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Wings of the Barbecue

Good afternoon friends! All of us watched how in the American movies their heroes practically on every weekend call each other on a barbecue, here necessarily and at most there is a desire to prepare something similar. As you know on a barbecue it is possible to make both meat and vegetables and a bird. Also it will be better if to begin with chicken wings and if still to dip them in barbecue sauce, then will be not to come off eating of this yum-yum at all. If you have no experience and you do not know how to prepare barbecue wings, choose lower the recipe to the taste and begin to dare!
By the way, wings of a barbecue it is possible to prepare according to these recipes not only on skewers or a barbecue, but also in an oven.
Spread out wings in an oven on a lattice, below put a baking sheet that in it juice flew down. Fry wings at 170 C` 30 minutes. As soon as chicken wings begin to get zolotisto - a brown crust, can get them from an oven and give on a table.

Barbecue wings - the classical recipe

will be required to us:

1 kg of chicken krylyshk

mayonnaise the
ketchup salt, sugar, lemon juice to taste
1. Defreeze the frozen wings and rub off paper towels. In a bowl mix ketchup and mayonnaise, at will you can also add sugar, salt, juice of a lemon and any spices. In this marinade we put wings, to mix and leave for 2 hours for pickling.

2. During pickling of wings, we prepare coals for a barbecue. Then to spread out wings on a lattice and to fry to readiness, without forgetting at the same time them to overturn.

Barbecue wings in original marinade

for this purpose it is required to us:

12 pieces of wings
1 table. l. vinegar of balsam
1 / 2 of St;
vegetable oil 1 table. l. wine
3 vinegar tooth.
1 / 2 garlic of piece of sweet
pepper bunch of
1 parsley of h l. sweet granular

1 mustard. To crush parsley, pepper and garlic, to add oil, mustard and vinegar. Wings to wash up, dry paper towels and to lay out in a bowl. To fill in with marinade and to leave for 2 hours.

2. To get wings from marinade, to salt and spread out on a lattice. To fry to readiness.

Barbecue wings in soy sauce

will be required to us:

0,5 kg of
10 chicken wings table. l. soy
3 sauce table. l. the
apple cider vinegar pepper and salt to taste
1. To rinse wings in flowing water and to dry paper towels. Now it is necessary to make marinade: to mix soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper. All this mix needs to be shaken up properly. To grate chicken wings with marinade and to leave for 1,5 - 2 hours.

2. After pickling fry wings on skewers or on a lattice before formation of a ruddy crust.

Barbecue wings with cheese sauce

it will be required to us:

200 g of
chicken wings of 50 g of
mayonnaise of 50 g of
vegetable oil of 50 g of the
sour cream of 20 g of
cheese salt and pepper - to taste
1. To lay out the wings prepared washed up and dried in a bowl, to water with oil, on to salt, on to pepper and leave to be pickled for 15 - 20 minutes.

2. Fry wings on a lattice before formation of a golden crust. For now they are fried, we will start preparation of sauce. For this purpose it is necessary to mix mayonnaise, sour cream and grated cheese. With this sauce it is watered ready wings and we give on a table.

Sharp wings of a barbecue

it will be required to us:

12 pieces of
chicken wings 3 lemons
2 onions
1 / 2 of St;
vegetable oil 3 garlic gloves
1 table. l.
parsley ground pepper - to taste
1. Wings to wash up and dry paper towels. Then it is necessary to pierce them in several places a fork and to put in a bowl. In other ware mix juice of lemons, vegetable oil, pepper and salt. To cover with the received mix wings, to strew with parsley and to send to be pickled to the cool place for 1,5 - 2 hours.

2. To cut onions rings, to add it to wings and it is good to mix everything. Spreading wings on a lattice, between them put rings of onions and fry to readiness.