought a towel: structure - 100% cotton, the producer - China, in practice turned out that the towel does not absorb water at all how you think why?

Unfortunately, buying bed linen of the famous (untwisted) trademark, you, also do not receive an insurance from all above-mentioned.

Bed linen 3D, 5D or 7D In practice it differs in

from each other a little, it is only an advertizing gimmick therefore do not overpay for the number of D in bed linen.

But there is more to come secrets of 3D bed linen! That to sell it, the most important, it to take the good picture. You think: the bed linen is sewed, then it is photographed. Anything similar. As it is strange, an operations procedure opposite. The ready photo of bed linen, most often from the Chinese websites undertakes (pay attention that at many such photos an identical interior or it is cut simply off). Producers apply this drawing on fabric. Then sew bed linen from this material.

That is why the bedding set bought by you sometimes can strongly differ from that photo which was attached to it.

And still, the bed linen with the same picture can have absolutely different composition of fabric, consider this important detail when comparing the prices in different shops.