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Of what men it is worth steering clear?

Probably, on “What Men You Should Not Contact“ it is possible to make the whole encyclopedia of councils. Here both alcoholics, and addicts, and parasites, and mother`s darlings, and gigolos, and squanderers, and jerks, and just irresponsible types which will quickly and completely fade at the first signs of difficulties. to

Of course, such it is visible practically at once - if the man does not know how to have a good time without alcohol, considers delivery on the first appointment or at all conducts instead of restaurant to take a walk in park - you should not even try to give it the second chance.

But sometimes on our course of life the man without all above-mentioned shortcomings meets, during the good work, attentive and possessing those valuable qualities which are so touchingly described in “Domestic tyranny“, - authoritativeness, force, ability to solve problems. On such many modern women godlessly feel nostalgic, saying that “behind it - absolutely safe“. But often it happens that such man is that from which first of all it is necessary to run far away - soon not to join ranks of clients of the psychotherapist.

So to what signs it is worth paying attention before getting confused in a sticky web of psychological violence which will destroy your life, skin color and a self-assessment?

He always knows that for you it is better - whether it be color of lipstick, the place of work or religion. In the beginning this easy superiority looks as touching care and even fascinates - so far once you will not understand that instead of favourite series you watch action movies, instead of books Anna Gavaldy read “The last revenge Mad“, and instead of campaigns on a disco sing in church choir.

The man tries to change a descent you. Should not be under a delusion even if at you instead of bad habits (to drink and smoke) appeared useful - to run in the mornings and to drag iron in the gym, having a snack on germinated grains. If at the same time everything that is done by you, - is wrong, then from such guy it is necessary to run urgently. To leave off smoking and begin to play sports it is possible also without its active intervention, truly?

Criticizes your appearance, views, a manner to be expressed, culinary preferences and so on. Ask yourself a question: if it does not accept your weight, love to Dima Bilan`s creativity, ignorance of fundamentals of spelling or doctor`s degree on philosophy - what it near you does? Let slides there where everything will suit it, and does not spend your precious time.

Ignores or derides your desires and preferences. No comments.

Depreciates your undoubted advantages and achievements. Beautiful? Merit of parents. Clever? And what brought you your mind? Promoted? So it because you have influential relatives.

Tries to limit your circle of contacts. can Make it or direct criticism of your friends and relatives, or such behavior after which you will not want it to invite more in one company with friends. Anyway there is nothing good in it.

Hints or directly says that from - for the fact that you are a woman, you have already to - to make a breakfast, to wash the dishes, to rush to clean invisible crumbs, to try to iron at once to it shirt - trousers - socks and so on. “Keep at a distance!“ - means it in translation, and the place it - at the man`s legs.

Speaks: “I was sure, you another …“ - usually this phrase are said in response to your claims and attempts to defend independence.

Often repeats: “You such clumsy / inattentive / inaccurate“, “Here at you always so - through a stub - a pack“, “You do everything eternally incorrectly“, “Yes that you in general can...“ Of course, on the first three appointments it can look friendly subsplittings … So far you will not begin to doubt yourself. And there nearby to the following item.

“You such are necessary to a lump“ - as if the value of the person is defined by his necessity as some thing . There is not a disturbing call, but the real siren which has to become for you a signal to immediate flight. Otherwise you indeed will believe that your destiny is this person who does not appreciate you and, moreover, tries to ego-trip at your expense.

Unfortunately, our reality such is that inspire in women since the childhood that the man has to be cleverer, stronger, the getter and the defender - at the same time forgetting that behind a stone wall it is possible to be also in suffocating prison!

And there is a wish to tell: dear women, be attentive and do not allow stereotypic fables about “the real man“ you to destroy. Defend the borders in spite of the fact that the man steadily tries “to bend“ and make you in own way, protect the unique and unique personality - no relations are worth it to lose themselves.