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What “social shape“ of Marfo - Mariinsky monastery was?

In Marfo - the Mariinsky monastery of mercy founded by the grand duchess Elizabeth Fiodorovna were accepted maidens and widows of orthodox religion from 21 year to 40 years, irrespective of a social origin. Princesses and peasants, noblewomen and bourgeoises - the place and business was all. Examinees originally did to

manual labor: washed the floors and worked at kitchen, then already all were given obedience on their bents and talents. Almost all krestovy sisters took medical courses and became sisters of mercy, having an opportunity to work fully in hospital. For maintenance of their professional level in monastery physicians who gave to sisters lectures were invited.

All doctors worked in Marfo`s hospital - Mariinsky monastery free of charge, nevertheless doctors were one of the best in Moscow, and soon the obitelsky hospital was considered exemplary, here sent heavy and hopeless patients who, thanks to excellent leaving, recovered. Except for wounded and tubercular patients for whom separate infirmaries were built in hospital of monastery only one death was recorded.

Every year sisters in monastery became more and more, the monastery became known not only in Moscow, but across all Russian Empire, sought to get on service here.

The monastery continued the activity as far as it was possible, and after arrest of the grand duchess. Sisters continued to treat all coming to them, but in the years of revolution and civil war were in full uncertainty. After in 1926 Marfo - the Mariinsky monastery was disbanded by Bolsheviks, many krestovy sisters were included in the reference. Sixteen of them were sent to Kyrgyzstan, to Turkistan from where only in twenty years, in 1946, they could move in the village of Vladychnya of the Tver region to the confessor of monastery, and not all any more.

On memoirs of m. Hopes (Z. A. Brenner), krestovy sisters of Marfo - Mariinsky monastery tried and to keep out of its walls whenever possible together and to follow vowed service to people. So, for example, she refused the help to mother which wanted to return it from the reference to remain with the krestovy sisters in Turkistan. Surprisingly, but vital difficulties did not separate so different in characters, education, education and a social origin of women.

Speaking about Marfo - Mariinsky monastery of mercy, it is impossible to ignore the confessor of monastery - the lake of Mitrofan Srebryansky. There was he from a priestly family, got a good house education, then began to study in seminary. In 1897, being already a priest, became the prior of the Pokrovsk temple 51 - oho the Chernihiv regiment in. Eagle. It is remarkable that the grand duchess Elizabeth Fiodorovna was the chief of a regiment. When began russko - the Japanese war, the island Mitrofan went with a regiment to the Far East where there were till last days wars. There he kept the detailed diary which from its consent was published by Srebryansky`s admirers.

During creation of monastery the grand duchess looked for priests who could help it with organization of life and maintenance of moral shape of her wards. Having considered several projects submitted on her name on which the monastery could develop, Elizabeth Fiodorovna approved Mitrofan Srebryansky`s project and invited him to Moscow. After thoughts he with the wife moved to monastery under construction and became the confessor Marfo - Mariinsky sisters.

After revolution in 1919 he with the spouse accepted monastic tonsured. In 1923 it was sent to Tobolsk from where returned in two years. After abolition of monastery of the lake Mitrofan moved to the village of Vladychnya to the wife`s relatives where he served in the temple and spiritually nurtured believers. Then it was banished to Far North, but released ahead of schedule. Endured World War II. Inhabitants of Vladychni who, in fact, was on a front line and over whom the German warplanes flew thanked the island of Mitrofan for safety of the lives and houses as kind prayer book.

He died in 1948 and it was buried on a local cemetery, there and its relics up to 2000 when there was a canonization arkh were based. Sergiya (Mitrofan Srebryansky). Nowadays its relics are in Tver Voskresensk a cathedral.

Marfo - the Mariinsky monastery which united people of various estates - from the grand duchess to peasants of an alien origin, for the short period of the existence at the beginning of the XX century gave to the orthodox world of four Saints - the grand duchess Elizabeth Fiodorovna, page. Varvara (Yakovleva), arkh. Sergiya (Srebryansky) and page Eudoxia (Kuzminova).