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For what competitions are necessary?

the Competition - one of the most popular kinds of activity of people, both in real life, and on the Internet. Each competition has 4 parties, each of which has the interest in the events.

The first party - the sponsor a competition. This is the person, the group or the organization which pays a competition provides him the resources and prizes. Its interest is that the competition draws attention to the sponsor or to his purposes is often much more effective, than usual advertizing. Participants of a competition are involved in it, watch results, fight with each other, rejoice to victories, endure defeats and, certainly, win prizes. All this is followed by the strengthened advertizing of the sponsor, his name constantly flashes and is remembered by all participants. Competitive works can be used further by the sponsor for the advertizing and some other activity, participate in exhibitions, help with business development etc. by

the Second party - the organizer a competition. Here everything is simple - the organizer earns money. Though if the organizer himself is a sponsor, then he does not earn money, and spends, but has all advantages given above. And still saves on services of the organizer. In many cases the organizer of a competition also acts as the jury defining winners. It is possible to call such competitions closed. An example of the closed competition - figure skating. If winners are determined by the audience by the vote, then such competitions will call open. An example of an open competition - “Eurovision“.

The third party - participants a competition. Participants of a competition have usually several motivations. The main motivation, of course, to bypass all competitors and to win the first prize. Here the ambition plays the role: not the value of a prize (which can be non-material, for example, the diploma or a medal) is important, it is important be best of all in something than the others that extraordinary lifts a self-assessment. The desire is simple to win some valuable prize it is necessary to put on the second place. In this case participation in a competition becomes a kind of work, but with unwarranted payment. On the third place (and however who as, at someone can have it also on the first) just thirst of creativity and self-expression. Well and last but not least desire to draw attention to the creativity, to receive new readers and admirers. Everything that is called the fashionable word “be advertised“.

The fourth party - the audience . Their interest in receiving pleasure from viewing of the action, viewing of competitive works and procedure of a congratulation of winners. This party is also target audience for the sponsor as usually there is not a lot of participants as the audience. Considering this fact, organizers apply all forces that the competition was spectacular and attracted not only participants, but also detached onlookers.

The Internet dug out ample opportunities for holding various competitions. In virtual space, in - the first, to all four parties each other, in - the second is much simpler to find, on the Internet competitions take place much more dynamically, than in newspapers or on radio, collect much more participants and the audience. Costs of holding competitions on the Internet are much lower, than in real, and the statistics of a competition can be collected much easier and more precisely.

The increasing popularity is gained by competitions where as the sponsor and the organizer the Internet the websites act, and the purpose of carrying out is drawing attention the Internet - audiences to the resources. Generally it is creative competitions: on the best photo, history, the poem or an advertizing slogan, on the best video, the program, drawing, the presentation, etc. All this can easily be sent organizers on a network, it is easy to upload to the website and it is easy to organize vote if a competition open.

As an example we will consider regular competitions of Yandex on the best photo on the set subject organized by service “Yandex. Photos“. It is very easy to participate in a competition - one or two of the photos loaded on service should just be marked as participating in a competition, and it, after check by moderators on compliance to competition conditions, appears in gallery of participants. Such photo even if will not become the winner of a competition, will draw great attention, a set of estimates and the comment. It will be downloaded, on it will put references. It privlyochyot also attention to the author of the photo who will be added to chosen. And for service it is a source of continuous replenishment of content, continuous inflow of attention, so good marketability of advertizing on this resource.