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World economic crisis for Russia - a problem, the benefit or chance to change?

the Economic crisis which captured many countries do not stop still. The developed countries suffer from decline in production and the actual conditions for work of the enterprises. The root of problems is not absolutely clear, but it is possible to believe that the high prices of oil these years play the role too. And Russia, as we know, is one of exporters of this type of raw materials.

We hear that the budget of our country happened surplus in recent years (the income more expenses) and aspires to balanced in 2015. Balance, as it is known - the best that can be for wellbeing of economy. For reference use: constant surplus of the budget of citizens of Japan causes not less talk on need to stimulate production in local economists. Accumulation of big savings of citizens on accounts in banks at them slows down a circulation of money per se.

Therefore surplus of the income in Russia fills different funds - and reserve on a case of sharp falling of prices of oil, and national welfare fund. The last gives the chance to double additional voluntary pension contributions of citizens (the program of the state joint financing).

Generally, life at us has to be the best now. At least, about such fact we are firmly assured by the ministries. For some reason our police officers do not buy office Lamborghinis as the authorities of Dubai, but allegedly are going to do it how in these countries bring money to the public benefits, still we will tell later. The main thing that the situation in our country now really does not look catastrophic, as in 90 - e years.

Nevertheless stability it is not necessary to relax from - for today`s. Danger and negative consequences of foreign crisis remain those and for us. Increase in fuel prices for the industrial countries raises the price of their production therefore in case of import of goods from the same countries we pay them more.

Economic instability of a manufacturing sector of these countries causes financial instability of banks and currencies. Not absolutely independent currencies, including ours, are connected with them through financial sector and can fluctuate together with them too, and sometimes stronger. Therefore we should not speak about the unambiguous benefit these years all the same. Especially if to consider that the “sovereign funds“ mentioned above are stored in currencies of the same developed countries.

But all this talk on what is good or bad from the passive point of view. The ideology is simple: sold oil and put money in the safe place. Today we only continue to sell resources, putting proceeds on currencies of the buyers.

Nobody set a political policy on adjustment of economy and real sector of economy in our country. Therefore nobody was engaged in it. Here also only bank, trade spheres, communication and IT (program computer technologies) are developed at us. And that the last work for foreign orders, handing over the written programs in property of customers. Therefore programs for calculations and production management should be bought often from foreign colleagues for special money though they also are developed by our organizations.

It is necessary not just to declare market economy, but also to begin to understand it. In it is command - the administrative USSR device management was more rough, but it was carried out. We not so well understood other systems at once to see the veiled interests of foreign colleagues and was able to advance own interests. Yes what to advance interests - to us for a start it is good to formulate the purposes of our real economy clearly.

The world economic crisis proceeds and how Russia could use actively present circumstances in the future benefit?

Options can quite be found. For example, the powers so far developed suffer from increase in production delay, and Russia gains considerable income from sale of oil, expensive these years, it is possible to think also of own production. Only it is, of course, not simple to invest money in the existing technological base (that is nonexistent).

Even in the presence of the same system of corporal punishments for theft as in the Arab countries, decrease in taxes on production will not give opportunities for its development. If to ask any businessman concerning business conditions, then it will turn out that conditions for production at us do not exist now.

Except heavy taxes of which any businessman in any country will surely complain there are also other difficulties. Administrative barriers in the form of big organizational and legislative requirements, coordination, permissions and just tricks of the corrupted officials have an effect sooner or later. Almost all who at least reflected to become independent economic object faced this “science“.

On the one hand, these barriers create a natural barrier from small cheating in the business. On the other hand, they remain a big problem for the conscientious organizations and do not allow to work effectively. At last, unfair businessmen all the same find openings and do the things even at such barriers.

Weakening of administrative barriers at preservation of the system of obligatory audit (financial checks of all organizations) operating today too not the last that is necessary for start of a domestic production like the rocket.

While our country mastered the second decade about transition to the market device, lag in technologies and infrastructure of industrial production became big. Such big that to catch up with independently foreign competitors in the near future it became unreal. Therefore technologies need to buy and try them to be supported at least ready. Naturally, it is necessary to buy for considerable funds. Because nobody especially will want to share them with future constant competitor in our person.

This is not about construction of plants on assembly of products. A good example - cars of domestic assembly and allegedly domestic brands. In our territory there were additional workplaces and quite good inexpensive cars. But production technologies, design and production of knots free of charge do not give us. The same concerns as if domestic development of the Sapsan express which could be not renamed from Siemens Velaro which is slightly adapted for conditions of Russia.

But the situation now very much disposes us to purchase of actual technologies. We have money, and foreign colleagues now very much would not be prevented by the additional income from easy sale of technologies in the conditions of reduction of their production.

Papers and the exchanges in 90 - x could be created years quickly, but it did not solve the real economic problems which were the cause for collapse of the USSR still. In new economic system it is all the same necessary to be guided, able well by its rules to wrap problems for the good.