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Bought a billiard table? It is time to learn also about repair.


business - questions in many respects can concern today things which are at first sight not really remarkable, but are very noticeable if they are absent in general. Thus, the sphere of entertainments became so extensive that can concern practically each sphere of our action. So we can make to ourselves entertainment center of only one computer and make the game room or the whole building having just delivered itself in the house several tables for billiards.

As well as many other games, billiards became quite popular thanks to the not too difficult structure, and to what to learn play it everyone can. If you want to relax, drive a little a few rage or to drink something cold and to forget about what expects you tomorrow, then game in billiards with several people will help best of all. And if you are interested in purchase of billiard tables for the centers of entertainments or for some bar or club, then to find such shops which will sell to you these goods will be not and it is difficult. You need to go online. There you will find all necessary and will be able to make the order. In the presence of special wishes will listen to you and all will make in order that you were happy with result. And it is simple to find them, having only specified that you want to buy.

Any billiard table what expensive and qualitative it was not needs over time as small repair (a table broach, an adjustment of a game surface, replacement of grids, slopes of billiard pockets) and repair more difficult (a cloth banner on the game field, replacement of cloth on boards, replacement of onboard rubber, replacement of a stone and so on ) to

the Broach of a table and leveling. In time to reveal these or those defects which arose at a table in 4 - 6 months after installation of a table it is necessary to carry out a broach of all bolted connections and leveling (adjustment of level of the game field)

of the Billiard pocket for a billiard table change both entirely, and in parts.

Most often the banner (replacement) of billiard cloth is required. Billiard cloth is more subject to wear and casual damage, than a table. If the table costs in club and is much used, then usually the banner is required time in 6 - 12 months. Besides, if to fit a table expensive and qualitative cloth (Iwan Simonis 760), then the banner of cloth can occur less often. In house conditions the table is usually drawn much less often, in most cases because of the fact that the owner spoiled it (tore, burned, filled in).

Replacement of onboard rubber. Directly onboard rubber has long service life, however, despite it, very often there is a need for replacement of this detail. It is required in case rubber became firm and a sphere rebound any more not such what was at the beginning. Usually it occurs from - for the fact that indoors big humidity or on boards often spill liquid. In such cases to have to remove old rubber and to put new.

Replacement of the game field. If you bought a billiard table with a game surface from LDSP, but over time you wanted to what is more better, it is not obligatory to sell an old table and to buy new. It is possible just to change the game field from LDSP for a stone (ardeziya).

That the billiard table served you long and brought many positive emotions? it is just necessary to watch and look after him. After each game it is desirable to clean the game field a brush or the vacuum cleaner (on the minimum mode that will not stretch cloth), to wipe billiard balls with special solution and, of course, to lay a table a billiard cover (nobody cancelled dust) .

Conforming to these simple rules, and the table will be very grateful to you, and it will be especially pleasant to you to play on a pure and well-groomed table.

Game pleasant to you!!!