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What it, Victory price? Personal aspect of

the war which a bit later became for all of us to the Great Patriotic War began on June 22. And though nobody knew yet and could know that before signing of the Act of unconditional surrender by nazi Germany of 1418 more long and bloody days and nights, even in these first hours of the heavy fighting developed on all western border of the country very few people doubted that the Victory surely will be for us. And the enemy will be broken.

In order that it came true, in the first day of war the country was ready to pay for the general, one on all the Victory the most expensive price. And it did not stand behind it. Paid lives of the sons and daughters. Nearly 27 million our compatriots were carried away with itself by that war. Millions!

And each of them had a name, a surname, the family for whom the death of any of these many millions was not just figure in the ruthless sheet of irrevocable losses, and the pain and a grief giving to the heart.

If to take the small, designated not on all cards village from which my mother, then on a local memorial fallen is that with a half ring is surrounded by a monument to the Soldier - to the Liberator near rural club, - 220 names of those who left on fronts of the Great Patriotic War and did not return from them to a native hut. Every fifteenth inhabitant of a visor in this settlement war. And not to find in it the yard which did not receive for long four years of the death notification on the husband, the father or the brother.

To take at least a family of my grandfather, mother`s father...

Most it was mobilized for the third day of war - 24 - go June. But having passed a fighting way from Tikhvin to Konigsberg, it in August, 1945 returned to the native village. And here two of his brothers died. And though their names are engraved on plates of a rural memorial, but they lie in mass graves far from those places where were born and grew.

The first brother, Yakov, was seriously injured in fight for the village of Olkhovatka of Ponyrovsky district of Kursk region and on March 3, 1943 died from wounds already in hospital. Near it he is also buried. A mass grave in which the grandfather`s brother lies, - at hospital in the village of Olkhovatka. Then, in 43 - the m, to it went 29 - y year. It, perhaps, everything that I know about circumstances of his death.

How in the summer 41 - go the second died grandfathers the brother, Alexey, is known slightly more. He was a railroader. Accompanied military echelons. On the next trip, around Volokonovki (then the Voronezh, nowadays Belgorod region), the structure got under bombardment. As soon as the German planes seemed, the team sounded: “From cars! To disperse“. Both Red Army men, and the accompanying railroad workers began to jump out of the train which began to slow down. Also grandfathers the brother jumped. Also got directly under a rupture of an aviation bomb.

One of fellows villager who in that fatal flight was near his brother told about it to the grandfather when that in August 45 - go came back home. And too executed the From Cars command. But literally several seconds later. Therefore survived. And grandfathers the brother died. Also laid down in a mass grave at Valuyki`s station former Voronezh, and now the Belgorod region.

It is only one family. One of my grandfathers. The grandmother`s father on the maternal line demobilized from army “clean“ after a severe wound died in 44 - m to year already at home. And the grandfather on the ottsovy line, the Red Army man 16 - y the Guards shooting division, was killed on March 21, 1942 in battle at the village of the Field of Velizhsky district of the Smolensk region.

Not me the introduced idea that war passed through each Soviet family - not just words. This is true.

Each of our family paid the personal, individual price for the Victory. And therefore we cannot forget in any way about what they endured in that difficult both for them, and for all country years. Worried, overcame and won. That of their joint efforts there was a general victory. One on all …