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How to define the woman`s type? Beluchcha of

Monica Bellucci, Ann Hatauey, Alsou, Natalya Goncharova... Which of these beautiful girls to paint a portrait of the second subspecies? Well, we will call it Beluchcha.

the Fine image - perfection, same pretty, as well as Bebeton, only dark-haired. Same correct lines, equal face form. Big expressive eyes as called earlier - with povoloky. Such impression that even to watch at you to it laziness. Small accurate nose. Proportional figure. Soft slow manners.

The main features, his accent - of a lip . They can be and wide, as at Hatauey, and small, as at Alsou, but always full, expressive, attracting to themselves attention.

No knives 42 sizes, thick bums will be seen by you at Beluchchey. Just as Bebeton, represents from herself mewing - pleasant creation. Smooth gestures, soft hands. But energy 10 times less than at Bebetonov. And respectively, both habits of a predator, and impudence, and grasp.

A character basis - laziness.

If Bebeton with the fascinating pseudo-meowing is a cheetah who catches production and devours it, then Bellucci is a black cat. Soft, fluffy, cozy, indulged the mollycoddle. It has no habits of a predator. With it it is warm and cozy. Whether it is necessary to say that they the second for popularity in the market of brides. Of course, not to surpass Bebeton to them, but equal to them is not present. Husbands somehow approach them by itself bystrekhonko. In maids because of comelines they do not sit up, early marry and never change husbands voluntarily. Well it is not necessary to them! If provide them at least the minimum comfort and a chocolate wrapping - they will perfectly live until the end of life with one husband. The Beluchcha knows that the male will not get to from its submarine anywhere. She, on laziness to changes, even forgives changes, trying not to notice them.

Personal comfort - a condition of its existence with the man.

A problem of the first years of joint life with a male - to sit down on a bottom exactly and to sustain a pause that the male itself began to thresh. And as a rule - begins …

of Beluchcha does not possess bebetonovsky ability to risk. Will not change one husband for another as it is done by Bebeton, it will pressurize quietly the first. And, as a rule, they are not left by husbands. Drag - to the house what is wanted by their beloved Beluchcha. Because the man - is cunning, he feels that he took for himself the beauty and he should work much more actively, than to husbands of other subspecies. But not to death as bebetonovsky husbands overstrain, not before self-combustion.

Bellucci - very amorphous on life. They are not fighters as Bebeshki. Therefore seldom reach heights - both career, and family. But never live in poverty.

But do not think that our beauty is unpretentious in money! We love money, but too is somehow quiet. She should not fight for money cruelly. They to it flow.

Beluchchki is favourites the fan - Shuya. Their soft current is lazy - the current energy comes back to them a quiet zhivonosny stream of the benefits of a civilization.

... To sleep to 2 days, to watch TV, to slowly rise, drink coffee. Then it is obligatory to sit long before an open case in thought what today to put on itself. To speak with the girlfriend by phone.

They do not jump with the list in the head of a heap of urgent matters for today. Do not grab a floorcloth - usually for this purpose there is a housemaid. Especially do not seek to wash the dishes... Etc.

I work if it is - has to be a burden not. So, by the way. Does not like to work and does not seek for some activity, preferring an honourable role of the housewife.

My girlfriend is an accountant somehow at an accounting seminar, having looked round around, opened for herself such statistics. Most of all accountants are types: Tatarch, Guides and Sweethearts. Main “labor“ subspecies. Several Lys and even couple Bebetonov got. But here she among sloggers of accounting did not find any Bellucci. They do not love work. Especially, such dreary, demanding assiduity and diligence as accounts department. To us something less expensive on time and more cheerful. Where coffee, sigarette and sincere conversation. Well and, of course, boys for a change, in any way not tsifir muddy.

Bellucci radiate rest and beauty, as it is necessary to men. Bellucci where comfort. They as cats - love a warm oven. As they are beauties, Bebetona very much like to be on friendly terms with them. Usually also they go couples - dark and white milovidka. And Bellucci - only of all subspecies who is not afraid to be on friendly terms with Bebeshkami. Safely and quietly sustain the competition as are at heart sure that is more more beautiful - that anybody is not present them in all this world. Usually more vigorous, Bebetona choose Beluchchy in the girlfriend - not with a crocodile to go, to itself to spoil image.

Bebeton and Beluchcha, flying by on the Bentley machine, are busy with useful business - look for the uncle that earned for them a money. In the ranks of feminists you will not see either Bebeton, or Bellucci. Their region of dwelling - shops, salons, resorts. Where rich and successful uncles. Look at glossy magazines, men in clear say on whom it is necessary to equal - entirely Bebe and Bellucci.

But Bellucci has neither risk, nor courage, nor Bebeton`s power. And therefore in comparison and in vital results it loses Bebe. But too it is not bad attached in life. As - in any way - a milovidka.