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Why the basis under a make-up and what it happens is necessary?

Consigned to the past times when had a basis under a make-up and only makeup artists - professionals used in the arsenal. Today even when using a daily day make-up it is possible to achieve by means of it a miracle - means of an ideal make-up for the whole day, without resorting to the help of professionals. And I will cut out some secrets and councils for the choice and use of a basis under a make-up in this article. For a start I will note

that the basis under a make-up creates some kind of “barrier“ between skin and a make-up in general. We kill with it at the same time two hares: the basis is evenly distributed on the top layer of our skin, thereby as if smoothing it, and thanks to it foundation with powder are not hammered into a time and wrinkles, for example, around eyes and lips.

The following important effect of a basis - fixing of a make-up. It will much longer keep and will not spread.

I will present you several types of a basis, or base (this same), under a make-up and what will approach better under your type of face skin to solve already to you, or consult to the consulting cosmetologist, he will surely prompt to you on what product to you to stop.


the Professional basis under a make-up which “lights“ and ideally levels skin. Will prolong faultlessness of a make-up, including eyes and lips, thanks to the texture enriched with special elastomers which correct and decolour shortcomings, smooth skin, reducing fatigue traces, fill small wrinkles, visually reduce visibility of enlarged pores and give to skin glossy effect. The shine of skin is reached thanks to presence at structure of a basis of powder which creates effect of a harmonious diffused light, erases “shadows“ and by that creates effect of shine of skin. Is suitable for any type of face skin.


the Transparent basis under a make-up from gel texture ideally levels complexion and the top layer of skin in several easy gestures and will be ideally suited for the make-up which was intended for the long period. Its formula minimizes skin shortcomings thanks to creation of a silky film after drawing and by that the person visually looks velvety, skin becomes smooth. This basis under a make-up is peculiar “base“ for the make-up as visually it is possible to call it safely “uniform finishing“, which incredibly resistant for a long time.

Effect anti-gloss of PROFESSIONALS PRIMER from PUPA

the Basis for a make-up which is simply irreplaceable for mixed like face skin and for fat skin. This basis is developed especially for removal of a greasy luster, thanks to mineral powder which is a part of this basis. It adsorbs the increased release of fat a time and absorbs a greasy luster. Thanks to this basis we ideally level defects, visually we narrow pores, wrinkles, we prolong life to our make-up for the whole day, and one more plus of this basis: in its structure there is a vitamin E which prevents presenilation of skin.


the Basis under a make-up which is capable to protect in extreme cases, even from frosts. Of course, first of all we will note alignment of small wrinkles and defects, minimization of enlarged pores, well and the following important effect - food by minerals and vitamins with which this basis is rich in the structure. Existence of these nutritious components creates the main protection - a barrier to our skin from various aggressive factors from environment.

Here you can use such bases under a make-up for the ideal make-up daily.

It was necessary only to add that the basis under a make-up should be applied on the cleared skin after you apply the day face cream with the easy massing movements on massage lines.

Be beautiful!