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How to bake a smetannik?

Good afternoon friends! How to bake Smetannik? For certain many of you asked themselves this question when wanted to make this remarkable cake. At the moment there is a great lot of various desserts and cakes, but Smetannik was and will be the most popular and demanded. Its universality is that using ingredients quite available to all, we receive cake, potryasny on tastes, which can treat and feed the guests easily.
For cake Smetannik, recipes exists a set and today we will tell as it is possible to bake it with various stuffings.

How to bake a smetannik with condensed milk?

We take:

For the test

of 500 g of the
4 sour cream stak;
flour of 25 g of vanilla
2 sugar stak;
1/3 sugar of h l.
soda 1 table. l. vegetable oil - for greasing
For cream

of 600 g of 25% of the
sour cream of 250 ml of
heavy cream of 1 bank of the
boiled condensed milk For glaze

of 200 g of
chocolate of 200 ml of
cream we Prepare for

1. All sour cream needs to be mixed with vanilla and usual sugar, after that to add flour with soda to them. Divide dough which turned out into 2 parts; one part needs to be connected to cocoa and to halve; simply we divide the second into two parts. We do a cake layer of each halves. For baking of cake layers on sequence pour in dough in the greased forms for roasting and put in an oven for 10 - 15 minutes warmed to 180 C`.

2. The mixer we shake up cream, then we add condensed milk to them, we continue to shake up, and already at the end we add sour cream. We grease each cake layer with cream, spreading at each other and at the same time, we alternate them on color. Bokovinki of cake is also greased with cream and we send it for 5 - 6 hours to the refrigerator.

3. On a water bath kindle chocolate, add to it cream and mix to homogeneous mass. Fill in cake with the turned-out glaze and send it to cold, for its hardening.

And for the weekend prepare according to the remarkable recipe of Mindalno - pear tart.

How to bake Cake the Chocolate smetannik?

We take:

For the

2 test stak;
1 flour stak;
1 sour creams stak;
2 - 3 sugar table. l.
2 cocoa of
1 egg of h l.
soda For cream

of 70 g of the
sour cream of 100 g of the
5 butter a table. l.
5 sugar table. l. we Prepare for

1. We shake up eggs with sugar, further we add to them sour cream, soda, extinguished vinegar, flour, vanillin, salt and cocoa. We mix everything and we knead dough. Then oil a form for roasting, pour in it dough and put for 30 minutes in the oven warmed to 180 C`. We allow a cake layer to cool down and we cut it on two parts.

2. We do cream. Sour cream, cocoa, oil and sugar is connected in in a small saucepan and on moderate fire we bring to boiling, intensively stirring slowly, before formation of homogeneous mass.

3. Grease with the cooled-down cream cake layers and for the night put in the refrigerator. Cake can be decorated with marzipans or nutlets.

How to bake Smetannik with cherry?

Smetannik with cherry is your sure bet of a summer dessert.

We take:

300 g of the
4 flour of
egg of 200 g of the
sour cream of 200 g of
sugar 1 bag of
1 vanillin of h l.
1 soda stak; fresh
cherry we Prepare

Smetannik with
1 cherry. Shake up eggs with sugar, further add sour cream, continue to shake up, then flour, vanillin and soda. Mix everything and your dough is ready. Wash out cherry, remove stones and connect to sugar.

2. In the form oiled we pour out a test half, and from above spread cherries with sugar and we fill in with the remained test.

3. We put cake in an oven for 40 minutes and the first 20 min. it is baked at 200 C`, and the second 20 min. - already at 160 C`.
Instead of fresh cherry, you can use both tinned, and frozen cherry.

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