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Whether it is worth visiting Marfo - Mariinsky monastery?

B 2009 of Marfo - the Mariinsky monastery of mercy in Moscow celebrated hundred years from the date of opening, and the number of the people who visited its walls increases every year. Especially as now in monastery, in personal rooms of Elizabeth Fiodorovna there is a memorial museum which can be visited in any day, but it is better to order excursion previously. by

At the museum exhibit the numerous photos of the grand duchess covering the entire periods of her life, and also the photo of an imperial family of different years. The accident ward of Elizabeth Fiodorovna where it accepted members of an imperial surname and simple visitors is restored according to pre-revolutionary photos. Here it is possible to see surprising beauty of an embroidery which, most likely, were made by Elizabeth Fiodorovna; at an entrance to an accident ward there is a wooden statue of Saint Elizabeth Tyuringenskaya in honor of which the grand duchess at the birth was named.

In the museum the furniture and home decoration of the end of XIX - the beginning of the 20th centuries including a grand piano which was ordered by Elizabeth Fiodorovna for obitelsky sisters and which did not leave monastery even after its closing is presented. In the molal room where Elizabeth Fiodorovna retired, the icons presented to it in gift in different years are stored.

The certain hall is devoted to krestovy sisters of monastery - it is possible to see their personal and group photos, samples of embroideries, diplomas of nurses.

In the museum there are many personal belongings of the lake of Mitrofan, and also pieces of furniture and utensils from his house to the village of Vladychna. Among exhibits - the Iversky image of the Mother of God which accompanied the priest during war of 1904-1905 and which is mentioned more than once by it on pages of “The diary of the regimental priest“. Here the cross on a St.George`s Ribbon - the only military award which the priest in the war can receive and which was handed to the lake is stored. To Mitrofan Nicholas II personally.

The Pokrovsky Cathedral of monastery operating today represents part of a memorial complex of monastery. Believers can be put to crayfish with particles of relics of Saints Elizabeth, Varvara and lake of Mitrofan. After church service in a cathedral it is possible to spend enough time to admire its strict architecture, simple internal furniture and Nesterov`s lists which were restored to a centenary of monastery. The only thing that pilgrims and tourists are deprived now - it is descent in a crypt, the lower part of a cathedral where still a year ago it was possible to get with excursion. From - for deplorable conditions of some frescos access to a crypt is limited.

In a church bench of monastery it is possible to acquire books of spiritual contents, works on stories of Russia, the last Romanov` biography. On sale there is a collection of letters of Elizabeth Fiodorovna in a good translation from English and French and with comments, and also - two books written by Mitrofan Srebryansky and quite recently republished on excellent paper. It “The diary of the regimental priest“, in fact - the chronicle russko - the Japanese war, and the brochure “Pokrovsky Cathedral“, the small book narrating about construction and internal furniture of the Pokrovsky Cathedral which became a symbol of monastery.

Marfo`s visit - Mariinsky monastery will be interesting both to people religious, and secular which are interested in the Russian history and culture, and also that to whom the identity of the grand duchess Elizabeth Fiodorovna is interesting and close.