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Laszlo Pappus. Whether it is difficult to become the champion of three Olympic Games?

at the time of my cloudless childhood and radiant youth a name of this outstanding Hungarian boxer were known practically by each boy. And to obtain if not just the same as at it, then not less shattering hook of left many dreamed. Not at all it turned out.

And to become the three-time Olympic champion … Laszlo Pappus`s Krom, only two boxers managed it. Passed nearly half a century - 24 years before Cuban Teofilo Stephenson repeated outstanding achievement of the famous Hungarian. At the summer Olympic Games of 1980 in Moscow it became the three-time Olympic champion. In 20 years in Sydney his compatriot Felix Savon for the third time rose by the top step of the Olympic pedestal.

Three persons … For the whole century only three persons could make it. Became Olympic champions in such sport as boxing three times.

Here to you and answer. It is easy? Whether it is difficult? Devilishly difficult.

Because, besides the blow given by nature or put by persistent trainings, there has to be something else.

In - the first as it seems to me, - commitment. It is necessary very much to want to make it that eventually all - turned out.

In - the second to work, work and once again … To work! Only those who love work pioneers are called. But also to Olympic champions, especially triple, it belongs fully.

And in - the third … Force - it, of course, straw aches. But to win against the rival who as well as you, are aimed at passing further and to ascend to the Olympic pedestal, it is not enough one force. In “square“ it is necessary not only to beat. But also to think.

All these qualities were at Laszlo. For this reason he could become that whom became. But about everything - one after another.

For Laszlo Pappus everything began at the London Olympic Games of 1948.

In the first fight by his rival there was a famous boxer of those years the Finn to Valya Resko. And already in the second round of the referee in a ring opened the account:

- One, two … Ten!


In the following fight the luxembourger Velter capitulated to Laszlo Pappus even quicker. The Hungarian needed less than two minutes to lay the rival on the ring floor.

As much also fight with Belgian Kavinyak which Laszlo won behind a clear advantage again continued. And it - in spite of the fact that in the previous fight the Belgian won a victory over American Johnson, having sent it to a knockout.

In the final Pappus met the favourite of the London public Englishman John Wright. The hall which brought together eight thousand viewers was obviously not on the party of the Hungarian. And judges extremely avariciously gave Laszlo`s points, “without noticing“ the blows passed by Wright. And still advantage the Father became obvious. Two judges from three gave a victory to it.

So Laszlo Pappus became the Olympic champion for the first time.

He repeated this success at the second Olympic Games, in Helsinki. Though after Laszlo called her difficult more than once. Already on the plane he felt badly. He felt sick, the head was turned. The first two days in Helsinki had to be spent to beds.

But already the first fight with American Webb which was higher than 167 - honor centimetric Laszlo on the whole head, Pappus won a knockout.

The following rival, Canadian Shasse, the Hungarian sent “to have a rest“ on a ring floor in the eighth minute of a duel, having got it the hook left in the head.

Won against Bulgarian Spasov and Argentinean Herrera Laszlo on points.

And here - the final in which the boxer from the Republic of South Africa Van Shalkvik who appeared on a floor in the third round became the rival Papa. After the combination which is carried out by the Hungarian from three huk. However, “eight“ Shalkvik rose by the account from a floor and continued fight. But when the final gong sounded at anybody of attendees in the hall including judges, had no slightest doubt that Laszlo Pappus became the Olympic champion again.

At the next Olympic Games, in Melbourne, his second duel became one of the most difficult fights for Laszlo. With Pole Zbigniew Petishkovsky to whom Pappus lost on the eve of the Olympic Games, in the European championship of 1955.

Already at the end of the first round the Hungarian sent the rival to a floor. But “eight“ Zbigniew could rise by the account and continued fight. The gong rescued it from a possible knockout. The Pole restored in a break gathered, and the following rounds already went with variable success. But a victory in this fight of the judge everything is gave to the Hungarian.

Laszlo`s final won against the world of the black boxer which passed after the Olympic Games in professionals and won a champion title from the USA - Jose Torres. Pappus already was 30 years old. To his rival - slightly more than twenty. At that time time the Hungarian boxer already had six changes of brushes.

But he - won. Also became the three-time Olympic champion.

Of course, Laszlo`s life on it did not end. In it there was a lot what. In 1957 he became a professional. In order that on May 16, 1962 the crown Hook to knock out Chris Christensen at the left and to become the champion of Europe. And then six a time in a row to protect this title.

On a professional ring of Laszlo did not lose any of 29 carried-out fights and in 1964 left professionals only because the Hungarian authorities cancelled its right for work abroad. Their logic can be understood. How so? The citizen of the socialist state - and the athlete - the professional?

And Laszlo understood. Though this decision put a big and fat end to an opportunity to become the world champion among professionals, it did not embitter it. And Pappus, unlike many contemporaries, did not change the Hungarian passport of another, more prestigious. That which would allow it to continue professional career. And over time to put on a belt of the world champion. That it was only a matter of time personally for me there are no doubts.

Yes, Pappus did not become world champion among professionals. But unless it is important? More important than the fact that the person remained up to the end faithful to Hungary? To the country in which he was born. Which anthem listened to the whole world when it rose by the top step of the Olympic pedestal.

In 1971 Laszlo became the trainer of a national boxing team. Also there were her trainer 21 years, having trained during this time many talented athletes in honor of whom the colors were hoisted up, and all hall rose, welcoming the winner, and standing listened to the anthem of Hungary.

Probably, not only sports career, but also all the life this outstanding Hungarian deserved that he today, on October 16, in day when ten years as Laszlo are executed left us, we remembered it. And about its well-known hook of left …