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Engineering geodesy in construction of

All types of construction works from construction of the multystoried building to a small country house, have to be followed by geodetic works. Presently it is necessary to resort to services of surveyors in increasing frequency. As projects of houses and buildings become harder and harder and their realization is possible only at the correct and competent approach.
Only the highly skilled surveying engineer having special electronic optical devices in the arsenal can make professional maintenance of construction and its delivery in operation. The surveying engineer conducts construction maintenance from the very beginning when there is even no ditch and till the end when the object is put in operation. What does it do? - you ask. Before construction, that is before arrival of foremen, equipment and workers it is necessary to prepare project documentation. Correctly to make the project of building, a vertical layout (earth biases) and so forth the so-called geounderlying cause or the topographical plan of large scale where all existing buildings and structures, communications (engineering networks), elevation marks (horizontals), trees and all necessary information will be put is necessary. This topographic map or the plan are created by forces of the surveying engineer and his assistant during topographical works. Then directly at construction implementation, carrying out in nature of design points and marks belongs to duties of the surveyor or they are called still marking works. And in the subsequent and control of deviations from the design provision of elements of the building or a construction at each stage of construction or in the course of the performed works. It fixes the received deviations on executive geodetic schemes which in turn should not exceed the values specified in the regulating documentation Construction Norms and Regulations (Construction norms and rules). If deviations exceed limit admissible, then elimination of such places in the course of construction works is made, or at not possibilities of the first option the surveying engineer agrees on them with the customer. On completion of construction the surveyor provides all executive geodetic schemes on all cycle of construction without which further delivery and commissioning of object are simply not possible.