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How to define the woman`s type? Whether Bebeton of

It is possible on a face type and figures to define the woman`s type? The Chinese physiognomics claims what is possible. The face type of the person defines his personal characteristics. The leading practicing psychiatrists Gannushkin and Krechmer spoke about compliance of a face type and character of the person in the XX century. If to be based on a face type, then all women can be divided on a type into 11 types.

Type 1, a creation wreath - Bebeton . One of the principles of identification of subspecies - the main features which are evident and remembered... At type Bebeton this line - of an eye . At them a light, or fair hair. Big beautiful, are more often blue, eyes. Small correct nose, very correct rectangular face form. Everything is proportional and harmonious. Perfection of lines gives very lovely look, some childishness that always bribes the interlocutor. Manner to speak most often gentle when they ask, almost mew or pripuskat in the speech of a little children`s baby talk. It especially influences men. The slim figure, short legs does not happen, a bone thin. Yes look at any glossy magazine - you see the beautiful blonde - perfection?

The Russian people by means of legends left us a role model such a miracle - maidens - to Nastenk from “Morozko“.

Legend characters:

Father Frost is the old lonely grandfather who is living in the wood, thinking out to himself any entertainments like permafrost, snowdrifts and other very useful things. Unfortunately, youth at the pensioner passed, there are no hopes for reciprocal love and at whom to receive it, this love if on 50 km around - only hares and the Baba-yaga, the beldame? Her marvelous forest youth passed too, and it any more is not used directly by Fathers Frost... And consequently, except irritation, causes nothing in them.

Nastenka (attention to the screen) is the pretty doll fragile maiden. This is our main character! Nastenka feels sorry for all. It, as usual all bebetona by youth, is a little bit poor, but it not defect for such pretty girl... Show to Nastenk allegedly all in work. Actually the fairy tale shows, as should advertize itself that you all in work. To work and pretend that you work - two big differences. The main thing - is constant to be cried for processing, and here result: all begin to feel sorry for Nastena. to

“Little mice, help!“ - and little mice help. to
“The leveret, help!“ - and hare at speed the stocking knits, it is a pity for Nastya.
“The sun, does not rise, wait!“ - and even the sun brakes on turn...
There now, made the whole world for Nastenki everything - and she should not overstrain.

Now model of communication with an opposite sex... This moment should be taught at lessons for girls of elementary grades as model and to learn by heart.

Nastya in the wood. Nightmare, deadlock.
But, about a miracle! About pleasure! On the horizon old somewhat eccentric Ded with the physical low-temperature experiments. And Ded has such pleasure - pretty Lolitka in bushes! It is clear, that the engine of grandfathers left, but, as they say, “I will not reach, I will so be warmed“. And here the grandfather enters a phase of implementation of sexual imaginations the phrase:
- whether is cold to you, the maiden? Whether it is cold, red?

The sadist with an experience specially thought up the new torture fingering his imagination for young ladies - a frost minus 20. And if other girl, Marfutka, answers directly the old man that his sex - jokes are already interesting to nobody also its foolish invention - a frost, is necessary well, maybe, only for disinfection of microbes (in the fairy tale: “You what, okhrenet, old?“), the silly woman and the foolish fate will be in an ending in the form of a crow.

Not - et... Bebeton not such is... It is wise and enterprising. And old men - its fad. It easily and easy picks up game of the old playboy. Bebe knows, as to use the man that it gave all it is capable of and that at it in an izba is laid up.
- Heat, the grandfather! - coquettishly Bebeton answers.

“About - About - About - About …“ It groan of all for all history of the world and even the grandfathers who rested already in Moroz`s image was distributed. Its games of a maral during rutting are supported and appreciated! Yes, this innocent (and Bebeton is always innocent, even with three children) the girl is an expert in me, in the real man!
- I still can! - and skipping rushes around a fir-tree, vigorously shaking the New Year`s stick.
- whether Heat to you, the maiden?
- Heat, the grandfather! - again supporting game, Bebeton coos.

And here it is already conducted in a mansion and on a bench put... The end - to all girls the wise man: the old lady`s man Moroz presents Bebe and bryulyam in 3 kg, and Vanka - the prince. And that Vanka did not “drive“ from what it is suddenly to his nevestushka gifts from the old uncle - to him a frock coat from a lordly shoulder and the car in apples about three horsepowers...

Bebeton is the person without emotions in the usual sense of this word. That is without usual babsky reflections, hysterics and self-flagellation. In total frankly and primitively. You to me - bank notes, I to you - beautiful maintenance of your life, sad without me. “Well, darling, you know that in life it is necessary to pay for everything?!“ And darling understands that for happiness to be near Bebeton it is necessary to pay doubly, and joyfully pays.

Bebeton - a sample of man`s dreams and expectations. Bebe - as a thoroughbred horse or the respectable car. Bebe - a rare copy, and uncles appreciate it. And Bebeshki perfectly know the own worth. They walk the streets and see that all turn around in it following. And it, the demand sorry, increased, so, and confidence that never and at any times you will not be left without uncle - the supporter.

Bebeton should not substitute footboards to competitors, to machinate... It completely has no inferiority complex and sense of guilt. What for? Baby looks in a mirror and sees a creation wreath there. Whether it is necessary to say that blondes with the correct face form, big expressive eyes, an accurate nose crown a pyramid of a fair of brides and are favourites of men and spoiled children of fate?