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For what to flowers of a sneaker? New ideas for old things of

Still business people solved global problems about love with long-distance truck drivers how to marry the apartment and the wife to tame - your obedient servant wandered, as always, about secret corners of the World wide web.

Guy I, to put it mildly, inquisitive. You can and to call in a different way, I will not take offense. The mood was minor, here and walked. No, I read everything that interests our readers, attentively read, but understood to a deep regret that I will not re-educate the wife any more, I will not become the long-distance truck driver, and in marriage precisely - even for the sake of the apartment - I will not be able to leave.

Such sad prospect grieved me deeply, I went further as the cowboy, on prairies to walk. Also found here one idea which wanted to be shared, so it stunned me. Not the idea stunned, and that how many there are a lot of people inquisitive and talented in the world. How many imagination and creativity, mother honest! Century live, a century study... Do not continue further, itself I remember introductions.

There is, seemingly, simple thing where it is simpler - an old boot. And it is necessary, looks as a true work of art. What am I telling? About design, of course. Ideas of use of old things there is a set. If itself you cannot think up, choose on taste any where talents scatter the gift.

We will begin, perhaps, with the main thing, and at the same time and Augean stables we will clean. If to begin global audit of our mezzanines and to shake out superfluous of clothes, I think, many so many unnecessary things will find that will even be surprised - it is necessary and from where? But you do not hurry to stack everything before the following cleaning back. These old sneakers, for example, they are necessary to you?

And women`s shoes on an ancient platform? You are sure that the fashion such through fifteen will return years, and your darling will put on them? Are not sure - then aside these shoes. At, what deposits of rubber nurseries sapozhek on mezzanines, different coloring and the sizes! And the child is not suited any more... Yes you that, at institute, and on what course?

It is purged, it is time to go to the dacha. Old sneakers, boots, boots, teapots, pans, a bathtub the made a hole, children`s machine - the truck. I think, your student will not take offense for expropriation of his machine. Let does not worry, you in exchange new buy, real? Collected everything that is possible.

And now idea. What it is possible to make of these second-hand articles? Surprising beds! Such for what your imagination and the sizes of a site will only be enough. But all one after another. In the beginning examine the heavenly spot regarding where it is possible to place the largest things - old your car wheels. Also you do not say what already you know about such beds. It is really old option, but in modern style.

Eight wheels floors 3+3+2 settle down. Previously are painted with nitropaint in different colors - each wheel in the. How to fill the earth what flowers to plant - here already you proceed from the addictions and the imagination. But I assure - looks cool! Nearby you can make a flower bed of the children`s truck - fill the earth in a body and plant flowers more beautifully.

The ware old iron or enameled can be beaten to a wooden fence if that on a site is available. Options of an arrangement depend only on the size of a fence and quantity of ware. Originally old teapots and big iron circles look. We fill up the earth, without having forgotten to make at the bottom of ware of an opening that water did not stand. We land seedling.

Rubber also we attach boots to a fence, it is possible to the line or in a disparate. What flowers to plant? Any medium-sized: anyutka, nasturtium, barkhatets. On your taste. Ege, bentwood chairs from the grandmother from Vienna and without seats - just what is necessary. Below we place an old basin, in it we plant flowers tall. Will grow - there will be to you an original Vienna flower bed.

Your bed? In it still you sleep? If is not present - too in business. Inside we have pans, basins and buckets - only not new. We fill up and land everything that will come to your mind. Cucumbers, vegetable marrows and all lianisty flowers will perfectly look. A lattice on a crib - the beautiful solution of a question of a support for any climbers.

Well, and sneakers and shoes is already jeweler work, charge such registration to a fine half. Women are sometimes so unpredictable, here let and conjure with design. And we - in the prairie, on freedom... behind a new trophy.